The Return of the Stick Figure

Catching something unusual on a security camera pops up on occassion in paranormal investigation as this latest video shows from the Yosemite area posted April 3, 2011 from YouTuber sierraparahunter.

Area showing stick person has been hi-lighted

“They caught these things on their security camera and called me over to see because they know I am interested in the paranormal. They gave me this digital copy but I can’t figure out what the crap they are! They remind me of the Fresno Stick-like creatures but they seem to transfer weight and there are two here. Is one a baby? What are these!? Nightcrawlers? Stickmen? Something new? What?” 

The poster refers to this video from 2008 with investigator Victor Camacho who presented his findings during a Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) conference in San Jose. 

The latest video can be viewed by click this link- here.

Real – or invented by folks with too much time on their hands? I don’t really have an opinion and I suggest you watch both videos to form your own ideas on this one.  


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