Two Triangle UFOs Sightings Investigated Over Oklahoma

by Roger Marsh
UFO Examiner


Witness illustration.
Photo: MUFON database.


Two Eastern Oklahoma triangle UFO sightings were investigated by Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) Oklahoma State Director Marilyn Carlson after newspaper reports were made on events that occurred on September 16, 2010, and October 26, 2010, according to testimony from the MUFON witness reporting database.

Carlson went with the September 16 witness to a field where the triangle was seen.

The field had been plowed and bails of hay were there in the area,” Carlson stated. “We found a spot where it was circular with green grass on outer edge and center has a bare spot. Appearance was that nothing was growing in the bare area. Rain may have washed out any imprints. It may be that the bare spot in the middle may have been created by the tail end of the triangular object. Geiger counter showed no readings. See attached photo.” Photo # 1 and Photos # 2.

Carlson explains the witness account for this incident.

“Witness indicated the lights were white and went down the side of the triangle and it was hovering when she first got a glimpse of it from the highway 2 area. Object suddenly turned straight up with the tail down when she drove past it. She turned around farther down highway 2 and went back to get a look, but it was gone.”

The witness provides more details on the craft.

“Using Michael Schratt’s drawings of classified aircraft she pointed out that it looked like the TR3-B aircraft. It was about 3 stories high based on her view from the highway. Estimate is the object was about 300 feet on each side.”

Carlson also met with the two witnesses from the October 26 sighting.

“They happened to look up and saw a huge elongated triangle right above them. It blocked out the stars and sky and they thought it was about the size of a city block. Back end appeared to be concave. It was black with single rotating white lights on each corner of the object. No sound was heard. It moved slower than an airplane, but also disappeared from their view quickly. They live in the country where neighbors are not very close to each other. Land has large trees with some open spaces.”

The witnesses describe the shape of the object by choosing an illustrations that is similar to what they saw.

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