Recently, I have been watching a DVD about aliens and the show was a bit discouraging. It amazes me how scientists and researchers come up with all sorts of theories, explaining UFOs and alien visitations. A lot of their theories were more fantastic than the phenomena they were investigating. To name a few of these farfetched conjectures, the researchers said that aliens moved from the planet Mars to Earth after Mars became an inhospitable planet; aliens come from the future and are visiting Earth because this planet is their past, aliens bred with snakes (because a lot of artifacts showed winged serpents and flying snakes); they can do time travel – in the past and into the future – physically. So, here’s what I know about aliens from reading, observation, analysis and some actual experience with them. 
1. UFOs travel faster than the speed of light 
The biggest drawback to understanding the very superior and advanced technology of the aliens is that we are bound by old fashioned science, and one specifically is the belief or theory that light is the fastest thing there is on the universe, In other words, scientists say and work within this very limited scope: that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light.
When scientists and researchers say this, they mean, of course, that our present technology is not yet that advanced to be able to create gadgets that can travel faster than the speed of light. Considering that the technology of aliens have been in existence many eons before ours, they have been able to create vehicles that can fly faster than the speed of light. 
In traversing the wide regions of our universe, they really need to travel on something this fast. It is said that at those speeds faster than the speed of light, although the molecules of deep space are far apart, these cause friction against the outside layer of the space ship and, at such speed, may even act as dense as water.
How do they navigate in empty space? Before any journey, the operators plot their course through advanced computers so that when traveling from one planet in Galaxy A to another planet in Galaxy B, the ship would avoid suns, planets, moons, major asteroids, etc. Smaller space objects such as meteors, rocks and small asteroids, which would number in the millions and are always zipping by in different trajectories, are avoided by the space ship. Naturally, it has to send signals ahead of its path, process them, and then input them so the space ship can turn or alter its flight direction to avoid hitting the objects. These computer systems are so powerful: traveling faster than the speed of light, the space ship should be able to forecast where these small objects will be in thousands or hundred of thousands of kilometers to avoid hitting them. 
Will the beings inside feel any of these motions? No. The beings inside won’t feel any motion while traveling inside the space ship because its main propulsion is an anti-matter device. With this device, the occupants inside will be subject to the laws of gravity generated by the device, free from outside influences.
2. Many kinds of aliens 
There are aliens and there are aliens. Some look like humans, others are as tall reaching up to 14 feet while some are about 4 feet in height. We have seen illustrations, skeletons, and pictures of them: elongated skulls, big skulls, small bodies, wrap-around eyes, etc. All of them work, live, etc. with one another. There is no discrimination among them. 
Now, here is something for you to think about. Aliens have been on Earth thousands or even millions of years ago. Why would you say that they are no longer here? If you read the Old Testament with an open mind, most of the angels referred to, are, in fact, aliens. For example, the story of the destruction of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah clearly illustrates this. Lot, the nephew of Abraham, lived in Sodom and he was visited by two angles, telling him that Sodom and Gomorrah were going to be destroyed and that he would have to take his family and flee to the mountains. The angels were, of course, aliens who looked like human beings. (if you would read on, you would find out that the aliens struck the men who were going to attack them with a device which made the attackers go blind).
There are numerous stories of aliens inter-acting with Earth people in the Old Testament. Compared to the Old Testament., I find there are less convincing stories in the New Testament, but the point is that aliens do come and visit us. Before, NOW, and in the future.
Let us try to look at things from the perspective of these space beings. Supposing they want to have first-hand information, (not from their monitoring devices and machines,) of what we Earth people think and feel about an issue. What would they do? The would go to the town or city which particularly interests them and mix with the residents of that place. If you were a super-power and you would send in personnel to gather information from another place, who would you send to attract the least attention? If you were going to send them to the Philippines, you would send those who look like Filipinos. If you were interested in Russia, you would send someone who is tall, pale-skinned, lanky, perhaps, who can easily mix with the crowd. If the average height of the people in a certain country is 1.6 meters, the alien leaders will not send a guy who is twice that tall, or who has wrap around eyes, or with an elongated skull. It would be catastrophic.
Not only would their physical characteristics approximate or resemble the natives of the place the space beings are going to land and visit personally, but they would also go there as simple persons, dressed in ordinary and inconspicuous attire; they are not bejeweled in gold and precious stones, carrying sophisticated gadgets nor ride in a stretch limousine. For added security, they don’t travel alone. 
As there are many kinds of dogs, dachshunds, Labradors, great Danes, etc., so are there many kinds of aliens and, with our present culture and civilization, we are the mongrels. 
3. Aliens cannot do time travel
One of the most fantastic theories I have read or heard about extraterrestrial (E.T.) beings is that they are capable of time travel. Time travel means the entity has the ability to visit the past or go to the future, in his physical manifestation, warts and all. We have to clearly define that when we say time travel, we are referring to the physical body, with or without using a time machine or device, to go to another part in time. We shall call this physical time travel. If the travel is done mentally, or in the spirit or astral form ( which aliens and Earth inhabitants can do), then it is not considered time travel. We call this astral (out-of-body) time travel, or for the most of the population, dreams. 
Now you can see that most of the problems scientists face arises when they try to integrate physical time travel with astral or out-of-body time travel. Dreams are a form of astral travel – you can go to the past or visit the future, but your body is still where you left it, lying on bed or propped up in a chair. Some scientists believe that if they can invent a machine that can travel faster than the speed of light, then the occupants of that machine can materially go either forward or back in time. But where did they ever get the idea that space is a variable of time or the speed of light? That the faster you go, the slower time gets?
According to the theory of Einstein, it is said that time is relative. It means that if Observer A was standing on the ground and watched a speeding car go by driven by Driver B, the time kept by the two persons would be different. As the speeding car approaches the speed of light, the time kept by Driver B appears normal for him, but for Observer A, who is keeping his own normal time, the time of Driver B has started to slow down. Relative to A, the time of B has slowed down; so that say after one hour of B’s time, when he gets out of the car, A and B would be surprised to learn that two hours or one day has transpired in A’s time. 
That is the theory virtually all scientists subscribe to, today. What really happens is that if rider B travels approaching the speed of light, or many times faster than the speed of light, like flying saucers do, the time kept by Observer A and the time kept by Rider B are the same. In other words, if Rider B blasted off from the Earth at 1:00 p.m. on July 4, 2000 and say, traveled many times faster than the speed of light and reached the star Vega at 1:04, had a 10 minute snack and traveled back to Earth for another 4 minutes, then he would still meet Observer A at 1:18 pm on July 4, 2000. 
Now, which theory is more fantastic? That nothing can travel faster than the speed of light and that time slows down when one approaches the speed of light, or my information that time remains constant whatever your speed is?
Some ancient alien theorists say that aliens come from the future to visit us, their counterpart in the past. Nothing can be further from the truth. Maybe these misconception arose from reading ancient books where there are big differences between our time and that of the gods, and then concluding wishfully that by traveling back and forth between these two time zones, one can travel in the past or future. 
Here is what is supposed to happen: in Indian sacred writings, 8,640,000.000 Earth years equal one day of the creator Brahma’s time. If a person from Earth went to ask a favor from Brahma and was gone according to his time for three minutes including a one-minute audience with Brahma, when that person returns to earth 18,000,000 Earth years would have gone by. In that three minutes he spent going to the meeting, the Earth he would be returning to would be very different. Theorists who believe in time travel point out this instance that if one can travel into the future, as in the illustrative story, then, undoubtedly, one can also travel into the past. Scientists are confusing physical travel with the kind of non-physical travel that can be made to Brahma in the story.
Aliens, like us are physical beings, hence they cannot travel in the past or future. 
4. Aliens are here to civilize us 
It’s a hard thing to accept but aliens are here to civilize us. This bitter pill is not so easy to swallow for we think we are doing fine but let’s have a broader vision on this subject. Supposing that a thousand years from now when we shall be able to do interplanetary travel, and we are able to go to other inhabited planets, we encounter less civilized people in that planet. Are we going to conquer them and slave them? With our superior technology we could easily do so but at that time in the future, it is also assumed that we have developed into highly moral beings. Now, assume further that those inhabitants of that certain planet are out to wipe each other country’s existence, where there are terrorism, genocide, nuclear threats, etc., do you think we would just step out of our space ship and say, “Hellow, we are here to help you”? No matter how sincere we want to teach them respect, freedom, democracy and other values we regard very highly, we try to restrain ourselves and wait for a better moment, This moment should come when those inhabitants of that certain planet will learn that it is for their own planet’s benefit if they start behaving responsibly. It’s like trying to reach out to North Korea and and help them, but until they start believing that the free world is not out to destroy them, we can just watch and see what’s next.
Similarly, in the history of the Earth, there were more contacts and interactions between aliens and Earth beings in the past. However, it seems that Earth people became uncontrollable and so were abandoned by the aliens, leaving Earth beings to fend for themselves. The story of the fall of Adam and Eve is the story of the fall of man from the alien overseers, and in many occasions, stories abound of destruction through floods and fire. The aliens got fed up, so it seems, so they are just watching us from a distance. This is like a teacher with an unruly class who goes out of the room and leaves the students by themselves. It does not by anything mean that the teacher has given up on his or her students, rather, he or she is just watching what they would do next. Will the students continue with their destructive behavior or will they learn to behave by themselves? Until the time is right again, aliens will not make their presence openly known.
5 Alien Longevity
This portion is about alien physical characteristics and longevity. I have never been close to any alien who doe not look human (and Filipino/Asian) so I cannot describe how the others would look, talk, move, etc. I do not deny their existence however because giant skeletons, elongated skulls, and skulls with big eye sockets have been discovered, and many scientists, archeologists, and researchers believe in their existence. 
The most difficult thing in describing them, if they look just like us, particularly, as Filipinos, Americans, Bolivians, Middle Easterners, etc. is recognizing them. I came to recognize them because of the unusual circumstances where I met them – and going back to the time of these meetings, I came to learn how to recognize a few of their physical characteristics, of which, I will mention only two. 
The Filipino skin color ranges from black – the native Negritos, Aetas, etc. – to fair (or with mixed blood), but most Filipinos have brown skin color. There are also a lot of Filipino-Chinese, and unless you enjoy looking at different racial types, which I do, you will not notice differences between Thais, Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese – Filipinos/Malaysians/Indonesians. One can easily be mistaken for the other.
I would say that I was able to talk with two of them for some length ( 1 to 8 hours) while there was just a passing acknowledgment of the presence of three of them ( 1 to 15 minutes). These face to face encounters involved 3 men and 2 females and I was able to notice common characteristics which they shared. 
The following occurred on four separate occasions. Since it is not polite to stare, I was able to observe the two “persons” the most whom I talked with, who were a man and a girl. The other three “persons” with whom there was just a passing presence but whom I was still able to observe as one would when he saw an “un-ordinary” person are as follows: one man and I passed each other on a sidewalk, one man sitting opposite me inside a vehicle, and a girl sitting beside me (fronting the man)inside the same vehicle. I saw the man who was walking towards me for maybe less than a minute ( I did not turn around to watch him); on the other hand, I rode with the other man and the girl for about 15 minutes. Maybe, on some other time, I will write something about my interview with one of the first aliens I encountered as explained above; and also a date with an alien girl, (yes! a date.) Now, during all these times, I did not know they were extraterrestrials because they all look like Filipinos. It was only the man I walked past by who looked like Ameri-asian, that made me wonder who he was, for it was strange to see a well-dressed mestizo (mixed-raced) walking near where I lived, specially as it was an old and non-descript part of the city. (Now, it is no longer unusual to see Russians, Koreans, Americans, etc. milling around for there’s a budget hotel near-by). 
Based on these casual observations, face to face interview, and a date with an alien girl, I can confidently say that aliens of our type (human kind) have smooth skin and perfect teeth. Now, let’s go to alien longevity.
I took the bus on one of my trip back to Manila sometime after I had finished college. During this 8 hour-long trip, I met a teen-aged boy who said he was going to study at the Manila Science High School as a first year student (grade 7). He looked much older than 13 or 14 years old but he could still pass as a first-year high school student because he was small, some 4 feet + tall which is not unusual for Asian kids in their early teens. We occupied the seats directly behind the bus driver and the student and I had a long talk together. And, boy, was he a super genius!
How can one deduce a person’s longevity just from having a long chat with him and from his extraordinary brain power? It’s a remote connection but his knowledge, confidence, the type of questions he asked, and seemingly professional approach in questioning me and his response to my answers is not that expected from a teen-ager. There would be lots of wonderment, disbelief, and amazement from an ordinary person if I explained reincarnation, the concept of God, the hierarchy of gods, etc. yet, as I have said, he took all of them in, as if what I was telling him was common knowledge he had heard before. Which of course, he did. 
Since from his composure and bearing he seemed to know all and more besides, it would only be possible that he had lived much longer and had already learned more than I did. Just think that if aliens live 4x longer than us, when he is 80 years old, he would still look a young man of 20. 
But, a more convincing explanation why aliens live much longer than us is my direct meeting or contact with the alien girl. I dated her the first time, and the next time when we met which happened after many years, she seemed to have grown older by only one year. She was as beautiful and as young as ever.
As of now, especially from what I learned from her, I will only say that they can live ten times longer (actually longer) than us. Later, I will write about that date with her, and our subsequent meeting many years after.
A man’s age represents a fine cargo of experiences and memories. – Antoine de Saint-Exupery 
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