UFOs Over Moscow Video By American


By Roger Marsh
UFO Examiner 


A native New Yorker now living in Russia sends us video he took January 15, 2011, over Moscow.

Seems as though the man, who claims he has had no interest in UFOs, was walking to his train station to go home, when he saw people staring into the sky – so he looked too.

What he was was some unusual lights overhead that could not be explained.

Here is his unedited posting on the YouTube page where he placed this video:

“Last night over Moscow, Jan 15th at 21:15 (09:15pm), there was a Unidentified Flying Object! NO JOKE! I whipped out my new Kodak pocket camera, to start video taping the end of what I managed to capture. I was not alone watching it. Thanks to the people standing and looking into the night partially cloudy sky, I only managed to record it at that point. There’s nothing special watching the clip, A floating dot, I understand. When I went to search for some news on youtube or the net, apparently there’s been UFO sightings for the past week in Moscow! Im a New Yorker in Moscow Russia. (sorry for the jibberish talk on the video, as you will hear, I wasnt standing alone, watching this… The object was flying from right to left, stop standing in mid sky, then flying again, and at the end it took off westward bound in the cloudy skies.”

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