Witness Sees So Many UFOs He’s Naming Them

Roger Marsh
UFO Examiner

A New Mexico witness reports that between June 19, 2009, and April 18, 2011, he has seen more than 2,300 UFOs and has even begun naming some of them as they make return appearances, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

One of the more spectacular cases took place on October 11, 2008.

“Just north and west of where I was, visible over a row of pine trees next to my yard, a craft was hovering,” the witness stated. “It had a large light lit, in appearance like a LED but casting no light. As soon as I looked at the craft the large light which was pointed down at me moved smoothly and quickly up to the front of the craft and the craft began to move in a south southwesterly direction. I stood watching it, noting the lights around it and the very dimly lit red lights that appeared to be in a random pattern nearly covering the bottom of the craft.”

 The witness also believes that the crafts are appearing for him.

“And some of the opposition I’ve encountered has been because I say these craft are flying for me. But they are. If I go thirty miles east to a parking area on I-10 at the 111 mile marker, they fly there. If I go 30 miles west to the closest west bound rest area, they fly there. Both those places are in locations far from area lights (the parking area has no lights) so the view is good there.”

New Mexico is a current UFO ALERT 5 rating, with a low number of UFO sightings nationally. New Mexico had 4 UFO reports in March 2011 – while California had 45 sightings, the highest reporting state in the nation. 

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