Capturing the paranormal moment is not an easy task despite what Hollyweird has us believing these days as the glut of new network shows continues depicting investigators chasing everything from ghosts to Bigfoot.
But the Rocky Mountain Ghost Explorers (RMGE) based in Aurora, CO, posted a most interesting video January 29, 2014, that shows off a photo capture that occurred while they were exploring the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park. Most of us know this site after serving as the inspiration of the infamous Stephen King novel, The Shining.
RMGE tech rep Mike Coletta described what group founder and lead investigator Kris Tennant captured.
“We caught on camera a very detailed apparition that formed from a misty ectoplasm,” Mike said. “This apparition formed in a series of photos on video into a smiling woman with clear features such as her full face with hair, eyes, nose, mouth that smiled, and chin. Even her body formed as well, including two pieces of jewelry that she is wearing. The apparition remained on film, then faded into the ectoplasm again before fading away.

CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO – https://www.ufodigest.com/video/flora-stanley-manifests-ghostly-apparition-stanley-hotel

“We could not believe what the camera caught. Never before have we seen anything like this.”

But the mysterious woman caught on camera would soon be identified.
“We put a video together showing the entire formation, even pointing out all the facial features which are very clear, and the jewelry. Surprisingly the apparition looks just like a photo of Mrs. Flora Stanley that is hanging in a hallway wall there at the Stanley Hotel. In that picture on the wall she is even wearing two pieces of jewelry like the apparition had, a double necklace. We added that photo to our video to show the comparison too.
“To my knowledge, no one has ever caught anything like this at the Stanley Hotel before. We went back to the Stanley Hotel staying there for two nights this past weekend. We showed the video to some of the people associated with the Stanley and they said it was the best ghost pictures they have ever seen taken at the Stanley.”
The 140-room Stanley Hotel opened July 4, 1909, in a neo-Georgian style for Freelan Oscar Stanley and wife, Flora. The couple had come to Estes Park for Mr. Stanley’s health, fell in love with the area, and returned to build the hotel. The Stanley’s fortune came from their popular Stanley Steamer motor car – the first automobile designed and built in the United States.
The video can be see above. Read more about RMGE and what they’re up to at their Web site.

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