Year-long Stay on ET Base – Part Three

Then suddenly, I saw the Earth moving away rapidly.As we weren’t moving, I thought I was going to vomit.And then I looked at the interior and saw the instruments.The man said to me, “We’re above Italy. We’re going down to 33,000 feet, reducing speed to about 600 miles per hour, and there you’ll see two French fighter jets. We’re going to approach them.” Then the spacecraft became transparent, like we were in a glass bubble. And he said, “Look.” I saw the jet which was far away, and then suddenly it was there, we flew down and got behind the plane, a Mirage. Then I could see its instrumental panel appear on our screen, like something on a computer! And the Guide said, the instrumental panel is displayed, that’s good.

So we passed it on the right, ascended to its level,about 200 feet away. We were going at the same speed, then we passed over it and under it, following it. At one point I saw the pilot who turned his head slightly to the right, so he saw us. And I saw two letter son the plane: FB. I remembered that. And the Guide wanted that imprinted in my mind. I looked, and because he wanted me to look, I tried not to look. Then the plane turned slightly to the right, towards us, like it was coming toward us. And suddenly I saw the plane become like a point. The Guide said, “If we hadn’t left,the plane would have encrusted itself in the energy field of our spacecraft and it would have gone, like confetti, in a single second.” And I said, “What if they’d shot at us?” “There’s no problem, because when the energy field is on, no element, solid, liquid or gas can penetrate the spacecraft. However, we don’t have the right to destroy a vessel. If we destroy one, we would be severely reproached by our hierarchy.” So I understood that there would be sanctions. I understood that when a jet followed them, they preferred to escape rather than destroy the vessel. They’re very respectful of the human race here. Where they’re from, they don’t destroy their people, even if they’re not from their home.

To get back to the races, they told me there is the human race, the cat is a race, the dog is a race, the cow is a race. But they’re different. There are cats with longhair, cats with short hair. There are big ones, others that are small, with dogs it’s the same. And the dog race is not the wolf race even though they look alike.So I understood that we here on Earth, we have wars because we detest other groups, ethnic or otherwise,even though we all belong to the human race.

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GD: If you hadn’t met these people, you would have remained an “uninformed” farmer in Aveyron. A long family tradition, in fact things changed when you came back.

RL: It’s true that I was destined to take over the farm.They said, instead of working the soil, you’re going to work with other humans. It happened somewhat later,but it happened. My father and I were ready to sign for the succession of the farm, and I refused. I disappointed my father. But he finally understood, and it’s true it was a big disappointment. I did a little construction work, and then made a request to train as a healthcare assistant at the Rodez hospital, and that’s howI began there. I wanted to work in the geriatric ward because I was fascinated with death. It came from experiencesI had with them, it didn’t come from me but from a machine they had. They could exteriorize the true being from the physical body. That helps me a lot at the moment. I’m not afraid. You can see your physical body lying down somewhere when you’re just beside it, for example. Or sit on your own lap. That seems funny, doesn’t it!

So I worked at the Rodez hospital. I saw a lot of people die and it allowed me to see how people feel when they pass over, what the people saw at the moment of transition. It’s very special. Maybe I helped some people, reassuring them. Because “leaving the body”is very peculiar. Sometimes the transition phase happens very quickly, sometimes it lasts a long time, people are in comas. I studied the intermediate stages a lot. It’s what they asked me to do, too. I worked on it because I understood that sharing these moments and intermediate states was extremely important. I open a door, I try to see where I’m at in a hall, I’m between two systems, I stay there, what does it mean when I stay there and don’t move? It’s the fear of moving forward,the fear of the unknown. And once the people have passed and have regrouped, they’re happier than the people who stay.

I saw a person one day, someone showed me, it was an image someone brought back to me when I was inIndia, they showed me a man who was going to die,in Africa. They said, observe what’s going to happen.The man’s anxiety, he felt he was going to die, he was very ill, he was terrified, maybe it’s that way with everybody,we’re so afraid. There was his African family grouped together and then, he left his body. I saw him afterward, he said, “It’s fantastic! I’m living.” And he saw his body, and you know what he did? He burst out laughing, “My God, it’s incredible, it’s fantastic”, and to his family he said “you deal with it” and he was gone.

GD: Getting back to your life at the base. You could see your parents’ house. Thanks to the work of Jean-Claude Venturini, we could verify that the base site was true, for example concerning the timing of the meals. Can you explain how you could see your parents’house when you were there?

RL: Yes, I told them I wanted to know what my parents were up to, so they installed a device for me that looked like an eye. There were three buttons. I didn’t touch them much because I’m not very good at electronics,I was afraid of breaking it and would have to call them and they’d be pissed off.I saw from above, I saw their car. I only had to approach and I could see what was happening inside the house. I saw my parents eating. One day I even saw them fighting. I thought, no way—at their age? There was a big tree. They told me that they had put some sort of device on this tree. I saw the town, a little bit above the roofs, as if it was raised a bit.It’s true that changed my life. It wasn’t always easy,there were times I was anxious and lonely, too. I felt pretty isolated.

One or two years after my return from India, I was at a local festival, there was a guy at Villefranche deRouergue who had a Citroën DS (French luxury car).“Leave your car here and let’s go to Caussade, there’s a nightclub there, we can dance.” I said why not. I didn’t know this guy very well. So we went dancing.However, I didn’t drink alcohol and he didn’t either. After that we came back, everything cool, it was about one in the morning, and suddenly there was a huge shock. I was lost in thought, and he hit his head on the steering wheel or I don’t know what, his nose was bleeding, the headlights were on, and he said, “I don’t know what’s happening, the car stopped all of a sudden.”Me, I hadn’t touched anything, so we got out of the car and we moved ahead to see what was lighting up the headlights of the DS. There was a drop of about100 feet, and we were about a yard away from it! I looked at him. At first I didn’t feel the shock, nothing was wrong with me. He looked at me, stepped back about a yard like he was going to fall. He said, “I’mafraid of you. You drive, you drive, I don’t want to driveanymore.” So I drove his car and we went back. He said, “I don’t ever want to see you again. I don’t know who you are, I’m afraid of you.” I wasn’t aware of making him afraid. I was just looking at him, I didn’t even tell him we just about got ourselves killed. Nothing. I don’t know what happened there. We were really just stopped suddenly, and he cracked I’m telling you. 

GD: I’d like to go back to a certain point. When you invited us, at first it surprised me, you said you had received the authorization to receive all three of us. As soon as we arrived, you gave us the famous message.Now you can’t say that you had a university education,and this message was so well-written with hardly any mistakes, where exactly did it come from, how did you do it? 

RL: Yes, it was a pretty long message, to describe like that a whole year’s experience, I wasn’t sure how to do it. I felt more and more pressured to do it so I got behind the computer, and not a word, not one word, a total vacuum. I didn’t know what I was going to write.And when I opened Word, I was ready to type, and suddenly the words came, it happened really fast, I didn’t re-read anything, and I had to keep up. I don’t type very fast, I’m not very good at it. Sometimes I wondered what I was going to write, I had an idea,then it was gone. Then it came back and it came back and it came back. I worked for about twenty minutes,it went really fast and then suddenly it stopped. I reread it and I thought, this corresponds to what I experienced.It was done directly, even though I didn’t have any idea how to organize it. 

GD: You could see the page that I presented, it’s structured, it’s all like that. There’s the “Biologist”, the“Ethnologist”, every one with his own part, and it gives an idea about how they conceive their society, the way they live, and it’s very instructive. Anyway, it came to you like that, it’s very surprising. We received this paper,like this, it’s he who wrote it, like under the influence. 

RL: Yes, that’s true, to find words like that I’d be surprised,and I’ve practically forgotten, I’ll have to do it again. I wouldn’t be able to do it again. 

GD: Buy the book! (Laughter)

Open Questions from the audience

Q: What was it like when you returned home? 

RL: I’d lost the habit of life on the farm, so a few weeks before I left I was anxious. The day came, there was the Biologist, the Ethnologist, the Guide, we came back, to the same field, practically the same place, I’d say even to the millimeter. I was getting out, theGuide gave me an envelope, a yellow envelope from the post office. “You take this, it’s a compensation for the work you did there.” And I gave the two women a kiss. I almost had tears in my eyes because they had been so nice. It hurt to leave these people. So I went back up to the farm, and when I arrived in the front yard, my father was waiting for me! I was surprised, I had expected to find the door locked, I thought I was going to have to sleep in the hay, no big deal. “I received a letter yesterday saying you’d be back today about 10:30pm.” “Oh really,” I said, “it wasn’t me who sent you the letter.” It’s the same thing, I should have saved the letter to see where it came from. It’s incredible.Or they have a way of making you forget things.GD: Your father knew about the voyage, but your mother didn’t, you told her something.RL: Yes, my mother, I told her before I left for thecave—I wasn’t going to tell my mother that I was going to leave with some extra-terrestrials, she’d have a heart attack, the poor lady! So I told her that I was going to work in Paris and that I wouldn’t stay in touch,I wouldn’t write because I wouldn’t have the time. So she believed that I went to work in Paris for the SNCF(train company) or somewhere. I told my father that Was leaving with them, and he wasn’t surprised. But I have the impression that my father also had more experience than he would admit. He seemed like he was“in the know” about certain things.

GD: And what was in the envelope?RL: There were 100 franc bills in the envelope, 27,000francs worth (5,000 dollars). I asked them why they gave me this compensation and where it came from.The Guide said, “There are people here on Earth,smaller, who look like human beings and work in military bases, or in high technology companies who have salaries. And we’re organised on the planet.” 27,000francs at the time, it wasn’t bad! With that I bought a car, it was a Ford, I still drive a Ford, I remained loyal to the make!

Q: Have you kept contact with them over the last 40years, and what is the contact like? Does everyone speak French?

RL: When I was with the Biologist, the Ethnologist and the Guide, they spoke to me in French. I noted often that they communicated with each other without speaking at all. Sometimes with maintenance people there was a “Hi there”, a smile, but nothing more.

Q: Do you feel protected since your return? And what was their feeling about the future of the planet, did they see anything positive or negative about its future?

RL: We spoke about it a little. What they said is that we were in the process of destroying our beautiful planet. Now looking back, and now I’m speaking from the present moment, our planet is going to take a deep breath, like it’s done maybe for thousands of years. A planet breathes, it lives, it hears. Sometimes I hear it, I listen to it, because if we want to get in contact with the universe, we have to know how to listen, and above all to be quiet. We have to distance ourselves from noise.It’s then that you’ll see that birds come to you, animals come to you, even aggressive animals, they’ll come to you without hurting you. And I feel that the planet is in the process of taking a deep breath, and by taking this breath, it’s something I sense deeply, this breath will come out of its center and it’s going to rise, which means that tectonic plates are going to move, and there’ll be repercussions on the surface of the planet.It sounds weird, a planet that breathes, that lives. It hears, we can send it our thoughts, in a way we can say it’s a mother, it’s our mother.

Q: How do you feel about the possibility that you are the father of hybrid children on other planets? And what did you eat at the base?

RL: I don’t know. I guess I refuse to think about it, I don’t know. They gave me this information, they never gave me the means to verify it. So what we ate at the base, it was a kind of food made from little marbles which could be chewed easily. There were some that had the taste of meat, of grains, that were pretty good to eat. It was pretty nourishing because I didn’t feel hungry. How it was manufactured, I don’t know.

Q: Why did this happen to you in particular?

RL: Why me and not someone else? Rest assured,I don’t think I’m the only one, others have maybe had different experiences. It’s not the same for everybody.A lot of people don’t want to talk about it. Me, I was asked to do so. If I hadn’t I wouldn’t be here tonight. If they hadn’t ask me to give the message forty years later,I wouldn’t have said anything. Maybe I also thought that if I refused to follow their orders, what would happen to me? After all, they were so insistent, I figured maybe it was best to carry it through to the end. I have the idea that I’m not afraid of death, but well…

Q: I respect your story, the only thing I want to say is that the message you say you received, a lot of people on this planet of which you are a part say they have received the message by contemplation, spirituality,meditation. So what is special about your experience?

RL: I don’t know. Maybe it’s up to you to tell me. Maybe by circulating the information in different ways, either by books, meetings or other ways, maybe it can touch other people.

Q: Regarding what my wife just said, do you take yourself for an “Initiated”?

RL: Initiated in what? No, not at all. I’m not an initiated in anything. It’s a term I don’t even understand. How do I see it? Life is an evolution. The human race must evolve. I was asked to do a job, I wasn’t asked to act like God the Father or anything else. I was asked to work. To work in order to advance. We’re going to talk about components made from certain spheres, when we access it, and when we feel it, broad spheres, not superior spheres—superior compared to what? It’s about raising the consciousness, it’s far from being sufficient. It begins there. After, there’s all the rest,there’s not only that. Evolution in the universe, it’s not only that.

GD: You have to remember that Robert was chosen for his genetic qualities, and did a favor. They did him favor too, by giving him exceptional health, by making him aware that humanity, our humanity, needs to be rethought on other levels, and that later he could communicate his experience, which is certainly limited, but which could contribute later to the awakening of all our consciousness. It doesn’t go any further.

Q: Concerning the different stages of life. I think you said that there were 7 or 9 stages, can you elaboration this a bit?

RL: Yes, there are 12 stages of 7 years each. 7 times12 that makes 84. There are 3 stages up to the age of21 which allow us to advance, then there are the stages when we’re sort of cast out to life, where we construct our life, our house, we have children, we raise them, etc. and then life, from 63 to 84, during these 21years we must consolidate our lives and think about our future if you like, make an assessment of our life,try to grow, because we have the time on the mental level, that’s why since I was 63 I began to work a little on mental yoga, the mental yoga that they also taught me. They taught me more or less what to do when Was in India, they said this part you won’t do until you have retired.

So, since we’re on the subject let me elaborate: given the fact that the body becomes old, this form of mental yoga allows you to be able to expand a bit to another part of the universe, you exteriorize your personal self so to speak the true “being” of your physical body. I had special exercises. They also showed me that it could be extremely dangerous—they could lead you of course to good results, but also to dangerous results if badly practiced. They showed me at the time how far you could go, what happened after a certain exercise,what happened after another exercise. But obviously these exercises, I can’t say what they were because I don’t have the authority to reveal it, could cause more bad than good. But it can show us when we practice it,that we humans are absolutely phenomenal, fantastic,and there’s no end to freedom. If we have constraints,it’s we who create them, we constrain ourselves to stay where we are.

I’ll give you a little exercise I’m doing at the moment. You try improve your memory. I do visualization, thenI maintain the thought in my head, give energy to the thought, and then project the thought.

A while ago I wanted to make an experiment at Villefranchede Rouergue by a big supermarket, just to verify if this technique worked. Maybe you’ll say it’s not very honest what I did, but I didn’t do anything wrong to anyone. I picked out a woman coming out of the store and a friend of hers was waiting in the car. So she came out to go to the car. I projected the thought, “You’re not going to go to the car, you’re going to go back to the store”. And how surprised I was(I had injected this thought as hard as I could) this woman turned around and went back in the store. And when she was back inside, I thought, “Now you’re going to turn around and go back to the car.” She went about ten feet, then she turned around and went back to the car. And I said, “Now you’re going to go around the car.” And she went around the car, and said to her friend (I wasn’t very far away and could hear), “MyGod, my head is spinning, I don’t know what’s wrong with me.” So I said to myself, I’ll never do this again.Do you understand how far we can go? It’s great buyout have to be careful—you put these exercises in the hands of people and you see what you could do.

I did another experiment with a friend I had seen at theUFO Meeting in Châlons. This time I was in particularly good shape. I said to myself, “Okay, you’re sitting here on this chair, and you’re going to place your body, you’re going to eject yourself from it and try to go meet him.” I don’t even know where he lives, but I visualized his town, and lo and behold one day this man writes to Georges Metz: “I don’t know what happened to me, I was in a waiting room at the doctor’s and I saw Roro, I saw him with red eyes that looked at me, and I was afraid.” And after that he was looking for me everywhere. Apparently I had evaporated like a hare, because when I realized that he was terrified, I got out of there.

So two experiments to show you just how dangerous it can be, because humanity isn’t ready for this. But that being said, a lot of people do it.

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