Year-long Stay on ET Base – Part Two

Conference with Robert L. — 2012, Toulon, France

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The arcane secrets are beginning to open up gradually. It’s better to go slowly and go far. When the majority of the planet is ready, there could be a possibility of encounter. The Guide’s word.”

Conference with Robert L. — 2012, Toulon, France

RL: The yoga session that you just saw, this is a yoga that I learned with the hosts, the Biologist and the Ethnologist: no music, no speech, holding the posture, the feeling. But it’s a very different approach because I went to yoga classes in Rodez and it seemed less life-like, less interesting, I didn’t learn this method at all.

Concerning the actual testimony, I’d like to thank Mr. Metz and Mr. Venturini for the enormous amount of research they’ve done, especially concerning the pilots when I made an excursion in France in a spacecraft which was following a Mirage III.

It’s true that, considering that forty years had passed, I wanted to find someone who could help me make this testimony known, as I was aware that it was something important. I think there are other people who have experienced things just as significant or more so, and who prefer not to make it known, unfortunately.

So we’re going to step back forty years. The first time I learned that balls of light could exist, I didn’t believe in them at first, it was in June 1966. I was coming back from a local festival in my car, it was about one in the morning. The light in the front yard was on. That wasn’t normal, and I thought something must be up. Maybe an animal was ill, or someone was ill, something was wrong. My grandmother said to me, “My dear, there were balls of light moving around, and they rose from the field up to the house. We were afraid that they could start a fire.” She went to bed fully clothed. Obviously I took a look all around, but there was nothing.

It was haying season. We’d gone to bed and I didn’t think about it anymore. Then in the first week of January 1967, I was pitching hay, and I saw my father going outside to take a look. He said, “Come and look, there are those balls…” So I quietly went out of the barn, but I couldn’t see anything. My father said, “They just went out. One minute we see them, the next minute they’re gone, they go out like a light switch.” And I went back to pitching hay to give to the animals the next morning. After two or three minutes, he said “Come and look, come and look, they’re back.” This time I rushed out and I saw this giant bullet-shaped vessel and the balls that were coming up from below. We saw the balls go up into the vessel, it was about 10:30 or 11:00 at night. And so the game continued until the morning when there were balls rising and one ball on the road. I’d been running back and forth between the front yard and the back of the house. I kept watching the balls that were moving and the ball in the middle of the road. My father was starting to get old, and I said to myself that this couldn’t go on: I had to do something about it. But what? So I thought: “You’re going to go up to it on foot and catch it. But what if it’s full of electricity, you’ll be grilled like a sardine!” (Laughter) And suddenly I said to my dad: “I just had a great idea: I’m going to take the car, and I’m going to try to get closer.” I figured that when I approached it, I’d gun it and bump it with the fender.

So I took the car and checked if there was gas, and started it up. After about a hundred feet, I thought I must be seeing things: the ball was advancing—was it me or the ball that was advancing? In fact the ball was leaving. We went like that for about one or two miles, and then I started back. At about 300 feet before the intersection toward Villefranche de Rouergue, the ball was following me, and then it went off to the right into the trees.

Then I saw some sort of flying saucer with a double dome. There were silhouettes on the inside, that’s all I saw. And the heat was increasing. All this happened at the same time, and then my motor started choking. I was used to driving and drove pretty fast. So what did I do: the motor wasn’t accelerating, so I stepped on the clutch in case the car conked out. I have to say that at that time there weren’t a lot of people who had cars: there was the parson, the teacher, the mayor, the deputy mayor who lived in the village next door, there weren’t any other cars. And in the middle of the week, no one passed through in the night.

I was really hot, I felt like I was suffocating, my head was nodding and I couldn’t remember anything, I lost consciousness. And when I came back to, I was lying in a ditch. I thought, “Now what are you doing here?” And the memories came back. I went back to my car and it started on the first try.

I went back home, and I saw my parents. There was light everywhere. “What are you doing here?” I said. “Do you know what time it is?” they said. “It’s four in the morning. We’ve been waiting for hours.” So I said, “But why didn’t you go to the neighbors to try to find me? The neighbor has a motorcycle.” “But my dear, there was one ball at the front entrance, and another at the back entrance, and they stayed for several hours, all the time in the same place. They only left when you came down the hill.” That meant about a quarter mile or thirty seconds before I arrived. And now I understood why they couldn’t leave. I told my family that now we were going to go to bed, it was four o’clock in the morning.

A few days later, I was incredibly tired and had to sleep. I couldn’t stand up straight. The fatigue hit me and I went up to my room. I couldn’t work either, for the last few days. And then after that it was more intermittent. And then later, “they” came back again. I didn’t write anything down, I should have written a lot of things down. I never had the presence of mind to note down these encounters, the dates they came. I don’t know why. Maybe now I would have done it.

There were tractors that worked at night in the neighboring fields. And sometimes there was this big light: it looked like a motorcycle headlight. When the tractors had left, I looked at this headlight, I stared at this “thing”. It projected light, it got huge, and at that moment I felt I had to go back to my room. And a few minutes later, rather quickly, a light passed through the wall, and the room was all lit up. And people came in. Some days, I could count up to nine people. After that it was intermittent.

I was more or less conscious, sometimes semi-conscious, I don’t know. One day, I noticed a bracelet around my arm, that filled up with blood. I didn’t feel anything. No pricking. And then after they left I slept really well. And the next day I went back to work of course.

Then I was conscious, and they started to discuss something.

The “Guide” presented himself. I was small, he said, and he was “an ace”. I said, “Who are you? Are you God? Are you angels?” (Because you know, I was raised in the Catholic tradition.) He replied, “We aren’t God, we aren’t angels. We are humans. We belong to the human race, like you. There is a human race in the universe. We are explorers of the stars. On our planet, we are considered as scientists. We visit different galaxies, different worlds, different solar systems, and we study.” And little by little, we started talking. “We’re going to teach you a practice that you could call ‘Yoga’. There are standards, but you don’t have to worry about that: we’re going to show you, and you’re going to work, like us.” I started my first session of yoga, I think it was the Biologist who showed me in my room which wasn’t very big, “I’m going to show you two exercises, and one breathing exercise.” I had three things to do.

GD: Robert, excuse me, you had health problems, you had serious migraines, and it was after this that “they” explained that there were ways—

RL: Yes, it’s true I had migraines. Sometimes when working on the farm I couldn’t finish my work because I had to go lie down, I was throwing up, I took medicine, aspirin, Préfagil, Calmine: terrible migraines. I threw up, it was completely dark, I couldn’t stand noises or anything.

The Guide told me: “We’re going to propose a task for you, of course there will be compensation. Your migraines, we have techniques to take care of that for you. You are in excellent health. But there are a few adjustments to make. And sure enough, after that it improved rapidly.”

So I started on the first of October 1968, my yoga session was at 10:30 at night.

The Guide asked me, “I’d like you to come with us, to a cave in India. It’s fixed up with all the comforts, there’s everything you need. The day that we tell you, if you follow us, you won’t take anything, just your clothes, you’ll go down to the bottom of the field on the day we tell you, at the hour we tell you, and we’ll take care of everything.”

I didn’t respond right away, but he came back later, and between October 1968 and the first week of January 1969 when I left, they came back rather often. So did I think about it? Why not? Why wouldn’t I go? I thought maybe I would die. I didn’t have a girlfriend, I hadn’t seen much in life. I figured I had a chance to discover something I’d never see again. So I said I would go.

He said, “You continue your work, you continue your yoga practice, and the day we tell you, you’ll go down to the bottom of the field, and we’ll be there. You will wait at the foot of the cherry tree, but don’t go any further, and when you see a column of yellow light, at that moment you can go forward.” And that’s what I did. The day of the departure, I went down to the bottom of the field, and I thought “Doggone it, you’re going to get into a machine like that, and if you go too high— at school I learned that if you rose in altitude, there wasn’t any air—and if there wasn’t any air in this machine, I was going to die, I’d be screwed! I was really anxious at that moment. And then I received a message very strong in my head, “But no, don’t worry, everything is provided for, we guarantee your life, there

won’t be any problem for you.” So I went down the field, and I turned around at the foot of the cherry tree and I waited. All of a sudden I saw the sky opening up. I saw a big circle, and I saw what looked like another sky in the interior. The spacecraft passed through, and then it closed up again. Then it descended quickly. It did a big circle, and landed about 200 feet away. It rocked slightly at the back, I don’t know if it touched the ground or not, it was nighttime. When I saw the yellow light, I approached it. At a few yards away I saw a sliding door. The spacecraft was lit by a white light. I saw a tall man who I recognized, because he had come to my bedroom.

I went up three steps. And I sat on a very comfortable chair, which surprised me at the time, now we make chairs like that here on Earth. I looked at where I had entered from, but I couldn’t recognize the place where I’d entered because the door wasn’t there anymore. I was trapped, closed in, couldn’t get out. And it didn’t move. I said, “We aren’t leaving?” and they said, “We’ve already left!”

In front of me, or just below me a big panel became transparent, it looked like glass. I saw light below, a big city below, I wasn’t sure but I thought it was Marseille. I got up, and sat down quickly. They said, “We’re at 130,000 feet.” They didn’t say whether we were above Marseille or not. But there was a town set back a bit, on the right. So we must have been veering to the east. The voyage lasted from about 50 minutes to an hour. Then the panel opened and I went out.

It was a place not like here. Everything was arched, there were no hard angles or anything. I was told where my bedroom was, that I had everything I needed. I was told to go to bed, and we’d see in the morning.

The next morning I woke up, and there was coffee! The same taste as my mother’s! It was like she’d brought it to me. And I felt a little more safe.

We worked almost a whole year: there were yoga exercises, discussions, I read “Science and Life” (a French science magazine), some issues of “Science Lives You” at the time. I spoke about it to Jean-Claude Venturini, he even found some issues of “Science and Life”, one of them spoke about “quasars”, I had no idea what it was.

On the subject of yoga postures, I asked if there were names for what I was doing. They said, it’s not your business, all that counts is that you work, you have to work. We’re going to give you work until the end of your life, and you still won’t have finished. But you’ll see, if you work well, when you are old enough to retire you’ll realize you were given a magnificent treasure. It took me forty years, and now I’m beginning to realize it a little. But it’s true that what I practice has nothing to do with what is practiced in yoga classes.

What else did I learn? Oh yes, I learned that our lives have twelve cycles of seven years each. The first three up to age 21, birth, growth, the minimum information to get along in life, and then from 21 to 64 where we achieve things or we don’t, we try to lead a life as best we can. At 64 comes the age for the practice of mental yoga which I learned at the time but was told not to practice it until the age of retirement. And so I started to work on it, but it’s rather difficult, it’s daunting, but it allows you to go to a certain level of understanding, of personal growth, to be able to liberate yourself, to attain a certain liberation.

GD: Can you talk about what their motive was, why they needed you?

RL: They told me I had certain genetic characteristics, which allowed them to populate, or repopopulate, to bring certain elements of life to a planet that was in a state of extinction.

GD: Can you talk about two episodes, the “airplane”, and the famous meeting?

RL: One evening the Biologist asked me, “Would you like to take part in a meeting where there would be groups of people from all over the universe, held in a special room? You’ve never been there and it would allow you to advance a little, to see how we work.” I said yes, why not. And at that moment there was a dispute between the Guide and this woman, the Biologist. At first he said no flatly, and they looked at each other face to face, there was an exchange without any words. And the Biologist turned to me and said, “Yes, you can participate on one condition, you’ll sit where we tell you, you won’t ask any questions, you won’t say a word, and you won’t move until the end.” “Not to worry,” I said, “you can count on me.”

It was a big oval-shaped room, there was an oval table, and about the same kind of chairs that you find like Chinese, people who looked like Indian tribes. And in the middle of the table, just above it, a huge ball, like a ball of light, and you could see different solar systems. At one point I thought I saw a planet where three suns were evolving, and the Biologist who was next to me, she was probably afraid that I’d move or make a scene, she said to me, “You see, Roro, the Universe, it’s fantastic.” Sometimes the people looked at each other, they didn’t speak. You could also see people in the sphere who looked like they were communicating with people in the room who were sitting in their seats. There were times when some of them spoke with a guttural voice (imitates the sound), I didn’t understand anything! And to see this big ball with the solar systems on the inside, I never saw anything like it again, it was magnificent, magnificent. It’s true that the universe—you can see it’s so much more beautiful and we are so much more than we can possibly think. We are absolutely extraordinary beings, the human race is extaordinary.

What else did they tell me? Something I want to emphasize, the fact that our own planet, it’s not just ours. “You know, Roro,” they said, “you say that there are different ethnic groups, different races—No! There is one human race. People of color, with red skin, etc., they are varieties of the human race, but there is one human race in the universe. Of course, there are other races, but they don’t have the same characteristics as the human race. They’re just as intelligent, just as respectable.” They also told me that they belonged to a sort of federation, a huge galactic federation where there are directors of planets, directors of solar systems. For the less-advanced systems, we don’t speak about directors, but people who supervise. I understood that our planet was watched over continuously, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

When I came back, it was right at the time of the trip to the moon. I learned that when I got back, because they hadn’t talked to me about it. I learned that we had been on the moon in 1969. In the 70’s I often listened to the radio or TV programs and I saw scientists who said: there is only the earth, we are a unique experience, there is no other life in the universe, it doesn’t exist. Other scientists, there was one, a commentator whose name I don’t remember, who said, “We’re certainly going to make bases on the moon, we’re going to send spaceships there, and since there’s less gravity there, we’re going to launch from there” etc. etc. The Guide told me: “You are conquerors, you are warriors. The leaders of your planet, civil or military, they are conquerors, they are go-getters, they are mentally ill. (He used this term “mentally ill”.) “You need to understand, as long as you go round in circles on your planet, we’re going to let you go round. But when it comes to going elsewhere, we’ll prevent you.” He looked at me and I guarantee he was serious. It seemed like it posed a problem for him. “We’ll prevent you!” And so it didn’t surprise me, when the Americans and the Russians wanted to construct bases on the moon I knew very well that they wouldn’t. And time proved I was right. We never went there again.

GD: So he wanted to say that it if our leaders weren’t so aggressive, they would agree to contact with us? RL: Yes, certain races, not them because they’re far away in another galaxy, but there are other people of the human race in our galaxy who are members of the federation who have asked certain governments of Earth if they needed help. “We can help you.” The governments said no. The governments also prohibited the publication of anything, the circulation of any information concerning other races in the universe. So what do these races do? It’s very simple, they show themselves to the population. They go around and when we see them, they leave. They do it gradually, but more intensely as the years go by. They go across the Earth, and that’s what seems to be the case now, as far as the testimonies I’ve heard. To get back to the scientists that I heard, I thought either they don’t know anything, “discount” scientists as I like to call them, or they’ve been told not to reveal anything. There are two solutions. I think that the scientists aren’t idiots, people who study the sky with telescopes, they’re not idiots, or maybe they don’t allow themselves to give out any information. Concerning the trip to France aboard the spacecraft. It was October 27th, the day before the Biologist asked me, “Would you like to go on an excursion? We’re going to take a trip to France.” I said why not. “So tomorrow we’ll come to get you, and you’ll be able to come, we’ll go for a ride.” And the next day we took the elevator up to the platform, and there was a spacecraft, apparently it wasn’t exactly touching the ground. So I approached it, there was the Biologist in the back, the Ethnologist to the side, and when I wanted to get in the spacecraft, there were people inside. So she pushed me, “No, no don’t be afraid, get in, nothing will happen to you. We’re going for a ride and we’ll be back.” There were different people, there was the pilot, there was a tall man who wasn’t smiling; all at once I felt he looked mean. This one’s going to eat me alive, what’s going to happen to me? He was looking all around. He seemed to be feeling all the people around him. At one point he looked at me, and he looked away. The door closed, there was no metal at the bottom, it was glass, so I could see the platform.

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