Ultimate UFO Realities

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Ultimate UFO Realities
by Steve Erdmann 

Time Reveals No New Answers on UFOs
Copyright, Steve Erdmann, 2017

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“I had seen beyond the edge of the world. I had seen a whole new form of life and way of being human that has hitherto remained hidden.”

Whitley Strieber, Solving the Communion Enigma


Time had a way of encapsulating memories and solidifying events. The year 1975 held a number of surprises (it was the year my ex-wife hit me with a whammy divorce and introduced me to the surreal world of lawyers and marital subversion; she also brought up in court that I had an interest in ufology), but it was also the year that UFO heroes sat down and discussed the reality of the UFO phenomena.

A dynamic trio of Dr. J. Allen Hynek, Jacques Vallee and Dr. Arthur C. Hastings; Hastings a renowned psychologist; Hynek, the late Professor of Astronomy at Northwestern University, consultant to the United States Air Force, and founder of the Center for UFO Studies; Vallee, a doctor in computer science at Stanford University, all three examined the phenomena from various aspects in this classic book.

(The Edge of Reality: A Progress Report on Unidentified Flying Objects,  J. Allen  Hynek and Jacques Vallee, Henry Regnery Company, Chicago, Illinois 60601, 1975, 301 pages, $13.46.)

One thing that stood out pointedly in their conversations was the seeming “magic” aspect of some cases,  real, to the effect that physical traces are left, but the UFO activity seem abnormal and often etheric.

“…there is a strong case here for psychic aspects of UFOs,” says Vallee, “but just saying that UFOs belong to the realm of psychic phenomenon doesn’t explain them.”  Vallee adds: “It may be that there is inherent in our species, a sort of built-in defense mechanism, that reveals itself only in times of extreme social stress, and one of its manifestations is the phenomenon known as UFOs….that certainly produces some very unusual biological consequences…a triggering of a genetic process…people seeing things in the sky, and various physical effects might even result.” That sounds a lot like saying Mother Earth, Gaia, is speaking to us.

Even though the book told of very spectacular and bizarre cases, such as the November, 1961 UFO case where hunters allegedly shoot a UFO occupant with a .22

Hornet Winchester Model 43, scoped and with a Weaver K–49 (the wounded occupant-being cursed in plain bawdy-English), there is no other documentation, such as from the mysterious men who came from the government to visit one of the UFO witnesses, or an forensic analysis of the gun which had been fired.  The case had the Kafkaesque quality:  “Sounds like humans were somehow involved coming from a UFO, or, was that just a disguise, or what?” you ask yourself.

“We have good evidence now that every culture on earth has a tradition about little people, endowed with supernatural power,” says Vallee, “doing things like flying, kidnapping people, taking them away, sometimes cohabiting with human females, sometimes being useful to humans, sometimes being playful, sometimes being destructive, very predictable…they are all over the world.”

Likewise, the UFO sighting of August 7, 1970 at the village of Saladare,  Asmara, Ethiopia seemed to have much more substance, leaving great physical damage in its wake.  One can only wonder why the medical doctor did not collect samples to be medically and forensically tested in a competent laboratory.

Entered Whitley Strieber, known as an international bestselling author of more than twenty novels and works of nonfiction, many, such as his personal Close Encounter of the Third Kind (taking a term from Hynek), contend with his encounter in the December of 1985 (Communion).  Some of his fiction books were the bases of movies: The Wolfen, The Hunger, and The Coming Global Superstorm.

(Solving the Communion Enigma: What is to Come, Whitley Strieber, Jeremy P. Tarcher/Penguin, Penguin Group, Inc., 375 Hudson Street, New York, New York 10014, 2011-2012, 213 pages, $16.95.)



Strieber has joined the ranks of Fortean or paranormal writers that have become “experiencers” that had to contend with encounters with extra-strange and unusual phenomena. The reader can go to his website to review many of these episodes.


Solving the Communion Enigma is one of  Strieber’s best and latest attempts to explain the intimate and personal meaning of his (and those of other “experiencer”) stories. In the end of his renditions, Strieber gives a number of theories which are perhaps his “best guesses” as to the nature of his abductions and UFOs in some fruitful understanding.

“It is important to assume nothing; to study what is accessible to study, which is the physical evidence,” says Strieber, “and to methodically close the outstanding questions as we become able to do so.”  (p. 212)

Strieber begins his “unraveling” through random conjecture about his “experiencer” books, Transformation, Breakthrough, and Communion.  Strieber stresses that he never had been an expounder of his “contactee” experiences as episodes with “alien contact.” Rather, he says his encounters truly pointed at something much deeper: what the power of evolution appears to be when seen in its hidden lair by a “conscious mind.” (p. 3.)  The phenomena are far too complex “and spectacularly strange” to be diagnosed as something that fits into current scientific or historical paradigms.  (p.5)

Strieber finds fault with the popular thought expounding “extraterrestrial visitors” (much like the late astronomer and UFO investigator Dr. J. Allen Hynek also concluded) as the origin of UFO phenomena.  Hynek and Strieber were puzzled as to how normally-conceived “visitors” could travel the gargantuan and phenomenological enormous vastness of interstellar and galactic space with such seeming ease and epochal mastery.

Strieber surmises that whatever we are dealing with, “something here among us that acts in an intelligent manner, but not in ways that we might act.” (p. 212)


Strieber eventually ventures into an inevitable avenue of speculation:  Childhood and mysterious organizations, periods in the lives of children where many unanswered questions arise.  In this case, Strieber brings forth his own bizarre childhood encounters as well as experiences of other people.

The author gets into a rather convulsed story of a group identified as “The Finders,” originating in 1987, but ranging through links of “a school for brilliant children,” the CIA, MK-ULTRA, military hospitals, the Wolf-Mullen testimony about child abduction (including the testimony from Harvard psychologist Jennifer J. Freyd) hidden in a vast bureaucracy which, says Strieber,  cloaked a reality of “traditional” organizations such as Congress and executive government that controlled  and experimented.  (p. 37.)

iStrieber had experiences with “visitors” that could not just be classified as ‘alien,’ at least, not in the classical sense. He recounts his old friend, film-maker, and photographer Timothy Green-Sanders, having told him of encountering a “woman” that was a ‘human’ version of the ‘alien’ on the cover of Streber’s Communion, the woman spoke some strange comments and rushed off, having appeared as human and yet alien.

Editor Bruce Lee had the same-type experience in Manhattan as the “aliens” examined Communion at a bookstore, quietly ridiculing (to the aliens) historical inaccuracies (how Lee was able to determine all this is not clear).

Another account Strieber relates is his sighting of a strange “humanoid” ‘lady‘ that walked in a rather “penguin-like” gait as she disappeared.


Other people had seen these “strangers” on Strieber’s property. Strieber also received “ominous” phone calls. A young boy was seen “smoking” a cigarette under some pitch pines (which are a hazard): when Strieber approached him, he discovered the “boy’ was more like a “man”—a weathered child—that caused Strieber’s immediate departure. Later, upon continued ‘visitations,” Strieber tried to track the “boy-man” down, but without success.   Neighbors had seen the “visitor” too.

“Cigarette smoke,” says Strieber, “a strange feral child who could climb walls and did things that were faintly ominous and inexplicable__but no, it was impossible.  We left all that behind in upstate New York.”  (p. 47)

The Smoking Man

Cigarette smoke and the strange boy continued to haunt the Striebers.  Strange men, black cars, the flickering of a motion sensor light, and even tiny “implants” in his own body that he recalled back to May of 1989.

Bill Mallow and Strieber worked on a number of so-called “implants”; one as made of “sital,” and another one was made of magnesium and bismuth. Dr. Rodger Leir tested sixteen objects.  Six emitted “radio signals”  ranging from 8 HZ to 516812 GHZ.  Most were pure iron, some with nickel and other metals.

A 99 percent pure iron specimen returned a signal when placed in a diffractometer—then stopped; it became X-ray diffraction ‘invisible.’ Their work stopped when Bill Mallow received a “nod” from his employer that a CIA client was disapproving.

Alleged Alien Implants

Strieber also was “implanted” in May of 1989. He recalls two people and one was a female who comfortingly humming in his hazy recollection. Later, the ear that was operated on would turn bright red in the presence of Bill Mallow and Doctor John Lerma. The implant was found to be a small white metallic dish with organic cilia growing out of it.

“If there were not seventeen proven implants but ten thousand,” says Streiber, “then there could be some amazing research done.  A record of the radio frequencies in the user could be gathered. The witnesses could receive extensive physical and psychological examinations…how brains functioned…interesting data could be gathered…”  (p. 65)

The implants demonstrate, says the author, the “aliens” ability to maintain control beyond our hapless efforts to find answers.


Strieber and many other researchers had worried, and even become hostile, to discuss the enormously vast distances that would have to be overcome to conveniently travel the distances between planets, galaxies and various outer-space points. Physicist Enrico Fermi doubted that said aliens could travel here, and Strieber indicates the mode of travel would have to be quantum-physical “spooky action.” Strieber typifies this possible technology in the famous sightings of September 18, 1976, when a Colonel (now General) Parviz Jafari encountered a mysterious craft that could jam weapons and radio, and perform unbelievable feats.

Enrico Fermi and Wife Laura

There were several other UFO cases that exhibited similar abnormal phantasmagoria. Two pilots from RAF Manston in Kent, England were ordered to scramble an intercept of a UFO on the night of May 20, 1957, and one pilot fired his entire salvo of twenty-four MK-40 rockets at the object which appeared larger than an aircraft carrier as it appeared to be on the radar. Then the object disappeared. The NSA classified the report and the CIA explained the radar blip as a government experiment.


Mysterious airplanes” and “descending aircraft” were seen over New Jersey, USA, as well as Norway, Sweden and Sussex, England in what might be called a “1930’s UFO Flap.” These “phantom planes” seemed to highlight an origin in which the objects had already transcended transatlantic flight.  Some were reported as “orbs” and even “flying swords and coffins.” (p. 91)

There were other significant “flaps” about the world, such as in France in a European UFO wave in 1954 (http://www.nicap.org/reports/waveof1954.htm), but Dr. Paul Hill’s UFO sighting of July 1952 signified the tone of the so-called U.S flap of 1952.

“Dr. Hill’s 1952 sighting was part of a massive UFO incursion that took place over the summer of that year,” says Strieber. “This huge flap involved sensational sightings over Washington, and the Air Force’s attempt to explain them as temperature inversions were not convincing to many people.” (Hill’s UFO case included an object that seemed to manifest static-electric-field technology, utilizing a ‘falling leaf’ motion. Likewise, Hill and his wife had a rather unusual sighting on July 16, 1952, at Chesapeake Bay: two thirty-foot amber objects that demonstrated strange and unusual aerobatics.)

Strieber treks through various “classical” cases (such as July 14, 1952, Pan American sighting by pilots William B. Nash and William H. Fortenberry over the Chesapeake Bay), each example had their own peculiar element that something paranormal was indeed happening.


The remainder of Stieber’s book explores the growing modern stages of science and its viewing of nature and other unusual UFO and abnormal phenomena. He includes strange cases of animal mutilations that surround birds, cats, dogs, and cattle, seen along with orbs and strange aerial objects.

“The butchery is neat, and the incisions in some cases appear to have been accomplished with some sort of laser,” says Strieber. “…the precision instruments that are generally available would not be appropriate to cut a cat in half.” Similarly, a human was mutilated near Guarapiranga Reservoir in Brazil.

Mysterious creatures, mysterious encounters go by different names and different descriptions in various localities about the globe. Jin Kutcaci, Zetas, Deros, Pleiadians: “What manner of mind creates such a bizarre combination of events?  The contrasts in the contact experience are fantastic,” says Strieber.  (pp. 139, 141, 142)

Strieber outlines the “Crop Circle” manifestations that usually take place in England countrysides, saying some appear inexplicable.

This is a slippery slope, in as much as many have been proven to be confessed hoaxes by various talented human groups, sometimes done in cooperation with the farmers, some with various gimmicks, none beyond what a well-trained government SWAT Team could not eventually expose. And one must ask: Why are almost all ‘circles’ usually and  exclusively found in the farms of Great Britain?)

Strieber implores that our ‘visitors’ are here to aide, guide and train us into a new reality, an improved evolutionary process.

The Aliens of Whitley Strieber

“From my experience, we are not living in a simple world where a table is a table and a chair is a chair…If I am correct in my analysis, then something is missing from the way we see reality__in fact, that essential thing is missing, and until we have connected with it, we will remain deaf, mute and blind to  most of the real world, and almost all of the world our visitor inhibit,’ says Strieber, “they can try to get us to realize that we are blind, but they cannot open our eyes for us.  That we must do our selves.”  (p. 106)


Are We Products of Alien Terra Farming?

There are alternative and additional ‘stipulations,’ however, that can explain some aspects of the phenomenon—those mentioned above plus the possibility that UFOs come from alternate ‘sources‘—but (or should I say ‘and’?) those various origins have begun to blend in together. You will often see this indicated in my editorial comments and writings about the earthly, human invention of ‘superior aircraft’ having somewhere along the line of history ‘blended’ with an extraordinary, paranormal activity. That might be when an “extraterrestrial” entity came to Terraform the planet and seeded environmental variations that later inspired humankind to invent similar characteristics to and for themselves; ‘them‘ being parent to us and not ‘totally alien,’ for that reason alone: Consequently, enter ‘gods,’ myths, legends, various paranormal happenings and, then, humankind trying to replicate their own versions of sighted objects and phenomena.

Though almost forty-five years have passed since the first publishing of the Hynek/Vallee book, and over five years for the Strieber book, nothing significant has come to the UFO arena. The UFO phenomena, like ghost tales, seem to be “a day late and a dollar short”; or, to quote Vallee’s repeat of Ira Einhorn Philadelphian poem: “It’s like the needle in the haystack; we have the needle and we are looking for the haystack!”


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Ultimate UFO Realities
Posted on October , 2017


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