UFO Over Dyatlov Pass - Kholat Syakhl



The Dyatlov UFO Incident

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A Case of Predatory UFO Mass Murder

In Russia’s Ural Mountains – 1959

By Robert D. Morningstar

(Copyright 2014, R.D. Morningstar – All Rights Reserved)


” In our obsession with antagonisms of the moment, we often forget how much unites all the members of humanity. Perhaps we need some outside, universal threat to make us recognize this common bond.
I occasionally think ‘how quickly our differences worldwide would vanish if we were facing an alien threat from outside this world.’ And yet, I ask is not an alien force ALREADY among us?” 

President Ronald Reagan
Speech to the United Nations General Assembly

42nd General Assembly

September 21, 1987

The Victims

The 9 Victims of a UFO Mass Murder

Igor Dyatlov (center) and the other Members of his Ural Mountain Expedition 

This article is based on the video book documentary made by D. Romahlko in tribute to 

Dyatlov Ural Mountain Expedition – February 2nd 1959

This article presents the initial story of the Dyatlov Ural Mountain Expedition of 1959 during which all 9 members of the expedition died under the most mysterious of circumstances, with  of the 9 victims suffering harrowing injuries that could not be explained satisfactorily or attributable to natural causes.  Based on the video linked below (“The Dyatlov Inceidend – Mountain of the Dead”, compiled by D. Romahlko), this article will detail the very compelling story of the tragic loss of the Dyatlov Expedition to Kholat Syaskhl,  a region called “The Mountain of the Dead”.

Nine adult hikers were lost and all later found dead under extremely mysterious circumstances, including independent UFO eyewitnesses who saw lights maneuvering in the area around the time the hikers were lost.

This documentary is very unusual, being a tribute to the memory of the Dyatlov Ural Mountain expedition and, most importantly, based on official government documents, investigation findings, notes and photos from Yuri Gagarin’s UFO files and his collection of photos, investigative reports, with diary notes and the last picture taken by a member of the party, along with information from the KGB’s “Alien Races Book.”   

Editor’s note:

The “Alien Races Book” was one of 2 briefing books alluded to several years ago by then President Dimitri Medvedev in an off-the-cuff remark to a post-press conference question from a reporter that was caught on camera.

Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev Says Aliens Have Visited In TV Interview

Excerpt below from Inquisitr article linked above:

When one journalist asked whether Putin was given secret files about aliens along with the codes needed to activate Russia’s nuclear arsenal, Medvedev replied:

“Along with the briefcase with nuclear codes, the president of the country is given a special ‘top secret’ folder. This folder in its entirety contains information about aliens who visited our planet.”

“Along with this, you are given a report of the absolutely secret special service that exercises control over aliens on the territory of our country … more detailed information on this topic you can get from a well-known movie called Men In Black … I will not tell you how many of them are among us because it may cause panic.”

As we will see in reviewing the history of the lost Dyatlov Expedition, President Medvedev was speaking very candidly of what he knows to be the Truth in Russia in regard to UFOs when he stated:->

 “I will not tell you how many of them are among us because it may cause panic.”  

Editor’s Note:

We shall find in our investigation of the Dyatlov Incident that President Medvedev’s comment was NOT an understatement.
The Role of Yuri Gagarin in the KGB Investigation of the Dyatlov UFO Incident.

Colonel Yuri Gagarin, born in Smolensk, was the 1st human in space.  Smolensk is a northwestern Russian city, which lies not far from the Kholat Syalkyl region where the Dyatlev party was lost.  While all of Russia was stunned by the case of the missing hikers, Gagarin took a specail interest in the events surrounding the mysterious and grusome deaths of the 9 hikers near Kholat Syalkyl and Mount Oroten, deep in the Ural Mountain.  

Gagarin’s interest in the mystery of the Dyatlov Expedition was so great that apparently a certain “HIigh Priority” was assigned, either officially or personally, for Gagarin actually took photographs of the Kholat Syakhl region as he overflew it in orbiting the Earth.  The documents and photos revealed in Romahlko’s video book were. released to the investigator/producer (Romajlko). by the family of Yuri Gagarin, and by the official KGB Criminal Prosecutor, Lev Ivanov (in 1991).

At the time  that he made his disclosure, Lev Ivanov stated that he had hidden the UFO presence from the his fianl public report, and that he had removed evidence that clearly showed that UFOs had somehow been involved in the deaths and mutilations of the bodies.  Ivanov admits that the word came down from the highest leels of govermn.

 The photo of Mt. Ortoten taken by Yuri Gagari from orbit is contained in this documentary, which is actually a video book, entitled “The Dyatlov Incident – The Mountain of death,” and is meant to be read on screen.   I found the story of Igor Dyatlov intriguing and the text, derived from the unclassified KGB report will leave no doubt as to the extraterrestrial cause of these UFO murders.  As Robby the Robot used to say:

“Danger, Will Robinson! … Danger!”


Beware of UFOs.

This article is based on the personal UFO Files of Soviet Cosmonaut Col. Yuri Gagarin  

and  “The KGB Alien Races Book” given by the Gagarin Family to Mr. Romahlko to memorialize the Dyatlov Expedition members.



The Dyatlov Incident – The Mountain of Death
By D. Romahlko

Editor’s note issued March 25th, 2014 

Since we first published this article on March 17th, 2014, thousands of people have viewed the video linked above.  

We find it very curious that the video upon which this article is and subsequent chapters are to be based has been removed completely from YouTube.  

However, all the pertinent documents contained therein have been preserved for publication in UFO Digest in coming weeks.

“я орел”
ya orel

Given below is the official Soviet Medical – Psychological Profile 

of Soviet Colonel Yuri Gagarin – The First Human in Outer Space

Wiki Bio: ->

In August 1960, when Gagarin was one of 20 possible candidates, an Air Force doctor evaluated his personality as follows:[11]

“Modest; embarrasses when his humor gets a little too racy; high degree of intellectual development evident in Yuriy; fantastic memory; distinguishes himself from his colleagues by his sharp and far-ranging sense of attention to his surroundings; a well-developed imagination; quick reactions; persevering, prepares himself painstakingly for his activities and training exercises, handles celestial mechanics and mathematical formulae with ease as well as excels in higher mathematics; does not feel constrained when he has to defend his point of view if he considers himself right; appears that he understands life better than a lot of his friends. — Soviet Air Force Doctor  “

When Yuri Gagarin reached Earth orbit, he shouted out in elation:

“я орел”

ya orel

​”I am an Eagle.”

Later, during his 108 minute long space flight, as his Vostok I spacecraft flew high over the mountainous region of the Urals

known as Kholat Syakhl (Холат-Cяхыл)  Mansi name, meaning Dead Mountain. 



Military Surveillance – Vostok 1 in Orbit

 VOSTOK: More than Marxist Propaganda  


Humanity’s First Manned, Military Surveillance Mission to Outer Space

At some time during his short, 1-orbit space flight, Yuri Gagarin took the photo shown below of the mountain pass where the Dyatlov Incident had occurred shortly before his spaceflight.  The photo enhancement by this writer <below> brings out details not visible in the stark black 7 white original.Note below the unique landmarks of the region when seen from outer space.  

Note the “Cross-in-a-Circle” shown in the upper right quadrant.

Take note also of the unique mountain tops, which might appear to someone with  “sharp and far-ranging sense of attention to his surroundings; a well-developed imagination; quick reactions;…  as well as excels in higher mathematics” might consider to be ice-walled enclaves of some intelligent design, with distinct structural features such as the fortress-like double circle that can be seen within the central “footprint.”  

Next (assuming top is North) , we cannot help but see that directly East of the “double walled figure-8 fortress, there appears to be a mountain top with a turret-like formation (set on a plain) that also appears to be topped by a dome.   As we contemplate the local legends of Ural Mountain versions of Sasquatch seen and photographed <see KBG photo in Part II), this writer finds it exceedingly strange and bizarre, that the flat topped mountain that triangulates with  with the “Figure 8 Fortress” at center, and the “Domed Turret” to the East, bears a distinct impression within the ice-walled cliffs and precipice surrounding it.


The Kholat Syakhl Mountain – Dyatlov Pass Photographed by Yuri Gagarin

From Outer Space




Aside from the global propaganda value of the first human space flight, could it be that this photo taken by Yuri Gagarin during the very first human space flight (April 12th 1961), was actually the primary (military) reason for his space flight?

The significance of this photograph cannot be understated when we consider that Yuri Gagarin’s flight in Vostok I lasted for only 1 single orbit of the Earth, enduring for only 1 hour 48 minutes.   Therefore, this writer believes that the short duration of the flight elevates the importance of the photograph in the large scheme of the mission profile, among the many tasks, scientific and military, that were assigned to Yuri Gagarin during that short and historic space flight.

The reader will have to excuse my own “well-developed imagination,” but should I believe my eyes as they tell me that I see a giant “Sasquatch” footprint atop that mountain, on the plateaul-like summited directly North of the “Figure-8 Fortress”?


I ask the reader to consider this:->  If you were a space-faring extraterrestrial, can you think of a more significant group of landmarks to follow to a UFO Landing Zone?

1. The “Cross-in-a-Cirle”  seen in relief to the Northwest;

2. The “Figure-8 Fortress” in the center dominating the region;

3. A Domed Tower to the East;

4. A mountainous plateau with a “Big Foot Print,” recognizable ONLY from outer space or extremely high altitude aircraft (for example, in those days, the U-2 or the SR-71 Blackbird or Corona Satellite).;


The area shown above where this tragedy occurred has since been named Dyatlov Pass (Перевал Дятлова) after the group’s leader, Igor Dyatlov (Игорь Дятлов).  Kholat Syakhl is still called “The Mountain of Death” by the local Mansi tribe.


As we explore the circumstances of their killings, the many mysteries surrounding the disappearance and grusome deaths of the Dyatlov Expedition deepen in Part II, as we study the forensic evidence released by the KGB investigator in charge in 1990.  

We will consider the injuries they suffered while fleeing  as the KGB report stated, from “an elemental force over which they had no control,” as well as the remarkable photos that were found in their cameras months later when their remains were recovered.


Stay tuned to UFO Digest for


The Dyatlov UFO Incident – Part II


For further research:


More details, including latitude/longitude coordinates and maps of the Dyatlov Pass are provided at the link below:


“The 33rd Frame”

of Yuri Krivonischenko’s Camera

We can see below the very last photo, called “The 33rd Frame,” taken by Yuri Krivonischenko, one of the members of the Dyatllov party.  This amazing photo shows of multiple images of a streaking luminexcent cloud with extrenely bright anomalous lights apparently descending quickly from the sky, while rapidly approaching the camp site of the 9 young hikers who would all perished shortly after this photo was taken.


In Part 2,  UFO investigator, Robert D. Morningstar, will reveal many details that still remain hidden

within this final photo taken by Yuri Krivonischenko before he perished on  Kholat SyaKhl –

“The Mountain of the Dead.”

Robert D. Morningstar

March 17th, 2014

St. Patrick’s Day

New York City


Editor’s Note:

“Flying Saucers are Serious Business”

Admiral Roscoe H. Hillencotter (USN) – First  CIA Director

NY Times February 27th, 1960  


In Washington, DC – Senator John F. Kennedy was questioning the US Air Force about UFOs

and preparing to announce his candidacy for President of the United States.

In Moscow – Premier Nikita Khruschev was reading the findings and official KGB report on the Diatlov Incident

and pondering the UFO problem exactly 1 year after the tragic deaths of the 9 members of the Diatlov Ural Expedition

And in New York City …

The 1st Director of the CIA issued a serious warnng to the American people through the New York Times.


Also in Moscow, the KGB was going through the photos taken by the Dyatlov Ural party.  

However, they did not recognize this object hidden in the landscape photo (shown at top):  


First Photo Enhancement of the “Dyatlov Pass <Killer> UFO”

(Copyright 2014, Robert D. Morningstar – All Rights Reserved)


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