A Place Called Hell

Isaiah: chapter 64: Verse 6: “But we are all as unclean things, and all our righteousness are as filthy rags”.

Besides the higher dimensions in the spirit world there are also the lower spiritual dimensions. Orthodox religions speak of a hell for people who spend evil or wicked lives on earth. They say there is a fiery furnace ruled over by the devil and those people will have to undergo purgatory there forever. In reality, they misused a story in the Old Testament concerning a fiery hell, as to put fear into their followers.

In chapter 3: of Daniel: It says that King Nebuchadnezzar had a furnace, and when Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego would not bow down to his Gods of gold he sent them to the furnace, which he did with many people who opposed him. This was perfect for orthodox religions in keeping their congregations in control; it was a threat, a punishment where if the people did not obey their teachings then they would be sent to the fiery furnace ruled over by a devil.


From the book, ‘Children of The Evolution’, received from spirit communication and edited by Dr James Stephenson 1932 it tells us:

“There is no hell fire on this side, but only a hell of remorse, a mental hell. The whole of your past stands out before you so clearly and vividly that you realise its full meaning only when you have quitted it forever. You realise to the full at last and with poignancy you have never known before, what splendid possibilities it contained and how woefully you have failed in their realisation. The tragedy of unrealised hopes of un-utilized talents and wasted years comes back to your mind with a terrible significance at last. What might have been? You feel regret a remorse a longing that turn your days into weariness and your nights into sorrow and bitterness. And as on intellectual, so too on the social or human side. The people you might have made happy, but made miserable instead, the thousand and one little acts of love, kindness and charity which seemed such tiny, unimportant things at the time now loom huge and tragic. But it is too late and a world of regret and longing fills your heart”.

There are also varying levels of hell, for the different sins or crimes committed, against others or humanity as a whole. These begin with the first one being in the low dimensions of the Astral plane. To reach this lower sphere the spirit have to walk some distance from the Astral plane of etheric beauty and light where after a while the environment begins to slowly change. The light begins to fade; greenery becomes more tainted more lifeless. As they progress it becomes more dismal, the trees become bleak and bare the ground is hard, with no grass. Slowly a grey mist begins to surround them they struggle to see both of what is around and in front of them, this is the first phase of hell.

The inhabitants within this sphere have not created great crimes on earth but were guilty however, of greed, vanity, selfishness. Perhaps one of the inspired writings passed on to me by those in spirit will give a clearer picture.

Whilst upon the earth, the woman had been well placed within society. She was well educated and had moved in the highest of circles. She had chosen her friends carefully, choosing only those who would be of benefit to her, in enhancing her position in life.

She would never dream of being in the company, or making friends with people who she regarded as having a low standing in society. Then came the day when she passed to the spirit world, where she found herself in a low misty spiritual realm. She was outraged at being in such a place.

At first, there was no one else around to direct her anger at. The spiritual realm she was in having little light made her quiver at being in such a dismal place. She then noticed a group of people emerging from out of the grey mist. She stared in horror at five female figures, who were dressed in old shabby clothes, and their features were gaunt with no expression of love or compassion. Their wrinkled skin and their staring eyes had no feeling of warmth. The figures approached and stood before her, much to her disgust.

“Will you give me a direction out of this foul place?” The woman demanded of them. There was silence no one answered her.

Again, the woman demanded direction, and again the group of people remained silent. “Who are you she screamed?”

It was then that one of the elderly women stepped closer to her.

“Don’t you know?” Said the woman, her voice reflecting a coldness of tone.

“Of course not”, the woman yelled back at her.

“I have never been in the company of such lowly people as you.”

The old woman then explained the situation to her. While the lady had been on earth, she had made the kinds of friends that were only suitable to the kind of life she had lived. While being at the top rung of society, she had no time for the ordinary people of the world who she had looked down upon. The woman did not know she had been drawing towards her other kinds of friends while she had been on the earth plane. Those friends could not be seen until she had passed into the world of spirit. Within the women’s mind, while she had been on earth she had created thoughts of selfishness. She had embraced thoughts of vanity, selfish pride; she had created those kinds of thoughts along with many more, which eventually she would meet face to face in the world of spirit. Those unseen friends within her mind she had brought into being on earth now stood before her. They were the only friends she now had in the spirit world; they belonged to her and no one else. Those dark figures were her spiritual companions of selfish pride, vanity, and selfishness. The woman while being on earth did not take in truth the words of Jesus when he said: “Whatever man thinketh, that he becomes”.

There was another story that came from the spirit world, of a man who had been on the earth plane and he had been a Christian. He had been a businessman, he had attended church and given to charity and was looked upon as a pillar of respectability in society. When he passed over to the spirit world he found himself lost in the misty region of spiritual life; the landscape again was bleak no greenery and mud lay on the ground instead of grass. His home was a mere wooden shack where he lived alone with his anger of being in such a lowly place. Of course he had help through his spiritual helpers and advisers and they tried to show him the error of his ways while on earth. First it had been pointed out to him that although he attended church it had been for his own self-esteem; he had been successful and revelled in the praise of others for his position in life. In fact it had been a sham for he never truly practiced spiritual laws that Jesus taught. Like love thy brother as thy self- do unto others as you would be done by. The man had his own rules, which he thought did not go against his religious understanding. He was first a businessman and business can be ruthless in its operation in dealing with employees and society as a whole. The man now in spirit pointed out to his guide that he had given to charity, but his guide said the main reason he had given was so he could be looked upon as a caring person. The guide added it is not always what one gives to another but the motive behind that giving.

The man claimed he had been of a loving nature but when looking at the truth the love had only been for his family and friends who could be of benefit to him in his material pursuit of money and possessions. He after a time when returning to spirit had realised he had been also mislead by the church and their teachings had not helped him at all. The man had been stubborn in his earthly beliefs claiming they still should have value in the spirit world. In his stubbornness to realise the truth for a time kept him from progressing out of that spiritual environment. After a long struggle having to accept the truth of the spiritual world and of its laws he slowly learnt the truth. Then through hard spiritual work and dedication, he learnt to re-educate himself from earthly beliefs and material ideals; he then began his long climb out of that misty realm to a higher one of spiritual light and love.

Orthodox religions in their blind ignorance have to take some responsibility for those inhabitants being in those misty spheres. Their teachings are such that they mislead people of the laws of God where those people when passing over are confused and lost. When passing to the spirit world the individual does not suddenly change they take all their weaknesses and faults with them that lie within their personality, there is no sudden transformation in to being a spirit of light for that has to be earned with great effort. In addition there can be no excuses as to what they had been taught, for they had personal responsibility, and even in being misled the individual, must face the consequences.

Below the misty region the environment becomes darker; there dwell the low, depraved types, such as swindlers, debauchees, oppressors of the poor, misleaders of public opinion. They are all of one kind and so all have to share the same fate in the same environment. It is their mental hell. In the even lower level of hell there are the murders, fornicators seducers, they look lifeless their spirit drained of all goodness by their sinful ways on earth; they look old and haggard and without remorse for what they have done. They have no rest from the monstrous crimes they committed they have to live with the continuous replaying within their minds of the wickedness they had created. They will not be condemned there for eternity all they have to do is to send out a thought for help and it is given straight away. Then they can start the long hard road back to a true spiritual understanding that will lead them upward towards higher spheres, but no one can force them to change, it has to come from within themselves.

In the book ‘Private Dowding’ written by Wesley Tudor Pole (1917) it tells the story of Private Dowding who passed into the spirit world during the First World War, who was in communication with the author. Private dowding had been an orphan and later became a schoolmaster before the first world war, and in his life had kept himself to himself. He then joined the army in 1915 as a private, his life in the army did not last long in 1916 he was sent to France and fought in the trenches. Within a few months he was dead killed by an explosion. However, from his continuing links of communication from the spirit world to the earth he explains further of what took place after his physical death. When recovering from suddenly being in one world that of the earth and to find he was still alive in another dimension of life. He found himself floating above the battlefield, embraced by a mist and muffled sound which blurred the vision of the battlefield. Through this mist slowly penetrated a dim picture and some very low sounds. It was like looking through the wrong end of a telescope. Everything was distant minute, misty, unreal.

All this time he was very lonely he was not conscious of anyone near him he was in the world of matter but could not be sure he was in any place at all he fell asleep for a second time. When he awoke he felt cramped and a sense of real freedom came over him a load had been dropped away from him. He says “I think my new faculties are now in working order”. After a time he began to be aware that there must be something better than what he was experiencing at that time. That desire for something better brought him immediate help, from other enlightened spirits.

He says: “I am beginning to meet people and to exchange ideas strange that the only person I came across for a long time was my brother. He tells me that I have never been really alone. The mist around me, shutting me off, has emanated from myself. This fact rather humiliates me I suppose my loneliness of life and character whilst on earth have followed me here I always lived in books, they were my real world”.

“I began to see now that my type of mind would find itself isolated or rather would emanate isolation when loosed from earthly trammels. I shall remain near earth conditions whilst learning lessons I refused to learn before. It is dangerous to live for oneself”

After private Dowding had progressed from the misty realm and in meeting his brother who worked as a rescuer in the dark region he wanted to do the same. This rescue mission involved higher spirits to be able to go down to the lower realms to try and help people out of those places on to a pathway of spiritual progression. He was taken by what he calls a messenger to a hall of instruction. The hall was crowded. Those present wished to learn how to return to the realm of mists between the worlds, to help new arrivals and to prepare the way for communication between souls already here and their friends on earth. The messenger led him to the centre of the hall. There the teacher stood with pupils sitting around him, in ever widening circles, in eastern fashion. The teacher was dressed in a shining robe of flaming blue. When he spoke, orange and violate rays of light spread from him throughout the hall. He was an initiate.

Most of the instruction and teachings were done through signs and symbols, by pictures and by colour rays and by what seemed like etheric photographs upon a screen. In the first lessons they were shown how to discipline their own emotions and desires. This is very difficult, for anyone on the earth and with the spirit world being of a higher reality, it is even harder to discipline and control all negative thoughts and emotions. Therefore, it is better while people are on the earth to try as hard as they can to control negative emotions for they still cling to the individual when passing over. Private Dowding and the others he was with could not return into the mists for service until the emotions had been overcome. They were taught of the relation between the mind and the will.

They were told how to empty themselves until God’s mind and will be reflected through them without thought of self. Their teacher showed them his own mind. It was polished like crystal from many pure rays of light from the celestial sphere. He showed them how to clear their minds of useless thoughts, poor ideals, and vain images. He then showed them upon an oval globe the movements of chains of thoughts within the mind of a man on earth. He was a successful merchant full of the desire to make more money, ambitious, without thought for the spiritual worlds around him. His mind revolved for us to study here is one trail of thoughts that I followed. Thinking of only material things. Daily living making money thinking only of self apart from those close to him. That trail of thought went on a long way. This mans mental life was made up almost endlessly by chains of thoughts leading nowhere in particular. His mind was filled with inessentials. He had no time for thoughts beyond those, which revolved continually around himself, his worldly interests and his friends. His was not a vicious mind, simply uncontrolled and self-centered. The teacher then showed them a similar mind belonging to a man who had just come over. He was lost in the mists. Some of the senior students went out into the mists to help him. He was a wanderer, without home or peace.

When private Dowding had completed his intensive course and instruction to be a rescue worker he then journeyed into the dark misty region of the Astral plane he says: “I have looked into hell! I may have to return to that region I shall be given my choice. Grant that I may be strong enough to offer myself freely”.

In the rest of this chapter we learnt more of the experiences of private Dowding in the lower regions of hell. Also we will look further at the time of judgment that everyone has to go through in the Astral plane.


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