Corn Circles

                                           CORN CIRCLES

   Extracts taken from my manuscript entitled ‘ Life’s Journey And Earth’s Mysteries. Eighteen chapters in total and looking for full publication as a book.

     The secret book of John opens with an offer to reveal’ the mysteries and the things hidden in silence’ which had been taught to John by Jesus himself these secrets needless to say were not spelled out for the uneducated eye, but were instead conveyed by means of enigmatic metaphors and parables.

I Gospel of Mark “to you, the mystery of the kingdom has been given. But to those who are outside, all things are done in parables, so that they may indeed see but not perceive, and ma yin deed hear but not understand”.

A number of theories have been put forward in the past and still today, as to how corn circles and what is known as pictograms that are very complex are formed? Of course, we cannot deny the fact some of them will have been devised by hoaxes. We only have to look at the story of Doug Bower and David Chorley, two British artists when in their 60s in 1991 fooled everyone by their corn circle hoax, forming circles with a pathway in-between by the use of simple wooden planks and ropes.

One thing to consider with the hoaxers’ is the many years of the corn circles and pictograms being created. In recent times the phenomena came into the limelight in 1980. As I write this the year is 2011, meaning there has been over thirty years of corn formations taking place. So at that particular time in 1980, why did the hoaxers’ suddenly decide to go out and fool people with their corn circle creations? And what’s more to carry on the hoaxing for so many years? If firstly created by unseen forces like ‘aliens’ then of course some people would want to try to copy them, and claim them as their own work

Also it takes a dedicated commitment for the hoaxers to go out maybe 3-4 or more times in the summer months, starting their work near midnight and finishing around three thirty. Then, unless they are unemployed to return home and to go to a full days work later that morning. For the same people to carry out that task for 30 years would be laborious and tedious work, also with some of the designs they would have been very exhausted. It would require new teams of people over those years to carry on creating the hoaxes. If all those formations were done by hoaxers, surely there would come a point where at least one of them would want to make themselves known as to receive praise for being part of a team who created some of the master pieces of pictograms and circles. Most people like to show themselves off if they have any kind of talent. The ego can burn strongly within people, and they could gain great personal satisfaction, and bathe in publicity, if one or the whole team proved they wreathe creators. There was an incentive that came about in 1996, where money was offered to the hoaxers, but no one came forward, again you would think one of them would have jumped at the chance to make some money after all the handwork in helping bring about that kind of phenomenon.

In the book; ‘The World’s Most Amazing UFO Visits’ written by Nigel Blasdell, he claims they have been formed in England for around4,000 years. Also a study of the circles’ history shows that in many cases the theories behind their creation has a striking familiar ring. And in the 17th century English investigators attempted to identify a’ higher principle’ in their creation.

There are clearly mysteries which occur, concerning this kind of phenomena. On the 15th June 2003 an incident was caught on a hand held video recorder at Ogbourne,ST George. A formation had been completed again beautiful in its design consisting of a six armed emblem and radiating crescents. At the same time in that area strange balls of light could be seen, but no one had managed to identify just what they were. They have also been seen at other places where formations have been completed.

A formation created in 1996 at a farm at Alton Barnes managed by a Polly Carson also had some strange events take place. She stated the circle was not there at midnight. She firmly added, with only three hours of darkness it would be impossible for hoaxers’ to achieve in the short time allowed. It was a massive formation, nearly spanning 650ft in length. Between the large main circles and all the other smaller circles, which were graded, it was discovered to be inline with two sacred sites. These were to the South WoodboroughHill, and to the North Adam’s Grave where a number of UFOs have been seen there over the years.

A Paul Vijay who has studied all kinds of crop circles and pictograms found unusual sounds in the formation. He viewed it tube a genuine creation. In using his highly sensitive radio equipment he came across anomalies in certain frequencies, one frequency omitting a strange warbling sound. He checked his equipment to see if it was at fault, but was working perfectly. The warbling sound continued to puzzle him. There seemed tube a very strong foreign energy within the circle which he could not account for. These anomalies baffled Paul for usually radio frequencies blend and embrace other frequencies. Other strange events were the mysterious frequency which stretched around a couple of hundred feet north and south of the circle, but none to be detected to the east or west of its location. The energy was also very strong in the Center  Paul could not take precisely the measurements of the circle for his electronic equipment began to play up seemingly affectedly the strange energy. Other researchers have managed to identify the presence of microwave energy within some circles. They said that the majority of crop circles are not faked and we do not yet know how they are created.

In my link of communication with Aramac an extraterrestrial he told me that the purpose of the genuine corn circles and pictograms are for the purpose of symbolic communication. To understand this kind of communication we have to go back to the time of the ancients. Over the years there have been countless finds of markings and pictures upon stone tablets, walls and even rocks scattered around our world, those also being used in symbolic communication. Races such as the Aztecs, Mayans among others were great believers in symbolism within their communities. Then there are the hieroglyphics, such alto be found in Egypt, which are in symbolic writing. All those races along with many more being taught by the extra terrestrials of this secret way of communicating, each marking and hieroglyphic being part of an overall message.

When man first began to inhabit the earth he had help from other sources, one being extra terrestrials. Obviously they were more materially advanced than the simple races of people on our world. They were also more spiritually advanced in understanding creation. The extra terrestrials’ had learnt to a high level the wisdom to be found in experiencing many material lessons not only on their own planets but others also. Those experiences, not only helped them to reach a high level of technology, more importantly they had learnt that to follow only material ideals is, in the end a deadly game to play; only bringing out the worst in humanity. They sort the wisdom of the universe both in a material and spiritual aspect, a spiritual wisdom, giving them the ability to understand spiritual science, which is in fact the driving force behind material science. They were well qualified to give the ancient races, both material and spiritual guidance while on their journey on earth.

Extra terrestrials’ today cannot communicate with us at close quarters as they did with the ancient races. Our planet as a whole is very low in its level of spiritual awareness and development, and simply cannot be trusted in close counters communication. Some people here would seek only for self in the knowledge of the technology of the extra terrestrials, and use it as destructive force, where one nation would want to gain an advantage over that of another. There are also other factors to consider such as bringing panic and instability to our world, which is not the intention of the extra terrestrials. However, they do have a sincere interest in our spiritual evolution. They still try to inspire our world as they did with the ancients but at a safe distance. One of the ways this inspiration is given is through the genuine circles and pictograms, which portray symbolic communication that can be interpreted into words of wisdom. The philosophy given in these designs is of such, if acted upon can bring to the individual and humanity as a whole, a direction to look beyond pure materialism; to therefore become more aware they are firstly spiritual creation and to act accordingly to that fact in their earthly lives.

One of the best known and often written about by other writers are the Serpent people, though they are by no means the only race of extra terrestrials’ who came to earth. One of the most important finds, concerning this extraterrestrial race is in the British Museum being of an Egyptian ‘magical’ papyrus, which shows in detail a serpent surrounded by a disc emitting rays. This symbolic marking has on occasions been seen in crop circle designs. This illuminating disc is what some people have seen when crop formations have been created. Another form of the serpent symbolism a spiral representing a coiled snake; it has been discovered as hieroglyphics and other pictorial representations in Britain, Greece, Malta and Egypt. This symbolic serpent has been found on pottery in New Mexico; the drawings on the Nacre Plateau, also throughout the Pacific Islands. There is also a very impressive mound made up of the soil of the earth and what’s called the ‘Great Serpent Mound’ at Adam’s County in Ohio, America. This massive structure is 200 meter’s in length. The mound was not built as a burial site as some believe. It was constructed by the ancient people of that area, to show the respect they had for the Serpent people who helped them, in giving them knowledge. You could compare it with statues, or other kinds of monuments which have been erected, or created in the memory of the individual, who sought to help others, like the garden and water features built in memory of Princess Diana..

Jesus knew of the Serpent people for in the bible Jesus says to his disciplines: “be ye as wise as Serpents”.

The extra terrestrials were in fact called God men because of their goodness, and the spiritual wisdom they had at hand. One description of these God men comes from the book of Enoch: “And their faces shone like the sun, and their eyes were like burning lamps; and fire came forth from their lips. Their dress had the appearance of feathers; their feet were purple, their wings were brighter than gold; their hands whiter than snow”.

After the extra terrestrials had been on the earth for many decades there came a time when they had to leave our world. The ancients had been taught wisdom by the extra terrestrials to follow a spiritual pathway, in both learning of their true identity (spirit)and of their purpose for being on earth, also to understand the creation of the universe as a whole. It came to a point where the ancients had to take control of their own lives and their own spiritual destiny. Knowledge had been given for them to achieve this. The extra terrestrials’ had to break away direct contact, but still observed from a distance.

Many centuries after the close contact was broken, some of the peoples’ of each ancient race began to stray from the wisdom given to them by the extra terrestrials, and they began to sink into the darker side of life on earth. To live a spiritual life means sacrifice, and service to others forgetting about self. It was too easy to break away from the discipline required to reach higher levels of spirituality. The earth held many material tempting possibilities for the ancient races, where eventually the thinking of self and personal material desires and ambitions drew them away from spiritual wisdom. The earth then became corrupted, where once the unity of the people held in the knowledge of the extra terrestrials made way for the lower negative thoughts and actions contained within selfishness.

There were a few acceptations, where some people broke away into different groups and stayed true to the wisdom given. Those groups were scattered around the world, one of them was called the ‘White Brotherhood’, and they became isolated and secretive guarding their knowledge as spiritual treasure never to be abandoned.

There was also the Essence’s who used the symbol of theatre to express their wisdom. This represented the tree of life, contacting the positive side of creation which creates and inspires. It portrayed the combination of seven forces of the universe, and seven forces of the earth. The symbol of the tree shows roots seven in number burrowing deep into the earth, that man is also a part of. Also there are seven branches upon the tree reaching towards the universe, searching for the wisdom of the angels and of God.

Those groups along with others, being dedicated followers of wisdom continued to use symbols and hieroglyphics in the art of symbolic communication. They contained spiritual wisdom, and secrets of the universe. It wasn’t until many centuries later when man had become more modern, where archaeologists began to take an interest in the ancient races. This is when the symbols, the hieroglyphs and other markings we have talked about, were studied, trying to gain a history of those ancient times and the people who used symbolic communication. However, when transferring those hieroglyphics and symbolic markings to modern language, they did not have the ability to read them correctly. The true meanings were lost, and misinterpretations, alterations and deceit came about when modern man interpreted them for his own ends.

Albert Einstein as we know was a great scientist, and knew how to tap into the wisdom of the inner mind. He would allow himself to relax then to be free from the everyday domineering thoughts that we all have, and to then begin to think in symbols instead of words. He knew as some others do that the lower use of verbal language imposes logic and so creates barriers to potential creativity.

As stated there is a symbolic message in each of the designs created in the corn fields. In the rest of this chapter explanations are given of how to read these messages. In addition, it also explains how the extra terrestrials create them. You can also learn of how symbolic communication is still used today, in the religion of Spiritualism.

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