Bermuda Triangle

          Dr Jan Gadomski the eminent Polish astronomer said:

 “Highly developed civilisations on planets of the suns in our galaxy, should be the rule, rather than the exception”.

  Extracts from my manuscript entitled ‘Life’s Journey and Earth’s Mysteries. Eighteen chapters in total. Looking for full publication of the manuscript.

  With all that has been written about the strange events which have taken place in the Bermuda Triangle, over many decades, one would think there was not much left to say on the subject but not so. In my links of communication with Aramac (an extra terrestrial) he gives me his explanations as to the mystery surrounding that area

 To begin with the sceptics say there are no strange happenings there and all losses of boats and planes have been put down to bad weather, human error, or mechanical failure. Those losses have happened very quickly, with no distress calls being sent out. Only in rare cases has any debris been found after those disappearances, because of the fast flowing currents in the sea which disperse it very quickly. However, research has been done by writers and others where there is a strong argument that some ships and planes have disappeared, not due to natural causes as just mentioned.

 When this mysterious phenomenon was more prevalent than today, in the 1940s a few people had experienced strange happenings there, like Captain Don Henry of Bermuda who was a triangle incident surveyor, he said: “Have you ever felt two people pulling on your arms in opposite directions. It felt that we were on a place or point that somebody or something wanted and somebody or something wanted us to be in another place from where we were”.

     Another high intelligence officer whose word could be trusted, he being part of the Third Navel District in America is on record as saying: “Nobody in the Navy sneers at this thing”.

     Also, other comments made by a Navy representative said: “We know there is something out there we’ve always known, but there doesn’t seem to be any reason for it at all?”

    One of the most well known disappearances in the triangle was an incident in 1945 when five U. S. Navy bombers named flight 19 vanished there, after sending out a series of baffling and bizarre messages over the radio.

   Another disappearing aircraft was that of a commercial flight en route from Jamaica to Florida in the mid 1980s. The pilots of the aircraft could see the Florida coastline at night from about 45 minutes out and started landing preparations. Meanwhile in the tower all signs of the aircraft had disappeared from the radar and emergency measures were being enacted to start a search for the missing aircraft. The pilots unaware of the concern on the ground called the tower for landing instructions, as routine and were surprised to learn that they were just about to have search aircraft take off to look for them. When the aircraft had landed the pilots were told they had been missing for almost 30 minutes. Furthermore, the aircraft clocks and the timepieces of everyone on the plane were found to be 30 minutes behind the clocks at the tower. The other thing to mention in this event is that the pilot of the aircraft never lost sight of the Florida coastline. The only other thing they did notice was the absence of radio traffic but they passed it off as a quiet period. There are literally hundreds of reports that have similarities to this from people of many different backgrounds who could in no way be taken as cranks or sensation seekers.

   It is interesting to learn not only in those instances but also on a number of other occasions when there was proof where time speeds up or slows down, when individuals have close encounters with UFOs     

      There are two accounts claiming that the strange energy within the circle is because of an experiment that the United States Navy was to have carried out in that area. The first account is of an incident written about by George Langelaan in his book ‘Terrifying Facts’. He tells of a bazaar and alarming story, which took place in November 1943. The United States Navy began an experiment where they made a convoy ship disappear from its moorings in Philadelphia, by using selected combinations of metals to generate a very potent form of electricity, powerful enough to displace something such as a large floating ship.

  The Navy placed a vessel out at sea where then the experiment began. The ship kept on disappearing then re-appeared quite a number of times, and no one had control over how the experiment was going. The ship however, did not suddenly vanish into another parallel world, but somehow it was transferred through time and space, where its ‘ghost’ outline was seen at the same moment in the harbour of Norfolk, Virginia nearly 1.000 miles away. Then it returned suddenly to Philadelphia. This unbelievable happening was witnessed by people who had been in the area and also by Navy officials. When it finally came to an end it brought dire results. The majority of the crew had vanished some being consumed by fire while others seemed to have passed into another dimension never to be seen again. A small number who somehow managed to live through the nightmare died with severe mental problems.

   A similar version of this incident goes as follows. In 1943, in America, trials had taken place where a destroyer and its crew had been made invisible, and it came to be known as the ‘Philadelphia experiment’. The United States Navy has always denied that it took place. Stories were told of the incident. An eyewitness claimed to have seen the entire venture. The Navy created some kind of energy field around a destroyer. How they actually created, the experiment is not quite clear? 

  At first everything looked to be normal upon the ship, the crew could see each other but people on shore who witnessed the event said that they only saw a very vague outline of both the crew and the destroyer. They appeared to become ghostly and shimmered in the energy field like heat on a hot summer’s day. The experiment did not go exactly as planned and it turned into a nightmare. Some of the crew was stated to have burst into flames and burnt for days on end, also some of them lost their material identity by becoming partly transparent.

  Some members of the crew died and others went insane. One eyewitness became caught up in the experiment and found his arm in a part of the created energy, with strange consequences. He felt his arm rotating in an anti clock wise direction around the destroyer. He described the situation by saying the air around the destroyer became a darker tone than the rest of the air. Then shortly after that a foggy green mist arose, he thought the mist was comprised of atomic particles.  He went on to describe the scene further by saying, that he watched the ship and could see the top half of the vessel had become invisible and yet the bottom half could be seen impressed into the ocean. The energy that flowed around the ship had a sheet of pure electricity within it. The witness was eventually pushed out of that energy field.

  He was asked to explain the transference of matter by the action of a specific magnetic field, but no scientific theory, no laws, observations or physical data could be found which would allow the slightest credit to be given in the affair.

   The Philadelphia experiment was lodged among top-secret files by the American Navy, and an embargo placed on the subject. Consequently the mystery cannot now be solved since the documents that might shed light on it are not open for public inspection. The United States Navy began to cover up the details of the experiment, putting the files in a top-secret category and placed a prohibition on the whole matter. A full explanation of what took place will never be known for the documents will never be open to the public.

  In the rest of this chapter it explains of what really took place in that area when it was the extra terrestrials who had created a high energy there that they could not close down. They wanted to see if they could make material matter disappear as they could on their planets.


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