Meeting Aramac An Extra Terrestrial


                           MEETING ARAMAC AN EXTRA TERRESTRIAL


 Extracts from my manuscript entitled ‘ Life’s Journey And Earth’s Mysteries, looking for full publication of the manuscript. Eighteen chapters in total.

“Know that every fixed star has its planets and every planet has its creatures   without number. Bah’u’llah (1817– 1892.) the Baha’I faith.

   “Who are these that fly as a cloud, and as the doves”? Isaiah 1xvi 15

   Dr W Eck University of Rochester, Mass, said:

     “There are many abodes of intelligent life in the universe and many of them are inhabited by organisms with intelligence far higher than ours”.

    In the first thirteen years of sitting for spiritual development in Spiritualism, philosophy was the main gift I learnt to unfold although I did eventually start developing another spiritual gift, that of clairvoyance. After many years of learning to communicate with the spirit world, my mind then took on a new dimension of communication by the means of telepathy with extra terrestrials who were around the earth and had come from another galaxy.  

    From my early teens, I have believed there is life upon other planets, within the vast regions of the universe. This belief was brought about when I was fifteen. I lived in a small village and on many a summers evening I would open my bedroom window before I went to bed. On one occasion I had just opened the window and began to breathe in the cool fresh air. The night was quiet and still, the moonlight gently reflecting from the countless stars. Suddenly, I saw a strange orange coloured oval shaped light appear in the sky, some distance away. At first, I was not sure what it could be? Although it was hovering above the lights of the town some seven miles away, the oval orange glow was still clearly visible. After a moment or two of observing the light, it then sped without sound to the darker sky above the village. There it abruptly came to a halt and again began to hover high in the sky, making its shape and colour more vivid. Then seconds later it silently and swiftly returned back in the direction where it had first appeared, then vanished.  

    The sighting of that strange light was not of a commercial or defence aircraft. With there being a small airfield in another town some twenty miles away, then many times I had watched and heard planes on their flight path near our village, both at night and during the day. Those were always easy to identify, because of the regulation red and white flashing lights upon those crafts. Helicopters, although they can move forward then to stop and hover, can too be dismissed, for they do not show an orange glow which takes on an oval shape and they do not move in silent motion. They are easily recognised, by the necessity of their low flight, and their very distinctive sound.

   It could not have been a shooting star, for again, with living in the country, I had seen on many occasions shooting stars, and they had never been of that colour or shape. Shooting stars are of a white brilliance which fades very quickly. They only fall in one direction towards the earth. They do not suddenly stop, then to hover for a moment or two, then again to quickly return in the direction they are first observed. I also know for sure it had not been a comet for the same reasons. I was convinced then, and still am today what I had seen had been a spacecraft. 

   Since that memorable night in the early sixties, I have never seen its like again. It was not until some thirty years later, where I found myself communicating with extra terrestrials, in a circle in Spiritualism. On the night of their appearance, there had been seven people sitting for spiritual development. Instead of communicating with the spirit world, as I would normally have done when in meditation, I began to see the mental build up of three figures that we would call ‘aliens’. The normal procedure in the circle is if any of the sitters have links with the spirit world, then they would stand up and speak of whatever is given to them, by those in spirit, by the means of a message. However, the extraterrestrial’s were not from the spirit world, but were of human origin.  I was unsure whether to tell the others of the presence of the visitors for I did not know if they believed in extraterrestrials the same as I did? I quickly decided not to say anything in case it caused them fear. I did not want to disrupt their time of meditation to the spirit world. It is certainly not normal for extra terrestrials to be seen in a circle, which is usually a time of communication, with those who have passed over to the other side.

  The extra terrestrials had been wearing silver space suits, along with helmets and dark visors. Their suits were similar to those our astronauts wear when traveling in space but not as bulky, theirs were tighter fitting. They were all of the same height, round about six foot. With them having dark visors on their helmets then of course, I could not see their facial features, and I did wonder what they looked like?  They did not attempt to remove them, nor did I ask them to.

  After the initial surprise of seeing them had worn off, one of the extraterrestrials began to communicate with me, by using telepathy.  He introduced himself as Aramac. He informed me he was the leader of a spacecraft, which at times observed the earth at close quarters. He did not introduce his companions; he said names were of no importance. He went on to explain, how he and his two colleagues were part of the crew of a spacecraft and had traveled from a planet, being situated in another galaxy which lay in the direction beyond the planet we call Uranus. Their world is so far from earth where it is not possible for anyone here, no matter the strength of their apparatus, to observe it. Nor can it be seen or communicated with by the earthly probes which are sent into the universe, for the distance is too great. 

   Aramac then explained to me why, they had entered our circle that evening? He told me they, along with other races from the universe wished to communicate with earth, but had to find the right people and the right conditions before they could do so. Their wish was to pass on knowledge of some considerable importance, to the people here. They knew the sitters of our circle were open minded, and had an understanding of higher creative forces. They also knew they would not be rejected in their link of communication, and would not install any fears within the sitters.   

    Aramac told me, the reason they had chosen this moment in time to come forth, with the knowledge he was to pass on to me, is because humanity is evolving to a higher level of spiritual awareness. An age of enlightenment is now upon our world, where a greater responsibility will be placed upon the individual to seek and learn of true spiritual values. Humankind on our world in the past has-been spiritually immature to be able to accept and to understand the knowledge now to be given. In each decade, each century, this planet and its different races of people evolve under the influence and direction of spiritual laws which ultimately govern all things. At these times a greater spiritual awareness is directed to earth, from the spirit world to help with the continuing spiritual evolution of humanity. Higher knowledge is now forth coming from other planets in the universe where many people will be able to embrace the truth of humanity’s history on earth. The knowledge at first will be hard for some to accept, but for others it will allow them to walk forward in the new age, on a path of spirituality not shrouded in the myths, superstitions and false theories of the past, which were invented both in science and religion.

  When seeing Aramac and his colleagues I then began to wonder how they had made themselves visible in the circle. I could understand how sometimes those in spirit when in communication with our circle could to a certain level make a vague outline of themselves, of how they looked while in the material form. This is called materialization, and is for recognition purposes where those in spirit can slow down their vibrations so sitters’ can mentally and on occasions physically see them. 

   Materialization took place in the Garden of Gethsemane when Jesus appeared before Mary and she did not recognize him thinking he was the gardener. Jesus had after his so called death on the cross had risen in his etheric body not made f flesh and blood. That is why Mary did not recognize him. With Jesus being a very high spiritual being he could materialize fully back into a nearly material identity, whereas those coming back in a circle do not have the same level of spirituality within them to be able to achieve full materialization. 

  On picking up on my thoughts Aramac said, though they could not use the method of materialization just described, to enter our circle there is another way which can be used, and having a similar effect, called thought projection. This can be achieved in the material form, and can be done almost anywhere.

  The late DR Alexis Carrael member of the Rockefeller Institute for Medical Research was not only a believer in the phenomenon but declared that there was definite scientific proof that man could project his thought even at great distances into other minds.  

   From the book: ‘The University of Spiritualism’ by Harry Boddington, we can read, how this thought projection work he says: “The aura is projected long distances by simple effort of will and thus makes possible the phenomenon of the ‘double’ or appearance of the spirit body separated from its physical duplicate. These are sometimes called thought-forms”. 

   “As they are an automatic thought-expression of the individual, who may be completely unconscious that he has thus projected his own simulacrum on to the brain of someone else, of whom he happened to be thinking of at the moment. If the conditions are suitable, it becomes objective in so real a fashion that it appears to be exterior tithe seer”. 

   This extract from the first chapter is just a brief account of what took place when meeting Aramac. The chapter goes on to explain further of how they projected themselves in the circle and of how they use telepathy. In addition, he explains of some of the identities of the extraterrestrials, some being of human form, others taking on different forms.

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