Extraterrestrials Help Moses


Woe unto us! Who shall deliver us out of the hand of these mighty Gods? These are the Gods that smote the Egyptians with all manner of plagues in the wilderness

1- 1 Samuel iv 8

    One of the well-known stories in the Old Testament is that of Moses. In my continuing communications with Aramac an extraterrestrial he explains an entirely different version to the one written in the bible. We will look at the story in the Old Testament, along with Aramac’s version, stating that it was not God but extraterrestrials who brought about the plagues.


  The story says that God wanted Moses to set the people of Israel free from the Egyptians. In Exodus: chapter 7: God said that he had also made Moses a God in the sight of the Pharaoh. He also made Aaron his brother a prophet who was to speak to the Pharaoh, who was holding the people of Israel in bondage. We could ask here, how, and why was Moses made a God? Surely, God can only be God and no one else?

    In this story, we are told of the wonders Aaron performed, through the power and direction of God. Are we to believe the plagues and the killing of innocent children were wonders brought about by a Divine loving God of justice? If he had carried out those events then they would not have been wonders, but acts of gross brutality and crimes against humanity. 

    The first so called wonder performed, was when God told Moses to instruct Aaron, to cast his rod before the Pharaoh, and this he did where it became a serpent. The Pharaoh then called for his sorcerers and magicians, and they did the same. We know through the laws of nature that it would be impossible for a simple wooden rod to be turned into a snake. It was neither a miracle performed by God, for the magician’s did the same. What had taken place was a battle of the wills where Moses and Aaron tested the mind abilities of the magicians of the Pharaoh. This incident was done purely through a potent form of hypnotism.

  Going back a few years, some will remember Paul Mckenner the stage and TV hypnotist who could put people into a hypnotic trance, where he would influence their thoughts and actions. Sometimes he would have them barking like a dog or imagining something to be there which in fact wasn’t it was just an illusion of the mind. As Paul McKenner would have the people sitting in a chair, then with a motion of his hand tell them to sleep, this was not so with Moses and Aaron. In those days there was a greater understanding of the mind than what there is today. Moses and Aaron did not put the magicians to sleep or the magicians putting Moses and Aaron to sleep to see the illusion of the rod turning into a snake, they used mind control far more powerful than hypnotism.

  Aaron with the help of the extraterrestrial’s outsmarted the magicians, by making it appear that his rod had swallowed the snakes of the magicians. Having witnessed this, angered the Pharaoh, for he thought there were no better magicians throughout the land, than his own. He had been let down by them, and his pride had been considerably weakened by their inaptitude. That first contest between Aaron and the magician’s gave the extraterrestrials an insight, of the level of mental powers that the magicians could achieve. For they were to be challenged again, in their endeavors to free the people of Israel.

    Next in Exodus: chapter 2: from verse 14: it tells us that God would smite the river. This he did with the help of Aaron, who placed his rod in the water, it then turned into blood, where upon all the fish died, and it stank. It was not just the river which was contaminated, but also the wells, and the other places which supplied the people with drinking water, and it lasted seven days. Then it says the magicians of Pharaoh did the same with their enchantments, or spells. If God had brought this about, then why would the magician’s do the same? They had already let the Pharaoh down in the first contest; they would have surely pleased him, if they had rid the river and other places of the blood, instead of them helping to prolong the agony of the thirst of the people?

   Aramac told me it had been the extraterrestrial’s who had turned the water into a colour that resembled blood. This had been easily done by the means of red dye. The mixture for a short time stunned the fish and generated the smell, and not dead fish. Once the mixture had dissipated, the fish and other creatures became as normal. The event though, did not last seven days, for the fast flowing waters of the river, soon brought it back to normal after twenty four hours, so the fish and other creatures such as frogs would not die. In the drinking places, the red dye did linger for a  few more days.

  That happening was of a similar situation, but on a much smaller scale with a procedure which is carried out today in some of the world’s undeveloped countries. When the men go fishing to feed their families they do not use rods or nets to catch their fish. What they do is to build a temporary dam across a large stream or small river, then with a blending of ingredients taken from the environment, place them a distance upstream. The mixture will then flow down on the current, where it will stun the fish so the men can easily take hold of them when reaching the dam. Then they can be safely eaten and no lasting damage is done to the stream, river or their environments. Explanations in detail of how the extraterrestrials created the other plagues are again explained fully in the manuscript

   After the Pharaoh had let the people of Israel go, in Exodus: chapter 14: it tells us, he regretted making that decision, and called for his army to pursue them. It tells us the angel of God went before the camp of Israel, removed, and went behind them and the pillar of the cloud went from before their face, and stood behind them. It came between the camp of the Egyptians and the camp of Israel and it was a cloud and darkness to them, but it gave light by night to these, so that one came not near the other.

   Where it describes how God led Moses and Aaron with their people by the means of a pillar of cloud during the day and a fire from heaven at night, Aramac said it had been a spacecraft, which had led them towards the desert. The craft was not visible from the ground; it was always at a great height and some distance in front of Moses and his people.

  When the people had been set free from the Egyptians, they were confused and afraid of their destiny. Though it was the extraterrestrials who were to lead Moses across the desert, the people had to be told that it was God, for the people had no knowledge of the extraterrestrials helping Moses that would have been to much for the people to understand. The word of Moses was not enough to encourage them to make what was a hazardous journey. First, it had to be proved that God was to lead them, for they would not argue over his word in case he sent the plagues upon them.  In order to do this the extraterrestrials created a cloud around their spacecraft, hiding it from sight. The cloud also projected downward stretching to around a mile, so it could quite clearly be seen, and it led them during the day.  At night projected from the spacecraft through the cloud shone a beam of pulsating concentrated light, which was of a fiery red glow. The people in those days had never seen artificial light displays as we can see on the earth today. Therefore, it was understandable they would assume God was within the cloud, which sent down that beam of light from heaven.

   A number of witnesses on our planet in the past and still today have observed clouds, and those lighting displays of the craft’s belonging to the extraterrestrials. For example, in March 1981, a Chief of police, Migoel Costa, from Melo Uruguay was driving with his wife and some friends along a road not far from Tacuarembo. Then suddenly appearing out of nowhere, they observed a large dense glowing orange light. As it was early in the morning the skies were still dark, and so the light could easily be seen. They continued their journey with still some thirty miles to go, and unnervingly the spacecraft followed them. A little later on it overtook the car and hovered in front of them some hundred yards from the ground. Costa noticed that there was a thin ring of cloud around the dome. The top was a reddish colour, but underneath, was shining a brilliant white light. It was all getting so unreal that he stopped the car, then turned around and began to make his way back to Tacuarembo, but could not shake off the spacecraft which continued to follow them. Costa then brought his car to a halt, where he and his passengers made their way to open ground near the road, and looked in amazement at what they saw. Another disc shaped saucer appeared and followed the other one.  As the craft’s moved in all directions clouds began to form. The craft’s passed over the top of the clouds which lit them up like a halo.

       I then asked Aramac if he could explain of how they formed the clouds around their spacecraft. He said, we here have aeroplane displays with some doing acrobats in the sky such as the Red Arrows. To make the stunts look more spectacular they have coloured smoke emanating from their crafts that trails behind them. After this has settled down it looks like a thin line of coloured cloud left in the wake of where the planes have been. Even with ordinary commercial aircraft many times you can see a white vapor trail that lingers for a long time after the plane has vanished, which looks very similar to a cloud.

    The extraterrestrial’s can create dense vapor around their craft that resembles a cloud. They can also form them in any shape even to spiral downwards as they did in the desert when leading Moses. As their craft’s are saucer shaped and can hover or move in any direction, then it was easy for them to project their cloud downward, besides that of a horizontal position. Artificial lighting was also shone through the cloud from their craft to bring about the display.


 Aramac said the extraterrestrials only allow their crafts to be seen when they want them to. If not wanting to be observed by us on earth, they can create a cloud around their crafts and so they become invisible.

 This chapter in the manuscript goes on to explain of the plagues created by the extra terrestrial’s and of how they led Moses and the people of Israel across the desert to Mount Sinai. It also explains of a spacecraft landing on the mount allowing extraterrestrials to pass on the Ten Commandments to help Moses control his people to lead a more spiritual life.

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