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Mary Magdalene has been associated with the Holy Grail of which many paintings and pictures over centuries have been done with her holding a sacred cup. “He who drinks much, will see God. He who drinks a cupful, will see God and the Magdalene”. Is it a cup, a plate, a stone, a dish or are all of the aforementioned possibilities? The Grail legend became minced with legends of the Holy Chalice. Legends and folklores are traditional stories and/or tales that can sometimes become popular enough whereas they are looked upon as historical but there is no authentication or back-up facts.

It isn’t something tangible or palpable that we can taste or touch utilizing those senses were born with. However, the after-life can materialize smells or scents of what once was. If we know the background of the moment we encounter for such said history, we can actually document the connection between what we have experienced to what may correlate to fact. Verifying anything supernatural or mythical from a time where we could not possibly relate too, and decades worth of spins on old stories is always the challenge. Humans leave imprints and therefore a guided tour mapping out the ability to do excursions and conquests to search for items from the Lost City of Atlantis all the way to conjuring up the dead.

Even unverified stories from earlier times to today believed popular and historical, lead the human race to a constant momentum of being in search of greater things then mankind and manmade outcomes. Does this extend beyond earth into the skies above and out into our universe?

UFO Case from the 1890s copyright Roger Marsh, Mutual UFO Network, Case #32747.

According to Roger Marsh, a UFO writer and independent filmmaker, yes. He is the director of communications for both the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), and Pennsylvania MUFON. Recently he wrote how there were twenty-two Triangle UFO’s reported in November of 2012 with witness reports in their database. You can find the complete and fascinating story here: as he has taken the time and effort as many in research to further educate mankind of the possibilities our universe has to offer. He states and writes that, “The triangle remains a top three UFO shape for 2012 with 685 U.S. reports filed through December 15, 2012″.

MUFON is as with any group or organization like-minded individuals of all back grounds and intellect coming together for the purpose of education, truth, facts, myths and moments where the thought process of man should be to comprehend the notion that we are very small compared to what is really around, below and above us. Roger Marsh’s works include Dime Novel Radio Theater, UFO Witness Theater and American Liberty Theater. He is the author of Sacred Dialogue, editor of Silent Invasion, and co-editor of Ron Paul Speaks. His directed works include Tragic Hinsdale House.

It is the like-minded individuals that try and open up the minds of those who are less apt in believing, that there is something grander then mankind on earth. The after-life, holy grail and ufo phenomena are folklores and legends to some while to others; an open door to the possibility of that belief of something being grander then us all. Today, we still seek out if these are segments of life’s mysteries…or fact and reality.

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