Alien Autopsy Casebook – (The Full Facts Finally Revealed)

By Philip Mantle
(2010) 11thDimension Publishing, Great Britain
ISBN 978-1-907126-08-6
Paperback: Fully Illustrated
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Reviewed by David P. Kuhlman, FFSc


In August 1995 one of the most bizarre and questioned pieces of film regarding the UFO and alien hypothesis and its authenticity took the entire world by storm. The film, which debuted in the United States of America in the month of August, left each and every viewer spellbound and sent their minds in all different directions in search of more information of what they had just seen. The show aired in the U.S. “Alien Autopsy: Fact of Fiction?” seemed to show to the millions of people who tuned in, the actual clinical full bodied autopsy of an alien creature that was reported to have been filmed in the year 1947 just after the crash of the now famous Roswell, New Mexico UFO Incident. The film itself was said to have been acquired almost accidentally by a man named Ray Santilli who was in search of rare and unseen celebrity footage at the time. The ‘Alien Footage’ was said to be in the possession of the ‘cameraman’ that Santilli had originally contacted to buy other vintage film from at the time. To this date the cameraman’s name has been withheld from the public, and all that is known is that this man actually shot the film of the alleged autopsy himself in 1947 while he was a cameraman for the U.S. Armed Forces, or did he? The ‘footage’ was aired on FOX television after a deal was made by FOX producer Robert Kiviat and Santilli himself. 

Alien Autopsy Casebook, The Full Facts Finally Revealed

The “Alien Autopsy” or “AA Film” as it has come to be known, has indeed been a subject of interest to many. The film itself has weathered fifteen years of continuous research and inquiry from all walks of life to find its elusive and many times complicated, origin to its authenticity. The film itself has been studied in-depth by scientists, pathologists, UFO researchers, and film and photographic analysis, yet the film has neither been ruled a hoax or has it been ruled as fact as it is claimed to be to this day by Santilli. It is truly an enigmatic work regardless of the final outcome. 

In the spring of 1994 a well-known UFO researcher, Philip Mantle, was to come on the scene of the ‘Alien Autopsy’ mystery. Philip had done previous and extensive work in the UFO field and jumped at this opportunity without hesitation. Philip has used his expertise in the field of ufology, as well as his use of many of his colleagues in the field to mount one of the best and informative studies to date on this elusive and ongoing mystery. He has spent more than fifteen years calculating an in-depth study and interviews regarding the authenticity of the alien footage. Philip has also weathered the near insurmountable odds in his quest to find the truth at all costs so he could finally shed a light on the darkness that has surrounded the films credibility for so long. In this book that Philip has so meticulously and professionally written, it is evidence by itself of what the true origin is regarding the ‘Alien Autopsy ‘ film. It leaves no doubt to the reader that a complete and successful investigation has not only been done for over the last fifteen years, but that he himself has accomplished his determination and goals not just for his questions, but for everyone that has been acquainted with the unknowns that were left burned in each of our minds, whether or not the film shown was genuine film of an alien entity. Philip Mantle in this excellent undertaking has clearly not just placed a light on this matter, but has illuminated it to the world just what the answers are to these long awaited questions. Is it genuine? Is it a hoax? This is one book you cannot afford to pass by. Now the true identity of the ‘Alien Autopsy’ and all its claims have been verified leaving us with the answers we have waited so long to have, thanks to the perseverance of a true man of research, Philip Mantle, we can now rest that we have the truth without a shadow of any doubt.

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