Existence of Intelligent Extraterrestrials and their Presence Here On Earth


By E. Lee Gregory

Publish America, LLLP- Baltimore U.S.A.

ISBN 978-1-61546-217-9

Paperback: 88 pages, Illustrated

Available from www.publishamerica.com


Reviewed by David P. Kuhlman, FFSc 






Have you ever given a mere thought, if ET intelligence does indeed exist, what could it possibly be? Where does it originate? How long has it been in contact with planet Earth? These are excellent questions, ones that indeed need answering. Too often people choose to support and defend a common belief, but they look almost half- heartedly at what actually is the basis for its existence. In the UFO and alien genre of things, it runs rampant.

Has the believer in extraterrestrial intelligence really contemplated all that it involves? Doubtful. Where in the equation does the presence of God take its place among the heavens? More than one heaven? Quite possibly. Does the general public know or understand the vastness of our universe? Where does man fit into this complex subject? Was early Neanderthal man in some way harvested by ET intelligence and given a genetic boost to create what is now known as modern man? Could alien manipulation of the human genome be the missing link many have searched for for years? Is it also possible that God created more intelligent beings throughout our cosmos other than the human? It seems not only is the answer to all these educated questions are warranted, but that we must begin to understand that we really know nothing about the space we occupy. We go blindly through our lives without ever questioning the roots of our existence, a question that must be answered with the evidence we have, right now.

E Lee Gregory has done the reader a favor. He has used the very real science of Alternative Evidence to rightly show all of us that the answer has been right under our noses all of our lives. Gregory shows in this well accepted work, that not only does God exist, but that God is instrumental in the shaping of the human entity into what it is today through the use of other intelligence above and beyond our understanding at the present. Is God an alien? This well documented and fact based work will show the reader from all angles of science and history, how our own society was nurtured and formed through what we know as supernatural powers and influence.

Throughout time these powers from above have been manipulating with the human for centuries and it continues to this very day. From the walls of Cro-Magnon man’s paintings, the clay tablets of the ancient Sumerians and to the scriptures of the Holy Bible, we now can see more clearly what we have been blind to all along. Intelligent alien entities exist and have been among us on Earth since modern man took his first breath of life and has continued uninterrupted. “Existence Of Intelligent Extraterrestrials and their Presence Here On Earth”, documents a time line of existence on Earth. The reader will no doubt be cast into a world of uncharted research like never before, but will firmly get a hold on the basis of your own existence and the avenues of fact that were used in this written work will clearly be made known to you without a doubt. To believe is one thing and to understand is another, E Lee Gregory has mastered both in this work, for all of us to clearly see the truths that have been surrounding us all the time. It is time to not only open our eyes and minds, but to lend an ear to the echoes of what history has whispered to us for centuries…we just need to listen.   

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