The UFO Digest Spot Light on… UFO Matrix Magazine – Review By David P Kuhlman, FFSc

A UFO Magazine Review

By David P. Kuhlman, FFSc

UFO Matrix Magazine

11th Dimension Publishing, U.K.
Editor: Philip Mantle
Assistant Editor: Malcolm Robinson
Publishing Director: Amanda Owen

There are simply a very small number of UFO-related publications out there available to the general public, sadly most of which are riddled from cover to cover with misinformation, new age ads and utter trash talk, leaving the subject at hand, the UFO, something to be looked on as a subject only for an ignorant laugh.  They make light the seriousness and importance, which the UFO phenomenon holds to many UFO observers, believers and researchers all over the world. 

I want to be one of the ones to tell you that “Times have changed!” 

Enter, UFO Matrix Magazine…

Now, I am really not sure how long Matrix was an unexpressed idea, or am I aware of the trial and error periods after the idea went to ink and paper, but no matter what obstacles faced its pioneers during its infancy, it all was obviously well and meticulously planned, rehearsed, thought-out, corrected, and sent into motion.  The proof of such hard and intellectual work can be seen for yourself in each and every copy of Matrix that hits the newsstand. You see, not only does a publication of such a caliber have to have the right people in place, with each of them experts in their individual fields to relay this knowledge
into printed form, but the document as a whole must play a vital part as well. It must ‘flow’ with information, legit information so that it becomes a respected tool for all who choose to thumb its pages.  The completed work is far from done even after all the field work has been gathered, it has to be read, edited, and structured in the order it will fit to each topic covered.
Having spent ten years in the commercial printing business in the past, I am well aware of the huge tasks that are involved in a superior publication such as we have with UFO Matrix Magazine.  The organization of each and every part of this undertaking is of the highest standard and it shows.

The magazine itself is a site to behold. Colorful and eye catching art with well-margined and bold text on a heavy matte stock paper cover accompany each issue. The magazine is trimmed out in a very readable and large format, making it a pleasure to explore. Not a flimsy or dainty piece, I assure you. It is evident that the magazines appearance itself was crafted with much thought and quality as the information within its pages, a prelude to the reader without a single doubt.

The organization of such a quality and informative publication regarding the UFO phenomen- on has been long overdue.   The team behind UFO Matrix simply couldn’t be improved upon. A strong foundation with years of fieldwork has been constructed, the kind of foundation that is not simply chosen by drawing random straws. It has been meticulously built from the ground up, with no stone unturned. Why? To securely keep this publication strong and trusted in content through the years to come.

Yes, UFO Matrix Magazine will stand the test of time and will also gain a reputation of some- thing other publications have a hard time in providing, unbiased research and news regarding the UFO.

I commend the work done by 11th Dimension Publishing from the United Kingdom. You have brought together not one of, but the best printed publications available regarding a phenomenon that has dumbfounded humans for centuries. We the people needed this
for years. Leaving out all the trash that continues to liter other publications is a breath of fresh air in itself. I can’t imagine anyone trusting any other publication regarding
informative and up to date information on the UFO genre except UFO Matrix Magazine.

This is surely a monumental advancement in itself, where precise and informative journalism is concerned. I look forward to future research accompanied by this superior publication. No other can hold a candle to its creation… A job well done!

UFO MATRIX is also available on the newsstand in the UK via WH Smith and the USA via Barnes & Noble and Borders.

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