By Philip Mantle & Paul Stonehill

(2010) Healings of Atlantis Ltd, Great Britain

ISBN 978-1-907126-03-1

Paperback: 352 pages, Illustrated

Available from www.healingsofatlantis.com


Reviewed by David P. Kuhlman, FFSc 



Throughout history, UFO encounters as well as other witnessed phenomenon of the sky above have been well documented in western culture. The abundance and availability of such documentation tends to lead many to believe that these anomalies are indigenous to this part of the globe as a whole and are rarely witnessed in other areas of the world. The United States of America heads the list of western UFO and anomaly information that is out there due to the freedom in which its citizens have in the press and without the intervention of its government to control each and every person within the country and what they choose to acknowledge. The same is true for other western countries such as Great Britain and Canada. This one aspect alone has claimed the UFO phenomenon as their own with multitudes of reports streaming into the media daily about present and past UFO information. To the uninformed as well as uneducated, it does appear that western civilizations have the leading edge when it comes to these topics, but nothing could be further from the truth.   

 Yes, the phenomenon is very prevalent in the west and has a rich history of encounters that are well documented, as well as many professionals who research constantly for answers to what seems to be the unanswerable, but we are not alone in our quest as many may have thought earlier on, simply due to the lack of information from other well civilized and competent nations around the world, but now we have written and published information available that sheds a whole new light that we in the west are not the only people who are and have been riddled by the anomalies and extensive research of the UFO for centuries. 

The U.S.S.R., now Russia, has been a country that has seen many changes in its history. Once under communist rule, it was a country that was shielded from the outside populace. The people, as well as any of its accomplishments or setbacks were held in complete darkness to the outside world itself. Anything to do with the U.S.S.R., stayed there within its boundaries set by the governments rule, which included a history of UFO reports and behind the scenes research of this undetermined celestial phenomenon. Now, for the first time a complete and concise work has been published regarding the UFO dilemma within the boundaries of the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republic. The information is brought out in clear view that this country has had a rich and documented history of UFO contact as well as continued research and reports from all over its vast land areas. Information from the early days of ancient Russia through the years to the famous Tunguska Phenomenon, which exploded over Siberia in 1908, is discussed in great detail. 

This work provides proof positive information that UFO’s were and still are considered of great importance to researchers, scientist, cosmonauts, civilians and governmental agencies throughout the country and more and more information is being compiled daily on a subject that was once considered ‘off limits’ to the entire population within. Philip Mantle and Paul Stonehill have helped each of us understand that not only is the UFO phenomenon experienced in Russia, but that it is taken very seriously and has been for ages. 

You will become amazed at the numerous reports of flying anomalies that fill the pages of this work. The reader will also be introduced to many Russian ufologists who have worked diligently on the issues at hand for many years. The book will take you into the world of the secret KGB and there you will be able to read first hand the statements made by a former member regarding UFO information and reports, which have been held secret for years. The reader will also realize just what many prominent leaders of the U.S.S.R./Russia such as Stalin and Gorbachev thought about this topic in secrecy. The reports of unidentified flying objects spread from Leningrad, Ukraine, Kola Peninsula, Ural Mountains and Balkhash to the mystical and great wilderness of the Tunguska, located in Siberia. Also, an in-depth study is done on many reports that have been documented in detail by the Russian Navy throughout the years, as well as numerous reports of anomalous objects that have been sighted, as well as interfered with nuclear installations around the country. 

The information listed within this work is destined to become a staple for all serious UFO researchers, as well as proof positive that UFO’s are a global concern throughout the world and that we in the west are hardly alone in our quest for complete and decisive answers regarding the mysteries involved regarding the UFO phenomenon, no matter what we were lead to believe in the past. “ UFO Case Files of Russia” opens the door to an abundance of information that has been hidden for so long about interests and involvement of UFO research outside western society and predominantly in the land of the hammer and sickle.

If you would like more information or to purchase this book, simply click on its title: UFO Case Files of Russia.   




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