American Preppers Network Is Not Doomsday 2012

Rev.Dr. J. Vigeant

APN is a non-profit corporation and has been anything but quiet since the start of 2012. The American Preppers Network is currently a grassroots organization and the Forum is busy all day long, even a media person intent on reaching me.  The Network is growing by leaps and bounds and is 3 million families/individuals strong. The website is beautifully updated this week and adding articles constantly. Some of the folks are brand new and need group assistance or they may have been conditioning since Dr. Gary North and Y2K, this man was simply way ahead of his time and unappreciated.

      Anyone whom has read my previous works may know that I do not personally ascribe to the popular theories that the world is coming to an end (it is not), or that a new beginning will follow (seven more years will indeed follow but they will not be enlightened). Further, I do not believe the alien “creator gods Annunaki” are returning for more gold for their atmosphere. The inbound heavy mass object has a helium/hydrogen atmosphere, not gold. For the readers that are people of faith, the Word says clearly that PX or Nibiru will be a flyby event, albeit a close one with uncomfortable consequences here on Earth. As the magnetic planet repulsion force, naturally built in, will prevent an actual collision as the giant planet swings by Earth (possibly in December) as it heads back out to deep space for the last time.

Generally, Preppers know what is going on, very few are living in denial or ignorance anymore. While only time will truly tell, however, those following the timeline see that all the events have to lead to a big finish and those within the APN community prefer to be prepared as humanly possible for food and water shortages, lack of medical care, civil unrest, political upheaval, self-defense and Big Brother control. Doomsday Preppers does not promote paranoia or panic or anything else detrimental to civilized society. The goal is to promote national family emergency preparedness, sustainable living without electricity and other such aims. Joining is a great way to learn, socialize and “dare to prepare.”

     The five principles of preparedness are:

     1. Thrift & Frugality

     2. Inexpediency

     3. Industrious

     4. Self-Reliant

     5. Year Supply


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