Why I Believe Planet Elenin Is Really On Its Way



By Rev. Dr. J. Vigeant

Ever heard of Elenin? Because of much deliberate misinformation on the Internet, one doesn’t know what to believe and what not to. Here are the cliff notes on what I believe is going to happen quickly within the next eleven weeks: September 11th – November 23, 2011. These are based on the best, most consistent scientific information and observations I have been able to research and Revelation chapters 6 – 8. I am by nature a prudent, inquisitive and intellectual person and when presented with studied logical and persuasive information, I am not hard to convince.

It is necessary to understand first that Elenin, traditionally named for the person making the discovery, in this case the Russian astronomer whom “discovered” the object in 2010, was already known to our government and it’s very possible destruction for decades. In fact, prior to 1981 and before NASA came into being, astronomers knew about it in 1841. Science has generally rounded off the dates of the previous flybys of this enormous red-orange magnetic planet to every 3600+ years. Math was used then to predict and track Elenin’s existence and orbit.

I have observed, as have many others, newsbytes on mass animal deaths, both marine and air; severe weather anomalies, major earthquakes and consequential tsunamis. The mysterious hums coming up from the earth frightening people with their unknown origins. These phenomena have never been experienced in such an extreme way before. Here in Hollywood, our evening and night breezes have completely disappeared since June 2011, it’s unbreathable at night now and has never happened before, ever. Chemtrails have also ceased in our skies.

I found that the 1998 television release of “Deep Impact” had a good number of facts imbedded in it. Why would NASA send out an email in June 2011 to it’s family employees to prepare for an emergency event? A question begging to be asked might well be, why can’t we see Elenin right now? According to “Stellarium” sky observation program, it is currently located closest to the sun on the left. September 11, 2011, Elenin crosses our ecliptic plane and should be suddenly in our direct view by the naked eye sometime that week.

At this moment, on the news there is a huge grid-related power outage including San Diego County, Orange County, Yuma County and Riverside County and Mexico. My guess: the solar storm that is engulfing our planet September 8, 9 and 10th which I received as a space weather alert.

Elenin is a brown dwarf planet 16 times the diameter of earth and 100 times more dense. It is due to pass between the sun and earth in a 3-day long eclipse. Although the time line naturally varies somewhat, the eclipse should occur between September 24-28, 2011.

There will obviously be a significant source of gravity pull on the earth causing major earthquakes lasting several minutes, a large meteor show and a red moon. A massive solar flare (or electromagnetic pulse) such as the one affecting electricity right now, will follow effectively putting electronics out of commission for about two months.


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