Planet X Is Still On It’s Way

By Rev. Dr. J. Vigeant

Since what appears to have been a massive outside threat to our planet and way of life has passed. What appears to have been one of several moons or natural satellites, a lead object many believed was comet Elenin, of planet X passed by on September 22 with little to no effect on earth. Another of it’s larger moons passed by on Oct 7 and no reported incidents on the predicted September 26 and 27th, one might incorrectly assume we’re safe.

     The threat has NOT passed. It wasn’t nor will it ever be Doomsday. Congress can rest easy on it’s Suppression Order of Doomsday Scenarios.

     We are not speaking about comets here at all, OK folks? No matter what NASA falsely claims.

     All of our emergency preparations have been made, water filter, etc., have been made though we continue to modify, add and rotate our provisions and stock barter to the best of our limited financial and space ability.

     As I sit drafting this, my husband Chris (an engineer) and I are watching the cable channel gmctv fluctuating severely and repeatedly with pixilating green tiles covering most of the screen, the audio drops out simultaneously as well. The other cable channels that were typically reliable and our local broadcast channels began the same behavior last week as well. We are aware as are many others that the television  satellites out in space depending on their orbit height, (and the higher the orbit being affected first), have been and are increasingly experiencing external electromagnetic disturbances that affect the onboard internal circuitry that routes the A/V signals to our homes. These satellites are being affected by both the accelerated CME’s from the sun and the strong magnetic emissions that are coming from X as it advances towards our planet. One day soon our cable box will read “error” where the time readout is and the internet box will be dark also, we are braced.

     No one even yet, despite all assurances that we would, has seen X plainly without a telescope because it doesn’t emit any light of it’s own. It is a dark blur, as it were, which will help it sneak up on us. It has been most unfortunate, I feel, the substantially ill-advised timeline given to the public by the JPL website. So many have panicked, gone to their safe places, waited interminably and have had great anxiety induced and have nothing yet happen.

     On September 28, ill but busy at my desk, wondering just what had gone wrong with the highly anticipated dates just passed when My Lord spoke to me clearly and said,” It’s still coming, do not let down your guard on your preparations, keep up your faith.”  He gave me no date whatsoever, I knew His word had to be good enough for our house. No matter what the scoffers and disbelievers do or say, those people need to beware, they will count the cost. Nobody said this was going to be easy. Grrrr.

Click here or on video to watch!

Here are two direct links to the CFH Telescope website. This particular camera is not in the scope but fixed on a railing outside facing the sunrise which is in the center of the frame. PX shows up at the bottom left of the frame at about one minute into the clip moving upwards :  on Friday October 21 at CFHT – 01:08:49 HST 2011. I think this is the better view of it … Please be aware that these clips take up to 3 to 5 minutes to load the first time depending on processor speed.

On Friday October 28 it shows up at CFHT – Sat Oct 22, 02:05:38 (time-code at bottom right) – Same details .

Those interested individuals may wish to view X’s approach through the CFH Telescope located in Hawaii, it is situated at 13,700 feet in elevation. Click on the Time-Lapse Movie tab and let the show begin. You will notice severe pixilation around X just prior to sunrise. There ain’t no mistaking this for Venus, Mars or Mercury. My husband favors the Oct 22nd archived video as the most impressive and clearest to date. I thought two different videos showing X way off and Oct 22 served as a very nice comparison.

     Another local observation we’ve made recently is that it is uncommonly dark at our still-current location here in Los Angeles CA. at 8:00 a.m.  We always had the sunlight to wake us up bright and early at 6:30 a.m. and warm up our studio for the last seven years, no more. Now we feel like we’re rising at dawn. Many of us here feel that Turkey got the earthquake that Los Angeles expected. What I wonder about is, since not every alignment results in an earthquake and this has been scientifically proven, what is the  key that does result in a major shaker?


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