What Is “Nibiru”?

It is one of many names for the “King of Planets” headed our way shortly. Nibiru literally translates into “planet of the crossing”. You may have heard of some of these  through the ages: “Nemesis, 10th and 12th Planet, Elle, Planet X, Wormwood, Tyche, Elenin, Marduk, King of the Heavens, Great Heavenly Body, The Destroyer, Winged Globe, Apep, Seth, Typhon, The Celestial Lord Shiva, God of Destruction, Gung-gung, The Great Black, Red Dragon,  The Great Phoenix, Yahweh, Celestial Quetzalcoatl, Lucifer, Red or Blue Star, Ramala, Great Star, His Star, The Great Comet, Comet of Doom, The Fiery Dragon, The Intruder or Perturber”.  

 Nibiru has seven moons and the perihelion passages are associated with the “return of the gods.” The gods being synonymous always with demonae (real, live, anti-matter individual demons with assigned victims and jobs.) The Sumerians had a name for it’s long orbit, “A Shar.” Hindu astronomers called it “Treta Yuga.” The destruction X causes has the name, “Kali Yuga.” Ancient people also viewed the destruction as to be so significant that it would only come from the Hand of God as punishment for the world’s sins.  Many people don’t make the connection between the king-sized planet and the multiple earth changes at one time (erupting long-dormant volcanoes (33), massive earthquakes lasting several minutes, land masses sinking and rising, mega tsunamis, severe weather anomalies, fires, floods, drought, food shortages and rampant diseases.)

The Story behind Nibiru and the Anunnaki is as follows.

     The “Anunnaki” were a super race of aliens to the original people of earth and their god, “Anu”.  Because they have been reduced in power, they began to thrive on conquest, enslavement and cannabalism of those under them. Many speculative writings are based on Mr. Sitchin’s book, ” The 12th Planet”  using only his respective theories to support his claims. The question does arise: is Nibiru real and the answer is “yes.”  There are those sincerely misguided individuals that believe the Anunnaki of Nibiru are coming back soon on it’s regular 3600+ year orbit. They are terrified of the consequences of that super race of beings coming here to earth and frightening them. Isn’t it a great relief to know that this race doesn’t and never existed? It is fearful enough that Nibiru in and of itself is coming with such enormous magnetism that it will cause the above-mentioned calamities. These people fear a great catastrophy of loss of life and rightly so, as this portion will happen.  In spite of it’s extreme orbit, it is scientifically and Biblically a planet in our solar system and the most revered heavenly body in all antiquity. The orbiting pattern of Nibiru supposedly gave the Anunnaki the advantage of a mobile observatory from which to observe and investigate many planets near it’s orbit.  

      It was believed that the ancient Mesopotamians thought Nibiru was “heaven” where their gods resided. Nibiruians are often referred to as Anunnaki, Nephilim, Elohim (plural for god) and Mardukians. Anunnaki literally meant “they who have come down from the heavens to the earth.” The Nibiru were theoretically populated by a reptilian super race and governed by an elite aristocracy known as “Nefilim” (different spelling to “Nephilim”) in Hebrew. They were supposedly a technologically advanced alien race and called their home star “ZAOS”. Anunnaki were a belligerent, conquering race. Fierce, evil, lustful, incestuous, bloodthirsty, deceitful, jealous and domineering, all traits of Satan. In addition they were also carnivorous, cannibalistic and specialized in mind control. I for one am ecstatic they never existed.  Mr. Sitchin insisted, falsely, that the Anunnaki had genetically engineered man as slave creatures to work in our own gold mines to take the precious metal back to Nibiru to revitalize the atmosphere which was purportedly dying to survive another 3600+ years.

     Nephilim are fallen angels, not demons, (there are four different categories of these in the spirit world). They took on temporary human male form and mated with human females to produce the giant breed as mentioned in Genesis 6:1. Giants still exist today under government protection in the Solomon Giants. Nephilim are invisible, anti-matter entities as are all spirits and need nothing to ride in on to do their earthly damage.

Who Was Zecharia Sitchin?

     Mr. Sitchin, you may or not know, passed over on October 2010. Although a Jewish writer, he fabricated the Anunnaki lie on behalf of the Illuminati. He claimed to have received an “Ancient Languages Scholarship”, instead he graduated from “The London School of Economics,” majoring in economic history. At the time he wrote his books, there was no chance of correctly interpreting ancient Sumerian writing without thoroughly studying the language for a lifetime and certainly not through Economic History!

     The Motivation for what he wrote, he was actively involved with the Illuminati, one of seven secret organizations in the world today and a high-level Freemason who practiced occult rituals and therefore MONEY – payoff – by the richest men who own, rule and terrorize the world, appear to be behind producing bogus “scientific” research results. The School itself is part of the financial and factual power of the western world, owned and ruled by the Rothchilds and serves as a talent factory…

     The Goal of the Anunnaki Lie, various secretive organizations have always long believed in a coming political messiah (not Jesus) to run the new world order government. Belief in alien gods as well as other ethereal entities is a core component of their “secret knowledge” and rituals. If we combine all the aspects of this brotherhood belief system then Mr. Sitchin keeps tradition: an apocalyptic planet, the non-existent Anunnaki with their genetic masters and “gods” of mankind. Mr. Sitchin also falsely asserted that his research coincided with many Biblical texts and that those texts came originally from Sumerian writings.

     It will never be known by anyone except Almighty God whether Sitchin knowingly contributed to these fabrications or was just deeply used by Masonic deceivers. And it isn’t for us to decide or to judge, God has already handled Sitchin in His unseen world.

Rev. Dr. J. Vigeant

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