Representing the Third Eye Chakra and mankind’s innate intuitive abilities, Kuan Yin is worshiped throughout India (as the male god Avalokitesvara), Japan (as Kannon) and mainland Asia. Kuan Yin has many names having many translations, for example: “She who harkens to the cries of the world” or “the Lord who looks upon the world with compassion”. Reverence for Kuan Yin is estimated, by many, to date back to Mother Goddess Devi and the Indus Valley Civilization (3000-1500 BC).

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Kuan Yin is frequently depicted with a Third Eye on her brow. Similarly, Buddha’s elaborate pine cone-shaped crown is believed to be symbolic for Third Eye Enlightenment and the Pineal Gland. Understanding it can help raise one’s vibration and thereby facilitate entering a higher consciousness state, there are those Buddhists and other Avatars who will devote a lifetime to developing their Third-eye (Pineal Gland) capabilities.

Sometimes called the ‘All-Seeing Eye’, The Third Eye is, of course, featured on the US one dollar bill. One of the greatest mysteries in the world may be why the pine cone symbol often representing this energy center (or chakra) is so revered by the Vatican that a special Vatican Court has been designated as the Court of the Pigna (or pine cone). Today the separated upper terrace of the Vatican exterior called the Cortile della Pigna, still holds the Pigna: a large first century Roman bronze statue of a pine cone (originally part of a fountain). Regarding the backdrop of the massive building curving around the back half of the elaborate pine cone structure, one is compelled to wonder if the building symbolizes the brain enclosing and protecting the sacred and mysterious Pineal Gland.

Why, indeed, does the Vatican continue to display what would otherwise be literally an ordinary pine cone? One must also wonder whether keeping the Pigna on Vatican property is tacit acknowledgement by the Vatican of the power and significance of the Pineal Gland (Third-Eye) on human consciousness?  And if they acknowledge this sculpture is a symbol for Third-Eye wisdom, what secrets does the Vatican harbor concerning the other-worldly abilities of the Pineal Gland?

It is generally recognized by the scientific community that the average person is only utilizing a small portion of their physical brain. While the physical brain masterfully regulates and sustains the physical body, it is the limitless mind and its unique vibrational essence that determines the quality of interaction with and between the inner and outer environments of Self. Accumulated from lifetimes of beliefs, this ‘vibrational essence’ emanating from the mind is therefore the key to what one will attract into their reality.

Kuan Yin has stated: “Fall into the water!” This statement is crucial as it implies a purposely beneficial level of playful abandon and inquisitiveness. It also implies a trusting approach; that one should nurture a belief in an orderly, indeed compassionate and abundant universe. Mastery of this mindset can facilitate the Third Eye’s full awakening; allowing for true psychic exploration and setting in motion a powerful and expansive vibrational essence energy towards achieving global spiritual enlightenment. However, cultural obstacles to such a mindset can loom everywhere. Kuan Yin maintains: “As dualities are built into your language, you may think that just because there is an absence of good, for example, that evil exists. This is not so. In fact, things are far more intricate.”

This was shown to me in an amazing dream: In it I was confronted by someone who had been generally regarded as a bully. Asking why he behaved like this, I found myself suddenly traveling through his forehead and into his mind. Not knowing what to expect, I then saw before me a bright radiating light. I surmised from the deeply insightful dream that if this rather disturbed person had Original Grace; then everyone must have Original Grace. Of course it’s possible for individuals or organizations to presume themselves or others to be less then their full Core Soul Essence (this term was delineated by Kuan Yin in “Oracle of Compassion: the Living Word of Kuan Yin”) potential. However, if this idea was fully accepted, I wonder how war or poverty could ever continue to exist?

Any Personal or Mass Evolutionary Potential event will include (to the degree of participation) those who’ve contributed to the original thought form: “Sometimes, all it takes is enough people knowing about a certain concept. Indeed, thoughts can change the course of history…Loving-kindness is potent even when displayed during the so-called mundane tasks of daily existence. It’s so potent that if everyone could get into that mindset for a minute or even less, they would blast into a great ball of light. Even the newest energies would blast through,” emphasizes Kuan Yin.

Integral to this process is the visionary potential of the Third Eye Chakra or Pineal Gland. For it is through this vehicle that mankind may see and magnify those perceptions dwelling beyond any physical or waking-consciousness constraints. Nestled between the two hemispheres of the brain, the pea-sized Pineal Gland has both a lens and color receptors, similar to an eyeball. It is purportedly greatly lessened in size in modern man due to thousands of years of non-use and dormancy.

Similar to Buddha’s pine cone-shaped crown, the spire in the following dream likely symbolized the story of the ages: birth, death, reincarnation and eventual Third-Eye enlightenment: Inside a building peering up a narrow shaft towards the apex of dark wood scaffolding, the dreamer (my husband John), realized he was looking up into what appeared to be the interior of a church steeple. Experiencing claustrophobia, he was suddenly outside. Noticing from a distance hundreds, maybe thousands of people scaling that spire’s slippery ascent, he then saw them repeatedly tumble to earth. Astonished at how they would, over and over, try to reach the top, he pondered that perhaps his dream was a metaphor for cosmic lessons learned through numerous reincarnations. Suddenly discovering himself perched high atop that very steeple, experiencing an all-encompassing life perspective, he knew he was finally free: that he could rely upon his own expansive powers.

Connected with the Sixth and Indigo Rays as well as the Third Eye Chakra, Kuan Yin represents the mystery of telepathy and the mind/universe connection; the ability to receive ancient wisdom. As the “Watchful Listener” or “The One Who Sees and Hears All”, Kuan Yin desires for us to adopt a specific mindset: one’s insightful and objective “Watcher” mode: “You’re the Watcher. Instead of judging, you just see.”

Scientists have been aware of neural lags for a while. They appear in the optical nerve as time gaps (vision gaps). These gaps represent the time interval during which a nerve impulse is traveling from the retina to the optical lobe of the brain. During these time intervals the mind automatically generates the most probable ‘filler’. An example of this would be a basketball player intuiting the exact distance between where he or she is standing and the basket. These accumulated gaps add up to probably hundreds of thousands of moments per day wherein alternate visions can be inserted.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of these scientific findings suggests endless visualization potential for our free will: that we can totally revise any of our visions, augmenting or completely replacing those images dwelling ‘between the lines’. Integral to this process, one must necessarily develop a special kind of focus; what Kuan Yin describes as “focused intent”. Such ability is required for identifying the shape and breadth of one’s thought and emotion formations. Having their unique and indelible residues, visions combined with thoughts and emotions create the blueprint for personal reality. Intimately associated with molecular process theories, the building up and breaking down of these imprints project and create uncountable parallel universes; utilizing our true manifesting powers.

Throughout the Kuan Yin channeled sessions, Kuan Yin sometimes appeared to be watching as if the entire drama were playing on a TV or movie screen. Neutral, constant, unaffected, she was just there. However, her non-judgment doesn’t mean she is heartless or doesn’t care. “…The only way to really utilize your human experience is to practice some kind of meditation or visualization. It does work. People really need it. It’s the only way to get through the difficult times.” This kind of practice, according to the deity, puts us in the ‘Kuan Yin Spirit’. Whether meditating upon her form or bringing light into the chakras: all of these techniques can help us in our lives.

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