Clairaudience: Psychically Sensing the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami, Fires as well as other Impending Catastrophes

(With excerpts from “Beneficial Law of Attraction” © 2010 Hope Bradford)  

By Hope Bradford

Experienced during high adrenaline situations; euphoric, rapturous, stressful or even traumatic incidents: ‘gamma’ is sometimes referred to as the Shamanic mind state. In one’s heightened awareness, a person can often detect sounds or visions that would be undetectable in the beta EEG range. Clairaudience (hearing what would normally be inaudible), clairvoyance (sensing what would normally be imperceptible), the gamma mind-state is the grab-bag frequency affording humans both enlightenment and the bizarre. There is mounting evidence that experiencing rapid oscillations in the gamma range can align one with the universal resonance.

Whether one is drenched in absolute bliss and Oneness or hearing shrill warnings of impending danger, it is the exquisitely amplified experience of the gamma mind state that could activate innate creative and/or survival instincts. It is within this state that one may perhaps also become fully aware, harnessing every nuance of their innate power.

While gamma perceptions might be viewed as extraordinary to some, they are considered just as normal to the high frequency gamma mind state as, for instance, walking across the street is to the beta state, trance channeling is to the alpha state and dreaming is to the theta state. Through my decades of practicing hypnotherapy, I have noted how some clients can effortlessly navigate the trance mind state whereas others are more naturally adept in their gamma state. Still other clients have demonstrated, through relating their extraordinary and vivid dream adventures, that they’ve mastered lucid dreaming. It could then be concluded that individual capabilities and instincts in all of the EEG ranges stem from certain pre-acquired tendencies or abilities.

In fact, Kuan Yin (in “Beneficial Law of Attraction”…) has maintained that “deeply ingrained karmic loops”: tendencies, patterns and/or abilities are learned and developed in previous life experiences. Perhaps this is why some individuals may glean more from hypnosis, while others seem to possess certain advanced skills triggered during the theta and gamma mind states.

In the following example, a client I’ll call Dory confided her absolute bewilderment over four startling events. It became clear, that when traumatized, this woman’s inherent gamma instincts would naturally kick in. As it will soon be revealed, these gamma instincts were essential in saving her and other’s lives.

Experiencing the gamma frequency, one can undergo REVERSE TIME LAPSE. First the individual has a perception and then the actual event occurs. The following are bona fide experiences of this extremely gamma-gifted client.

Having heard the moaning of a foghorn just prior to an actual earthquake, Dory, who lived nowhere near a lighthouse at the time, correctly interpreted this alarming sound as a warning from her subconscious. After all the commotion of the earthquake had subsided, she assumed her epiphany was a one-time event and quickly forgot about it.

Only after hearing a series of unusual sounds corresponding to otherwise unknowable events, however, did she realize that some (as yet unidentified) aspect of herself possessed an uncanny ability to consistently warn her of impending danger.

At home and caring for her children one evening, she suddenly heard the clang of a fire alarm coming from somewhere inside her house. Searching the entire length of the building, she finally determined that the sound was emanating from a particular area near an electric socket in the master bedroom wall.

Informing her husband of this strange occurrence, she suggested they remove the electrical plate so they could examine the interior socket. Witnessing the extremely deteriorated condition of the receptacle, they realized that excessive heat had partially damaged it as well as the badly charred wooden framing stud where it had been installed.

Dory then described a subsequent instance, wherein she’d been driving alone on a boulevard late at night. Hearing a loud siren sound, she initially believed it came from the row of buildings she was swiftly passing by. Having gone well beyond the buildings, however, she finally realized this was yet another signal from her subconscious warning her that her brakes were about to fail. Fortunately, she was able to pull over onto the soft shoulder, allowing the car to come to a slow halt before the brakes completely gave out.

Another harrowing episode occurred when this same woman was at her job driving a small transport bus. Hearing that ominous siren sound in her mind once again, a chill shivered down her spine. Knowing that she would soon be coming to a highway intersection, she tried to remain calm. Realizing she’d never be believed if she stopped and telephoned her employer saying she’d had a psychic premonition that the bus’s brakes were about to fail; she continued on her route. Pumping the brakes a few times just to test if they were still working, she was momentarily reassured by their solid response. And for an instant, she breathed a sigh of relief.

Nearing the highway intersection, however, Dory again experienced a sense of dread welling up from deep inside. Gingerly pulling out into traffic, she suddenly felt the brakes fail.

Overwhelmed by a sense of sheer terror, her reflexes had all but frozen. Realizing she had little choice, she finally was able to force the shift handle into reverse, saving herself as well as all the passengers.

In an interesting update to this story, Dory (who lives in California) had informed me just prior to the 2011 Japan Earthquake and Tsunami that the earth had recently been sounding especially “loud” to her. Obviously, through REVERSE TIME LAPSE, she was already picking up vibrations from the approaching tragedy on the other side of the Pacific Ocean. Without a doubt, the tilting of the earth’s axis four inches and the movement of the Japanese Coast eight feet would cause the earth’s impending violent shifts to be overwhelmingly loud for those having such psychic powers. Calling her about a week later, I heard her say: “the earth is quiet for now!” 



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