Review: The Paranormal Experiences Leading to Oracle of Compassion: the Living Word of Kuan Yin

By Hope Bradford 

While hypnotizing my client, Lena Lees, I was witness to her spontaneous channeling of Eastern Goddess of Compassion, Kuan Yin. These sessions continued for over a year. The Deity’s primary messages were that we do indeed create/attract reality, we are here to learn compassion and Her Love and Forgiveness Principle and to appreciate, indeed “marvel” at the wondrous creations surrounding us.

Even though I had hypnotized many others, I could never have imagined the scenario that had transformed my life. Indeed, it was a singular psychic event.

Lena Lees herself had lived an amazing life, understanding even at a young age that she was blessed with special abilities enabling her to communicate with those who have passed on. These souls were troubled and sought Lena’s clairvoyant gift to help them console grieving relatives and loved ones.

Individuals who have this gift are sometimes referred to as “Honorary Guards”. Indeed, they have, before incarnating on earth, chosen to provide this specific kind of guidance for souls passing over.

Following the Rhode Island nightclub fire debacle, for example, Lena’s dreamscape was inundated with souls beseeching her to console their relatives and loved ones. Requiring assistance in passing from the earth plane, disembodied spirits had requested Lena to inform those left behind of their safe arrival.

The story of the Kuan Yin channelings may have begun when Ms. Lees prayed to a beautiful stone visage of Kuan Yin. Having traveled from California to visit with family and friends in Philadelphia, Lena knew this would be the last time, for a while, that she’d be able to visit the East Coast. Placing a visit to the Philadelphia Museum of Art on her family’s vacation itinerary, Lena had no idea of the importance of her decision, how it would later profoundly transform her life.

At the museum with her husband and children by her side, she suddenly gravitated to a room boasting an impressive display of Asian shrines and statuary. Drawn to a particularly striking sculpture of Kuan Yin, Lena believed the statue was comforting her, speaking to her. Beseeching Kuan Yin, she and her family asked for assistance with the many challenges they faced ahead. Several years later; making an appointment with me, Lena found herself engaged in an ongoing conversation; channeling the words and spiritual canons of the ancient Asian deity.

It became clear that Kuan Yin was using Lena to pass extremely important information on to me. During the channelings I became aware that I was to teach others (through my writings) how these laws would help them achieve spirituality and success in life.

Lena had said during trance, “Kuan Yin is handing me a book with a disk inside and a flower. She’s telling me it is time to end the session. She’s saying goodbye to both of us. I’m not sure what kind of flower this is. Let me concentrate upon it a little more. It seems to be a combination of a surprise lily and an iris. The book that I am seeing has rich brown leather binding with intricate gold leaf design. I comprehend how it is a very potent book. I wonder if this is our present book or one from the future. Kuan Yin is telling me, ‘Fill it with words’”.

Sometimes during trance Lena would say: “I’m just going to sit with Kuan Yin, for a moment, and try to comprehend what she is telling me. It’s primarily images and metaphor that I must form into whole sentences. Sometimes I don’t understand how I am able to speak full phrases and thoughts set forth by Kuan Yin.”

Lena once described the process involved in selecting the perfect words to convey Kuan Yin’s often-complex concepts and sentences similar to “a stick floating down a stream”.

Confessing that sometimes the entire process could be quite confounding, Lena went on to say: “That very same ‘stick’ which usually floated so effortlessly down the stream, could get hung up on a rock or on the shore. I’d know, then, that the alignment was wrong. As a consequence, I would have a bad taste or a similar sensation signaling that things weren’t quite right, that I needed to refine my interpretation.

All along, I was aware that I was no different from anyone else. Kuan Yin constantly reminded me that I was not special, but that she deeply valued meeting with me throughout these weeks and months. She told me she hoped I would always come to her for comfort and guidance. Kuan Yin also mentioned that her information wasn’t limited to my interpretations, that ‘running concepts, truth’ through different beings results in different perceptions and interpretations”.

Because she rarely recalled what was said during her altered state of consciousness, Lena would often have to review, for her own clarification, the Kuan Yin material. For anyone, the amount and quality of material recalled from an alpha trance is dependent upon the depth of the trance as well as physical, emotional and mental factors. Because the quality of trance can vary so widely from person to person, types of information imparted during trance will naturally also vary.

There seemed another, inexplicable element at work. Although Lena attempted several times to channel Kuan Yin’s words without me present, her extraordinary channeling abilities primarily occurred only when I was in the room with her. During a memorable passage, Kuan Yin mentioned that not only was her energy congruous with Lena’s, but that she also enjoyed a special connection with me.

Lena and I both came to believe the process was more complicated then we originally imagined; that my energy somehow served as a psychic fulcrum assisting Lena in bringing forth the Kuan Yin material. Often, while Kuan Yin was answering my questions, Lena would observe Kuan Yin moving close and embracing me: “She’s right by you. She has her arms around you, Hope. Kuan Yin wants you to know that she loves and counts on you so much”.

Prior to our first hypnosis session together, Lena mentioned that it might be helpful for me to write down or tape record the contents of the episode. She worried she might forget the contents when returning to her waking state and therefore not be able to refer to it later. Increasingly aware of the potency of the Kuan Yin material, Lena and I agreed it would be beneficial to assemble it into manuscript form.

As the United States (at the time of these channelings), was engaged in two fierce wars with Afghanistan and Iraq, Lena, similar to others at the time, had many urgent questions. Most importantly, she wanted to know how to make the world a more peaceful, compassionate and abundant place to live. Learning from Kuan Yin that the earth was in a particular “karmic cycle”, Lena wanted to understand more about the Deity’s perspective on the nature of this historical era.

Lena also possessed many questions about the nature of one’s personal path which triggered long and intricate exchanges about how we as citizens of the earth can better comprehend and appreciate our human condition. Listening to Kuan Yin, it became apparent that the microcosm is the macrocosm: that beliefs and global events are intimately linked. Kuan Yin also discussed the dynamics of reality: “They are telling me, now, that there really are demigods waiting in line to be born, to manifest as humans. In this way, they can evolve faster. It is apparently so; that we come to earth to further evolve”.

“This time I took you through the ‘back door’, the place where ‘energies’ (I don’t refer to energies in a hierarchical fashion—as ‘higher or ‘lower’), come into human form.” continues Kuan Yin. “They evolve from a different angle: down to up, with not much of a ‘past’. Others have more experience. The confusion on earth is created by a variety of different energies. Any clash between energies is a result of a ‘better than’ mindset. Sometimes the children are even dragged into this mindset and then there are awful consequences. What people need to remember is they are eternal beings and that they never die. However, don’t let these events distract you from reality. Reality is always truth, knowledge and bliss…While quite skilled, the wind-surfer is nevertheless very focused on the elements around him. The wind-surfer is focused upon how to turn the sail. His question must always be, ‘what am I going to do with the wind that is blowing right now,’” instructs Kuan Yin. “There are the waves and there is the wind, seen and unseen forces. Everyone has these same elements in their lives, the seen and unseen: karma and free will. The question is, ‘how are you going to handle what you have?’ You are riding the karmic wave underneath and the wind can shift. Everyone must take what they see and deal with that which is unseen.”

A scheduled hypnosis date rapidly approaching, Kuan Yin seemed to hover ever more closely in and around Lena. When shopping or performing her daily routines, Lena would experience premonitions, visions of Kuan Yin shape shifting. Accompanying the visions, Lena would hear whispers, words and phrases outlining themes to be presented and discussed in the next session.

While receiving a massage, one day, Lena envisioned an immense statue: Kuan Yin majestic against the cliffs jutting skyward from a Chinese fishing village. During her next session with Kuan Yin, Lena once again saw that very same image, understanding the reason why Kuan Yin had previewed that image. The dominant theme therein centered upon the importance of living a “realistic life” versus a cloistered existence, when seeking answers on the nature of personal and mass reality.

As during other times, Lena was being psychically ‘briefed’, alerted to the nature of upcoming trance topics. The necessity for this was crystal clear. The Kuan Yin information steadily building in length and complexity, it was essential for Lena to attain a certain level of familiarity with the material before each new session. Much like a movie trailer, these trance previews provided Lena with an outline for concepts that would most certainly surface during her trance.

Then there were Lena’s dreams. Occasionally at the onset of a session, she would describe her dreams of Kuan Yin; how she would hear the Goddess’ message even while deep in slumber. I too experienced many instructive dreams from Kuan Yin. Immersed in this intriguing web of synchronicity Lena and I met together on nearly a weekly basis for over a year, witness to Kuan Yin’s profound shape-shifting: “Kuan Yin is morphing again, doing incredible things to show how life isn’t stagnant. Our experiences are ever changing, flowing. She’s forming something and then something else”.

During the years spent chronicling the Kuan Yin material, I’ve come to recognize Kuan Yin’s characteristic shape-shifts occurring in my own dreams. Aware of her coming to me as a host of humans, I’ve also viewed (while sound asleep) her many and varied animal transformations: a black stallion, a turtle, a Brahman cow and her calf and a variety of beautiful birds.

Early one morning, just before awakening from a dream, Kuan Yin came to me as a small yellow bird. I know it was she because even though I’d slammed the front door shut (trying to keep the bird from entering my house), she slipped through that door anyway. As quickly as she’d entered, she flew away, again, touching my heart and then spreading her message of loving kindness throughout the world.

Beyond intriguing and beautiful, Kuan Yin’s bountiful forms help illustrate the possibilities and pitfalls of our own creative nature. Examples of how visions create unique and indelible residues, Kuan Yin’s metamorphisms spontaneously leap forth as evolutions from the original thought or emotional imprint. Whether playful or commanding: her morphing shows our multidimensionality, how we have already lived “all of our lives”.

On Christmas day 2004, the catastrophic Indian Ocean Tsunami made landfall. Claiming hundreds of thousands of lives and displacing millions more, the earthquake (and its resulting wave train) had (in a matter of minutes) wrecked havoc on eleven countries.

In a profound display of her psychic capabilities, Lena had been (directly following that event) awakened from her dreams. Feeling a heavy weight bearing down upon her chest she was aware (from previous experiences) that the heaviness was caused by one or more ‘visiting’ energies (souls).

Immobilized, unable to even move her limbs, Lena heard an eerie sound—like wind rushing past the side of her face. Trying to console or dismiss the apparently angry and confused disembodied spirits her efforts seemed futile. Finally the souls left, freeing her to go back to sleep.

In an amazing parallel to Lena’s life, I too had experienced soul visitations. Perhaps the most incredible law of attraction synchronicity, however, was that even though we’d both grown up in different states on the East Coast, Lena and I eventually came to live just a few houses away from each other in California at the time of the channelings!

Humanity has (through the channeled information of extremely intuitive beings), periodically attracted crucial information to assist in understanding the nature of personal and mass reality. Indeed, there have been numerous examples of this throughout history. What especially captured my interest was Kuan Yin’s delineation of the “Collective Agreement” dominating the present paradigm: the underlying thought dynamics attracting specific personal and mass reality.

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