The Law of Attraction, Green Technology & Quantum Reality

If ego knew what our greater self knows, it would not fear disaster…What people need to remember is they are eternal beings and they never die. I am making a path of breadcrumbs back to one’s true divine and peaceful nature. Every period needs some breadcrumb-makers.”-Kuan Yin


In Oracle of Compassion: the Living Word of Kuan Yin ancient deity, Kuan Yin answered what may be the most important question of ours or any other era: who are we as a species? The current state of affairs of war, inequality and environmental degradation cause many modern philosophers to question whether we, as a species, are innately cooperative or competitive. Often Darwin’s research on the nature of various species is cited as an explanation for acts of war and aggression; that humanity is a naturally competitive species.


Periodically, biologists have emphasized the competitive aspects of survival. However, Darwin himself recognized and pointed out the greater advantage of cooperation within a local group of a species. Indeed, in times of disaster we witness the overwhelming kindness and assistance to aide in victims’ recovery.


Having free will, humanity engages in a full spectrum of activities from helping each other to greed and war. Why is compassion and cooperation currently not generally emphasized? What are the societal pathways that have to be changed so that the majority of societal norms (intentions, actions, spiritual goals) point toward the compassionate end of the scale?


In a physical disease, sooner or later the victim will show deleterious symptoms: signs that the body is breaking down in some way. As a societal disease, war negatively impacts society, the environment and spiritual development.


Humanity has (through the channeled information of extremely intuitive beings), periodically attracted crucial information to assist in understanding the nature of personal and mass reality—that we are eternal beings living a human existence. Throughout her spiritual teachings, Kuan Yin loosens the Gordion Knot of our entanglement.


The deity explains that our present paradigm mostly dominated by the Fear Triad beliefs of “better than”, “not enough” and “survival of the fittest” is attracting disembodied spirits to earth having specific technological agendas that are probably not beneficial. They are apparently “fabricating situations they believe they need to survive”; potentially thwarting efforts towards effective environmental solutions. Here, Kuan Yin explains how our current environmental predicament has evolved and that none of this is accidental:


“There is now so much global investment in the belief that ‘oil is life’. The energy has been built up to such an extent as to attract disembodied energies. Someone who is actually quite weak can appear strong when ‘backed’ by these energies. [This] powerful mass of souls strongly believes that oil is life. They also have the mindset that it is the only thing keeping them in existence. In other words, if the belief goes, so do they.”


The Goddess further explained that because of their belief that ‘oil is life’ these entities are obsessively reliant upon specific traditional technologies: “As I have mentioned, oil drilling and its relationship to the ‘better than’ and ‘not enough’ beliefs being played out on earth reaches far forward and back in history,” informs Kuan Yin. “The entire topic is more about an energy manifested from planetary beliefs, rather than specific people. It’s just that certain souls volunteered to be a part of this drama.”


Indeed, the tragic 2010 Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill illustrates the stark need for a more comprehensive understanding of our absolute environmental and economic dependence upon a healthy ecosphere. We could project a strong desire that sustainable technology was the standard. The more that we focus and act towards creating a world powered by renewable energy, the greater the possibility for such a manifestation.


During this particular trance session, Kuan Yin came riding on the ocean waves, regally perched atop an enormous dragon. Clutched in her hand was a staff supporting a huge, black disk. Describing the disk as a symbol for any detrimental environmental, energy or economic paradigm, the Goddess proclaimed: “So, this inaccurate [not enough/better than] belief system, this “untruth” has magnified itself. And as in all inaccurate belief systems, nature will oppose it because it is too dense. Conversely, Nirvana is very light, very ethereal. Untruth (and even truth) must eventually be broken down into no thought.”


Obviously, there exist in the Multiverse more livable worlds, void of poverty and pollution. In the following quote, Lena Lees channels Spirit Deity Kuan Yin’s depiction of a much more compassionate, workable system: “There is the ‘pure wealth’: the wealth of higher consciousness. I’m now being shown a dimension, a plane, where that pure wealth of consciousness is a reality. It is reality where everyone is loved, where everyone is fed and healthy. Kuan Yin is showing me around this dimension. She’s showing me the good-heartedness of the energies that live here. There is someone walking on the path above, looking down to where the people are. I’m being shown how everyone is simultaneously aware, that if someone loves, they all feel love. If someone gives, they all give. And if someone is hurting, they all feel the hurt. Those who dwell in this parallel reality are one and separate at the same time. That’s why this reality works. Because the earth plain is so dense, the dimension I’ve described above can’t be replicated here. However, we can strive and learn from this other reality.”



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