The Proof: Mind, Miracles and the Multiverse –Extraordinary Law of Attraction Stories

Review by Hope Bradford

Paranormal Stories and the Law of Attraction 


 “The Proof: Mind Miracles and the Multiverse –Extraordinary Law of Attraction Stories” is a compilation of true stories demonstrating how the law of attraction is always a part of our waking reality. From stories about psychic children to a clairaudient woman, to Near Death Experiences, to reported visitations on alien spaceships to past-life mysteries and the paranormal “The Proof” shows that we are eternal, vibrational beings who have the capability to attract helpful or hindering realities.

We might imagine the mind as some gigantic sci-fi glob of gray matter imprisoned in a jar somewhere. This, however, is the physical workings of the mind—the brain. Perhaps able to be compared to the “The Wizard of Oz”, the mind is the cosmic mystical force hidden behind the curtain of so-called space-time, creating all physical manifestation. Utilizing the brains amazing functionality, is the expression of a soul’s unique will to discover, create and be.

There are those who ask if there really exist miracles. While elucidating Eastern deity Kuan Yin’s modern spiritual teachings, I realized that they reach far beyond other models for human consciousness. Without knowing how Kuan Yin’s spiritual insights can help you be aligned with your own spiritual depth, it may prove difficult to make the most beneficial, sustainable spiritual choices for you personally as the great transition approaches.

Many definitions of consciousness are based on a linear-time, non-quantum universe. Presently, however, the scientific world is abuzz with new cosmological discoveries from the Planck Satellite substantiating that there may indeed be an infinite, parallel “Multiverse”. Additionally, what if there exists, through the function of infinite, simultaneous realities, alternate you’s scattered around the universe? New cosmologies of the universe may now support such a concept. With the advent of recent astronomical discoveries positing the existence of a Multiverse, law of attraction concepts may now have compelling backup scientific evidence. How should we utilize these new revelations to optimize our lives? A quantum earth and universe means that every minute of every day, we have an opportunity to choose our next step of The Journey from infinite options. So everything from the miraculous to complete disaster is ‘on the table’. You just have to choose the next set of ‘circumstances’.

What are the recent scientific discoveries’ implications for personal manifestation and the co-creation of reality? Validating the law of attraction, Kuan Yin states: “What people need to remember is they are eternal beings and that they never die. Reality is always truth, knowledge and bliss…Everyone creates realities based on their own personal beliefs. These beliefs are so powerful that they can create [expansive or entrapping] realities over and over.”

Because of the power of the moment, Kuan Yin explains that the linearity of earth offers a special window of opportunity for lasting personal and group transition: “Understanding the possibilities of the present! It’s a skill useful for discovering the divine.”

“Kuan Yin is showing me something; a tube, I think. I don’t fully understand this diagram. It is as if one end is the past, the other the future. The middle of the tube, the present, is our way out; our vehicle for changing reality…It’s apparently like meditating upon a beautiful place. The more one dwells on the vision of the beautiful place, the more real it becomes…You slip into the universe, while living in this dream, this present. Your escape hatch is right here.”

In biology, any living cell, (plant or animal) there is an optimum balance of nutrients, oxygen—any component you might want to discuss. These may not necessarily be the maximum or minimum but somewhere in between. Likewise, in our physical, social and spiritual lives, we need to discover the optimum balance. This includes understanding the true meaning of our humanity. In this way, we can co-create a world of lasting peace, compassion and abundance. Showing how shared consciousness can magnify itself Kuan Yin states: “Loving kindness is the most powerful force in the universe…it is potent even when displayed during the so-called mundane tasks of daily existence. It’s so potent that if everyone could get into that ‘space’ for a minute or even less…all consciousness on earth would immediately change!”

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