And now back to Miracles….

Have you ever felt the sorrow and pain of losing your beloved dog?  Perhaps you were traveling and somehow your dog wandered off while you were distracted.  Or it found a hole in the fence in your backyard.  Or, horrors of horror, your dear friend and companion was stolen from your car or your yard.
And then, after days, weeks, months, even years, miracle of miracles, your dear canine friend found its way back home to your loving arms.
Have you–or someone you know–experienced a true “Lassie Come Home” story?

If so, we would really like to hear about it.
We are under contract to write a book about such miracle stories in which a beloved missing dog manages to overcome the odds of distance, climate, and terrain to return home to its human companion.
Most of us feel that our dogs are not just pets, but truly members of our family.  The loss of such a dear friend is jarring and emotionally tearing, and the tearful reunion is an occasion for true celebration.
We cannot pay for your story, but we will provide you with an autographed contributor’s copy of the book upon its release and give you full credit for the submission.  If you wish to remain anonymous, we will honor your decision.
Although we don’t need your story immediately, we would appreciate your telling us if you have such a story and provide us with a few sentences outlining the experience.
Best wishes,
Brad and Sherry

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