Beings of Light DVD is pure enchantment

Still from the new DVD “Beings of Light with Dwanna Paul”

Photo: Dwanna Paul

From Executive Producer Dwanna Paul comes a new video that takes viewers deep into the seance circles of an authentic trance medium. Beings of Light, now available on DVD, is a 60-minute feature presentation produced, written and directed by Vancouver UFO Examiner Jon Kelly with a soundtrack featuring music by composer and pianist, Laurence Lee.

When Trance Medium Dwanna Paul recorded her seance circles the “night shot” cameras captured sensational light phenomena now released to the public for the very first time. In the video, exclusive interviews with Ms. Paul are richly offset by visual studies drawing upon selections from her seance circle video research library.

For over 35 years, Dwanna Paul has offered healing and comfort to people from around the world through her messages from the spiritual dimensions. Her paranormal investigations have been seen on television’s A Current Affair, Sightings, Weird Travels (Travel Channel) as well as the CBS special Haunted Lives (also seen on Syfy). Today, Ms. Paul continues to follow her passion for spirit, hoping to prove the realities of life after death and the worlds beyond our own.

In his directorial debut, Secret Message TV producer Jon Kelly weaves a wealth of paranormal story-telling elements into a compelling visual experience true to his reputation as one of YouTube’s top 5 Canadian Directors for August 2010. A highly popular guest on on US and international talk radio including Coast to Coast AM, Jon Kelly is the former producer of The Secret Message Report heard on CBS Radio in Minneapolis, MN and has earned a #1 Nielsen rating with numerous appearances on local and nationally-syndicated US television.

Regarding the smooth electronic chill stylings of his music featured extensively throughout the video soundtrack, composer Laurence Lee states that “In a way, I write what I want to hear and what truly moves me…that could mean a love song, a song about life’s journey or even a funk tune. No matter the style, I always enjoy the creative process and the often difficult to explain evolution of a musical piece. What I most love to write are songs that engage people and take them to a familiar or remembered place—especially where their emotional response has some element of hope.”

From the perspective of this reporter, Beings of Light delivers more intense visual phenomena than any paranormal reality show on television today. Watching the light beings move across the screen is an experience of pure enchantment and authentic mystery for the entire family. See the trailer and order the NTSC DVD at

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