MUFON State Director compares alien abductions with CIA renditions, MKULTRA mind-control torture

August 27th, 2010 1:01 am PT Vancouver UFO Examiner Jon Kelly

“If the US government kidnapped you and took you out for a steak dinner and gave you a feeling of ecstasy, how would you regard that?” asked Elaine Douglass, MUFON State Director for Utah and Board Editor, Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research (JAR). Ms. Douglass spoke to Vancouver-based The Secret Message Report – Podcast Edition, comparing alien abduction to illegal CIA rendition and MKULTRA mind-control torture. Her remarks highlighted the case of Roy Wells, an abductee whose hypnotic regressions under hypnotherapist Deborah Lindemann revealed a series of startling memories. His memories described events taking place in a deep black world of government/ET collusion that reads like a galactic Taguba Report. The Roy Wells story, as reported in both JAR 8 and JAR 9, includes both the use of leashes on human beings and naked parading of men and women before military and intelligence services personel. The Taguba Report is the common name for a US military inquiry conducted in 2004 into intentional abuses of prisoners being held at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. Readers can request their own free copy of JAR 9 by sending their request to [email protected].

Lack of Benefits

“Have we got any benefits from the aliens?” She continued, “I see a lot of abductees that are obsessed with different technologies, ancient history and they spend their whole lives reading and trying to figure out mysteries that the aliens have presented – riddles. It’s just like busy work is what it is. You know, the aliens will say ‘Here’s a riddle’. I’ve had cases like this. And the person, for twenty years, is obsessed with finding the meaning of this riddle. And that is what is given [to] us. But nothing practical, nothing we can use.”

When asked about possible indicators that could be used to identify an event where beneficial and constructive human contact with extraterrestrials was taking place, Ms. Douglass remarked, “[T]he model I would use would be the relations of the United States with foreign countries. Those are correct relationships.”

A Terrifying Picture

“[The aliens] have appropriated territory, undoubtedly some of it in the United States of America, she continued, “Roy [Wells] is repeatedly taken to a very large alien facility that is entered through a tunnel … There are hundreds of abductees coming and going, being brought in by craft. Processed through and taken out. They’re all laying there on tables. I mean, there is nothing reassuring about this picture. Nothing. It is terrifying.”

“Everything we know about the aliens we get through this study of the abductions. Which is why we created an entire magazine, JAR, the Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research, dedicated to the study of the abductions. Everything we know about the aliens, the US government knows too.” Ms. Douglass explained, “There’s a part of the American government bureaucracy that is apprised of the reality of aliens and is doing things. And that’s what we call the cover-up. We don’t understand how the cover-up is structured, who’s in charge of it, how it’s funded. All we have is some hypotheses about those things. But actually, the cover-up is more secret than the aliens.”

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