Vancouver’s TrailriderResearch explores Sasquatch, UFO connections


By Jon Kelly

Vancouver UFO Examiner

August 19th, 2010 9:32 pm

“There’s a methodology that’s pretty commonly accepted now for Bigfoot researchers,” according to “Bruce” from TrailriderResearch. Bruce spoke to The Secret Message Report – Podcast Edition after completing an overnight road trip to a Vancouver-area provincial park in search of Sasquatch and UFO’s. TrailriderResearch first caught the attention of UFO enthusiasts with a night vision video released in 2008 showing three mysterious lights hovering in a remote forest in British Columbia. During the interview, Bruce spoke candidly regarding the reality of Bigfoot living in the wilderness along with lights and other inexplicable phenomena that accompany their presence.

Signs of Sasquatch

“The first thing you look for in the forest is tree sign,” Bruce explained, “[W]hich means running across trees maybe up to four inches in diameter, five inches in diameter that have been snapped at the four or five foot level and then just pushed over. The unique thing about the snap, the break, is that it’s … almost like an explosive break. It’s not a splinter. … All the damage to the tree is really compressed into a small area . It’s not the way you would expect a tree to break.

“You try and break a branch on your own, or a small tree, and half of it will break and the rest will kind of tear. But with these … broken trees that are done by Bigfoot, there’s either a twist on it, or it looks like the tree almost exploded from within, ” he explained. “To me, it’s really obvious.”

“Then you get into the stick formations, where you’ll find sticks in crosses, or tepee formations, or branches stacked on top of each other and balanced in impossible ways that would [not] happen naturally. A lot things that the average person wouldn’t question, but someone whose got a bit more awareness of the forest is going to look at that and go, ‘Well, how did that happen on its own?’

“Then if you’re lucky, you’ll find tracks,” Bruce continued. “If you hang around and wait it out at night – that’s when you find out if you’re in a Bigfoot area or not.”

First Bigfoot Encounter

Bruce shared details of his first-time experience with the Secret Message Report audience:

“I was … rock climbing in [the] Skaha area in the Okanagan, near Pentiction, BC. We were in a canyon, in the very far back of the climbing area and there [were] sounds that led us to think that some bighorn sheep were coming down the canyon we were in. So we prepared ourselves to see that. That’s not what happened, though. What happened was we started hearing rocks breaking, and not falling to the ground. So it was like there was rock-fall coming off the canyon walls but not hitting the ground. It was very strange.

“We knew there was a large animal in the canyon. And then, the next thing we knew, there [were] large rocks being broken.

“I was with another friend and my dog and we were overcome with fear. The classical response where you are in the vicinity of a Bigfoot and there is an overwhelming fear that takes over. Irrational fear.

“My dog was as scared as we were. In fact, we became so fearful of what appeared to be nothing (except these noises) that we left $1000.00 worth of climbing equipment just laying around on the ground and we just started running back down the trail towards the parking lot, which was [probably] about 2 miles away.

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