Vancouver mystic’s secret message describes “alien’s memories”

Jessica Schab on Secret Message TV

August 4, 7:04 PMVancouver UFO ExaminerJon Kelly

Vancouver-based mystic Jessica Schab spoke to Secret Message TV about inner dimensions of UFO contact that inform her perspectives on contemporary social and spiritual issues. Speaking live from A Coruña, Spain, Ms. Schab explained that her father received communications about her from a being known as Semjase while she was still a baby in her mother’s womb. Analysis of these remarks using voice-driven disclosure technology revealed an unconscious message describing “alien’s memories”.

While only the first portion of the SMTV version of the Jessica Schab interview is available online, the entire 60 minute audio track is available now as an edition of the Secret Message Report podcast.

Unconscious disclosure

Ms. Schab told the Secret Message TV audience how her father “[S]aid that, for example, when I was asking about Semjase, he said ‘Well, she had come to me when you were in your mother’s stomach and said that I must name you after her.’ And so that helped me get a better understanding. But still, I don’t get the connection fully, why she came to him and told him that. I see her as [a guide].”

The audio track from this portion of the interview monitored in reverse revealed the message, “Just ride your ship. Alien’s memories”. Click link to listen.

Father’s messages

In her online bio, Ms. Schab states that as a teenager “[M]y dad was getting messages for me from everything to Angels to Aliens and I would not hear of any of it. I was very upset with my dad … As much as I tried to avoid the strange things occurring with my dad, these messages that these beings were so eager to impart on me would not leave me alone. If I went into book stores or libraries, books would fall at my feet, on the very stuff that my dad was talking about. I never picked up the books, I just ran away.“

During the interview, Ms. Schab explained, “There are a lot of girls claiming to be Semjase. I’m not claiming to be Semjase. I have a neat connection with her that I’m trying to understand … On my father’s side, he’s had constant ET contact. And [on] my mother’s side, we have my grandfather who was telekinetic, [with] all kinds of abilities that he had from his contact.”

Locations on audio time line where question followed message.

Unconscious response

A question raised less than two minutes later seems to anticipate discovery of the “alien’s memories” message, when this reporter asked Ms. Schab if people who had lived on other planets were reincarnating on the earth today.

The sequential locations along the audio time line where the message was discovered and the location where this reporter asked the past lives question suggest causality.

Is it possible that this reporter’s unconscious mind detected and interpreted the secret message encrypted within Ms. Schab’s remarks from less than two minutes earlier? Did the past lives question confirm the receipt and decoding of the “alien’s memories” message at an unconscious level between the two communicators?

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