UFO and nocturnal lights recorded on video while camping near Vancouver

July 30, 11:21 PMVancouver UFO ExaminerJon Kelly

A new video reveals how a UFO traveled silently over the treetops by the parking lot of a campground near Vancouver, BC in July, 2010. The video also shows how campground forests were alive with nocturnal lights during a remarkable summer evening.

At the time when the UFO was recorded, two witnesses inside a motor vehicle were observing nocturnal lights in the nearby forest through a night vision monocular. The driver was turning around to get a better look at these mysterious lights when the UFO emerged from behind a nearby tree and slowly moved across the camera frame, disappearing within 10 seconds.

Sound of silence

The UFO was silent and remained so, contrasting with passenger jets that had flown overhead earlier that evening. During those overflights, the jet engines emitted significant audio levels that were easily captured by the camera’s onboard stereo microphones and reproduced on the videotape recording.

Both audio and visual evidence suggest that the mysterious object in the video was a UFO. Audio samples of passenger jets flying overhead were recorded earlier that evening while the camera was mounted in the same location using the same microphone and audio level settings.

Difference you can see

These audio reference recordings reveal the unmistakable rumblings of jet engines as the commercial flights passed overheard. On the other hand, no jet engine sounds can be heard during the UFO overflight, only the idling of the engine from the motor vehicle.

A visual comparison between the audio waveform graphics of the jet engine and the UFO reveals significant differences between the two waveforms. It is obvious that the recordings represent two distinctly different audio sources.

The visual study reveals that the UFO’s audio profile does not comply with the visual signature of a jet aircraft passing overhead during the recording.

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