Black Helicopter PSYOPs over ECETI Ranch on UFO Mountain

By Jon Kelly UFO Examiner

A black helicopter with no visible markings stalks peaceful civilians in repeated low-altitude passes over the ECETI Ranch in what UFO contactee James Gilliland describes as an “intimidation run” on this week’s episode of UFO Mountain.  The latest installment of the weekly online series uses empirical instrumental evidence to show domestic Psychological warfare operational (PSYOP) threats to public safety in a media environment where the term “black helicopter” has been co-opted to mean “conspiracy theory”.

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In his exclusive on-camera remarks, ECETI Ranch’s James Gilliland tells UFO Mountain how “We’ve had a lot of black helicopter activity here. One day they circled the ranch all day long. A while back they came down right behind me and almost landed in the field. Their skids were just right off the ground. I could actually see a mole on the pilot’s face.”

Black Helicopter Facts

One source describes how US law enforcement agencies including US Customs and Border Protection, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the US Marshals Service, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigations use black helicopters for surveillance, transportation, and patrol. Units of the Army National Guard and the Department of Homeland Security are also cited for deployment of such vehicles as well.

Why are these helicopters painted black (or marked in such a way as to render ground-based identification impossible)? According to the US Department of Defense, covert operations are defined as “Operations which are so planned and executed as to conceal the identity of or permit plausible denial by the sponsor. They differ from clandestine operations in that emphasis is placed on concealment of identity of sponsor rather than on concealment of the operation.”

In terms of this definition, black helicopters with no visible markings effectively conceal the identity of the sponsoring agency while communicating that agency’s unlawful intentions (compare with masked agent provocateurs who infiltrate lawful public assemblies). Military black operations typically involve activities which are “highly clandestine and often outside of standard military protocol or even against the law [emphasis added].”

Stalking is a Crime

A report by the National Center for Victims of Crime states that “Virtually any unwanted contact between two people that directly or indirectly communicates a threat or places the victim in fear can be considered stalking.” In defining stalking as a criminal offense, Washington State law (RCW 9a.46.110) provides for situations where:

     “(b) The person being harassed or followed is placed in fear that the stalker intends to injure the person, another person, or property of the person or of another person. The feeling of fear must be one that a reasonable person in the same situation would experience under all the circumstances; and

     “(c) The stalker either:

     “(i) Intends to frighten, intimidate, or harass the person; or

     “(ii) Knows or reasonably should know that the person is afraid, intimidated, or harassed even if the stalker did not intend to place the person in fear or intimidate or harass the person.”

In classifying black helicopter contact at ECETI Ranch as “intimidation runs”, James Gilliland clarifies how these events represent illegal military black operations using language recognized by Washington State law, which describes stalking with intent to intimidate as a criminal offense. 

Domestic PSYWARs

The US Department of Defence defines Psychological warfare as “The planned use of propaganda and other psyche logical [sic] actions having the primary purpose of influencing the opinions, emotions, attitudes, and behavior of hostile foreign groups in such a way as to support the achievement of national objectives.”  Does the presence of black helicopters over ECETI Ranch signify continuity of legacy repression against local indigenous nations, an undeclared secret war against the reported ET’s occupying Mt. Adams, or something else?

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