By defining us as Creators involved in a specific “Collective Agreement”, Kuan Yin has answered what may be the most important question of ours or any other era: who are we as a species? For what we believe about ourselves, we will certainly perpetuate. The current state of affairs of global war, inequality and environmental degradation cause many modern philosophers to question whether we, as a species, are innately cooperative or competitive. Often Darwin’s research on the nature of various species is cited as an explanation for acts of war and aggression; that humanity is a naturally competitive species.

Periodically, biologists have emphasized the competitive aspects of survival. However, Darwin himself recognized and pointed out the greater advantage of cooperation within a local group of a species. Indeed, in times of disaster we witness the overwhelming kindness and assistance to aide in victims’ recovery.

Having Free Will, humanity engages in a full spectrum of activities ranging from altruism to greed and war. Why is compassion and cooperation usually overshadowed by inequality and conflict? What are the societal pathways that have to be changed so that the majority of societal norms (intentions, actions, spiritual goals) point toward the compassionate end of the scale?

There have been several reported Near Death Experience (NDE) accounts wherein the individual described ‘death’ as a transition into a reality similar to ours but on grander scale. They explain that in their new reality they heard beautiful music and that our world is cradled within this larger, more compassionate reality wherein everyone is loved and provided for. Indeed, my own conscious dream confirmed the existence of such a reality. Whereas some metaphysical teachings describe our waking reality as a “camouflage reality”, Kuan Yin refers to it as a “thin veil” or “overlay”. According to Kuan Yin, our particular ‘Evolutionary Potential’ is created primarily from the following three beliefs: “Better than”, “Not Enough” and “Survival of the Fittest” (or Fear Triad).

From the time we are born, most of us have been programmed to believe we have a single incarnation and therefore should fear death. These fears (along with the above Fear Triad Beliefs) can then congeal with others, creating a specific mass energy dynamic. Kuan Yin describes the current resulting paradigm as a huge dense disk that can eventually attract equally-dynamic opposing forces in the form of detrimental weather patterns, disease, war, etc. Limiting beliefs that are remnants of the original collective planetary agreement could also stifle any potentially-emerging expansive mass reality.

In its most basic form, fear could warn of us impending danger. Stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system, it has the potential to create the ‘fight or flight’ response putting mind and body on high alert. Now as in the past, certain religious figures and politicians have effectively used fear and/or hatred to manipulate and conquer. Whether it is fear, anger, denial or depression, the underlying dynamic for all of these limiting moods is likely personal validation of the original pre-birth Fear Triad “Collective Agreement”.

According to Kuan Yin, it is the mistrusting and competitive ego perpetuating the Fear Triad beliefs central to the above cosmic “Collective Agreement” we’re presently engaged in. Accompanying such an agreement is the resulting baggage: “Many people are unaware they buy into this belief system…so many have made an ‘agreement’ that there isn’t enough.”

This mindset can cause someone to always be spiritually hungry, while also compensating for that hunger with materialism: “Some are so invested in material things. I understand. I feel a deep compassion for these human beings. Material things are a temporary relief from pain.”-Kuan Yin

You may even be able to detect these belief patterns in your everyday life. Do you persist in the belief that there is “not enough” love or resources?   Do you believe that life is a constant competition: that there is only “survival of the fittest” or that you are “better than” others? The origin of infinite limiting thought projections, these beliefs can keep one locked in endless waking and multidimensional realities of limitation and despair.

In a physical disease, sooner or later the victim will show deleterious symptoms: signs that the body is deteriorating in some way. As a societal disease, the likely schisms born of the above beliefs can negatively impact society, the environment and spiritual development at all levels. Kuan Yin speaks of “clashes” on earth in the following way:

 “The confusion on earth is created by differing energies. Any clash between energies is a result of a ‘better than’ mindset. Sometimes the children are even dragged into this mindset and then there are awful consequences. What people need to remember is they are eternal beings and that they never die. Reality is always truth, knowledge and bliss.”-Kuan Yin


From: “Critical Mass Consciousness: the Enlightenment Code”

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