Can you help confirm whether HAARP is responsible for the recent Bird and Fish deaths?

I wrote an article recently called “HAARP (or similar device) may be responsible for recent Bird and Fish deaths” and suggested that the radio waves from this (or a similar device), could be the cause of the recent Bird and Fish deaths we have been reading about all over the world. 

It is believed that a frequency below 5 MHz could have caused the damage found in the dead Birds and Fish, which would have affected the creatures in much the same way a microwave oven works (although not exactly the same). The frequency would have been powerful enough to have caused damage to the soft tissues of internal organs, hence the internal damage that has been reported. 

Officially, HAARP operates on much higher (less dangerous) frequencies, but no one can be absolutely sure what frequencies they are really using and for what purpose. 

We know for a fact that the Military hope to develop a way of improving communications with submarines (they have admitted this much), and the lower the frequency, the deeper the signal can penetrate the ocean.


Were the recent Bird and Fish deaths an experimental accident, or was this the first step in seeing how effective certain frequencies are at killing? 

As you will recall, the deaths were reported in relatively small areas and seemed to affect certain species. This would indicate an incredible accuracy, not only in the frequency used to kill, but in the aim of the radio waves. 

In the past, it was believed that the signals transmitted from the HAARP facility lacked a great deal of accuracy. Has this problem been overcome? 

To find out whether HAARP is really connected to the Bird and Fish deaths, we need to monitor their transmissions and see if these occur at the same time as any new events. Unfortunately, HAARP is working almost 24/7, but we need to look at any unusual signals at a frequency of 5 MHz or less. If you CLICK HERE, you can get an idea of what HAARP normally sounds like. 

Checking so many different frequencies (24 hours a day) is not an easy task and too much for one person. I would therefore like to invite as many people as possible (all over the world) to spare a little time in listening in to HAARP (at these lower frequencies) and drop me a line if you discover anything unusual. If we can get enough information, we may be able to prove (finally) that HAARP is not just a topic for conspiracy theorists! 

Ideally, you need a Scanner that can receive AM, FM and WFM modes, with a capability of obtaining a frequency coverage of 100 kHz and upwards (much like the one shown below). 

Alinco DJ-X3 Handheld Scanner

Alinco DJ-X3 Handheld Scanner

* Wideband communications receiver
* Audio descrambler
* Bug detector
* Stereo FM (with headphones)
* Attenuator
* SMA antenna
* Frequency coverage: 100kHz-1300MHz
* Modes: AM, FM and WFM
* Steps: 5/6.25/8.33/10/12.5/




Unfortunately, some of the frequencies we are looking at are very short range, even if you use an external antenna. However, such an antenna (or even a long wire in your loft) may provide some improvement. 

Times of the day (or year) can also affect reception. In the UK you may obtain your best results from midday to around 7.00 pm. This may well differ in other countries. 

My thanks to anyone that becomes involved in this investigation, and good hunting!

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