HAARP (or similar device) may be responsible for recent Bird and Fish deaths

By Ian Brockwell 


Those involved with HAARP will quickly tell you that this project has long been a target for “conspiracy theories” and that their facility in Gakona, Alaska is open to inspection by the public and scientists without security clearance. 

This of course is meant to give the impression that there is nothing to hide, but when you consider who funds this project (US Air Force, US Navy and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), is it likely that they would allow just anyone to wander around one of their facilities, unless the real work takes place in a different location? 

The authorities tell us that HAARP is designed to “analyze the ionosphere and investigate the potential for developing ionospheric enhancement technology for radio communications and surveillance purposes (such as missile detection)”. 

HAARP would certainly be able to do that, but what we are not told is what else it is capable of achieving. 

If we examine the recent Bird and Fish deaths, it is clear that these happened within a relatively confined space (although these have been seen in many parts of the world). Is it really likely that a few fireworks affected some birds and not others? Could the cold weather have suddenly killed 40,000 crabs (in only one area)? 

Is it not more feasible that a powerful radio wave (with quite a narrow beam) produced by the HAARP facility in Alaska, or one of the many other locations where this equipment is available, was carrying out some test?

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It is perhaps interesting to note that Birds and Fish were killed in a fairly close proximity to each other in most of the locations where this happened. Imagine if you will a radio wave travelling downwards through the air, its first point of contact would be objects in the sky (Blackbirds can fly at altitudes of up to 2300 meters). It would then travel downwards to the ground or sea! Would this not explain the deaths of creatures flying, on the ground and in the sea? Did these radio wave “beams” kill any creature that crossed its path? 

The frequency used by HAARP is capable of penetrating oceans (where it hopes to improve communications with submarines) and is similar to the frequency used in Ultrasound. With the right amount of power (and frequency), the radio waves produced by HAARP could easily be harmful to Birds and Fish (and probably humans). 

As I am no scientist, I can only offer ideas and suggestions and hope someone with more technical ability can research this possibility further. Maybe, on the assumption it was a radio wave, it might be possible to trace the location of the signal by matching the locations where dead birds and fish occurred at much the same time (within a 100 mile radius)? 

If  HAARP is not the culprit, it must be something almost identical to cause such devastation in a very small “selected” area. It is difficult to say whether such a device (or weapon) is land based, or operated from space. Hopefully, with a little further investigation, we will discover the answer to this question. 

What is more worrying is what this test was for? And if it was intentional, will humans be the next target?

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