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Did all living creatures evolve from the Sea? Evolution is described as changes in the inherited traits of a population of organisms from one generation to the next. These changes are caused by a combination of three main processes: variation, reproduction, and selection. 

Many of the theories on Evolution began with Charles Darwin’s book On the Origin of Species (published November 24 1859). 

Darwin introduced the theory that populations evolve over the course of generations through a process of natural selection and was based on the information he had gathered on his voyages in the 1830’s. 

The book was very controversial in its time (and still is to many) because it contradicted religious beliefs. Whether you support Darwin’s theory or not, you can not help but admire his courage in producing such a book, which could have destroyed his career and reputation as an eminent geologist and placed him at risk of being convicted of blasphemy. 

Whilst it is reasonable (perhaps logical) to assume that life did originate from the Sea, as that is the only place the earliest forms of life could have existed on our planet, must we automatically assume that ALL life came from this source? 

It is clear from historical records that many (if not all) creatures have “adapted” to certain conditions over a period of time. With the introduction of clothing, humans no longer have quite the same need for body hair (to keep them warm) as they used to and maybe in time this will vanish completely? Hummingbirds have developed long beaks in order to obtain nectar from certain plants, which have also changed over time, making it impossible for other birds to do the same. 

Yet despite these interesting changes, there is very little evidence to prove that fish became birds or any other land based creatures (especially dinosaurs!). If we are to believe the theory of evolution, the creation of a new species would take many millions of years. However, an event in our distant past must surely question that idea. 

Approximately 250 million years ago our planet experienced a Mass Extinction, also called the “Great Dying”. At this time it is believed that 95% of marine species and 70% of land species were wiped out. Further research has shown that many of the more simple (primitive) species were replaced by more complex ones. 

After such a catastrophic event it would be understandable if “evolution” was seen to slow down or even stop as a result, but instead of seeing a pause in events, we witness the appearance of the largest creatures to ever exist on our planet, the dinosaurs!

How did such large creatures appear so quickly after this catastrophe? 

DNA research has shown that humans share some genetic similarities with other creatures on our planet. The Human Genome Project found all humans to have a 99.9 % similar genetic content and identity, but more recent research has questioned this. Using new methods uncovered a complex, higher-order variation in the DNA code which better explains why some populations or races are vulnerable to certain diseases and respond well to specific drugs, while others do not. 

Modern humans have only existed for approximately 200,000 years, yet we are all aware of the visual differences between us. 

Can “variation, reproduction, climate and selection” explain all of these differences? 

Whilst each race has the capability of intellectual equality, the difference in our appearances and DNA structure are hard to explain over such a short period of time. 

One could ask how the most dominant species on our planet took so long to appear and developed so quickly. Did we really “evolve” as some suggest from apes, with our roots connected to the Sea? Or is there some other explanation? 

There are some who have suggested that life arrived on our planet from space, as some primitive form of life attached to an asteroid or comet, but this too would require an evolutionary growth. Could the answer be simpler than that?


As fantastic as it may seem, life may well have come from another planet, but perhaps not in some primitive form as some scientists believe. 

In order to accept the possibility of my alternative theory, we would also have to accept that intelligent life exists on other planets (far more advanced than our own). What if such an alien race exists that monitors life on other planets, and protects them from danger? Would these aliens move creatures from one planet to another if they faced extinction? 

Is it possible that dinosaurs were placed on this planet, because their own was about to be destroyed? Did humans (and perhaps all life on Earth) arrive in the same way? 

This theory, as strange as it appears, might explain the sudden appearance of certain creatures and the reason why no evidence can be found to show the “evolution process” between one species and another. Many of the animals that exist on our planet today, have not changed in millions of years. Have they stopped evolving, or were they always like this? 

In billions of years from now our Sun will become a Red Giant and our planet will cease to exist. This event has happened to many other planets throughout the universe, many of which no doubt supported life (of some kind). Although not all life may require the same conditions found on Earth, it is likely that some do and this would make it possible to transfer the creatures from one planet to another (in theory). It is also possible, seeing as the universe may have been created from one single source, that all life found in the universe might share some genetic similarities? 

Until we actually meet a race from another world, it will be difficult to prove this theory, but the evidence indicates that it is an idea that can not be ruled out just yet. 

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