“Circles of Dreams – A Crop Circle Coloring Book”

Review by Mary Alice Bennett 


“Circles of Dreams – A Crop Circle Coloring Book, the Mandala Edition 2010”


There is nothing like coloring a subject to understand it well. In the case of crop circles which are meant to be understood more by the subconscious than the conscious mind, a coloring book is a great way to input the knowledge contained in the designs. The gift of crop circle geometry is presented on every page. 

Author David J. Wisbey compares the circular patterns of crop formations to the mandalas used in therapy by Carl Jung. As a subject of meditation, the crop circle drawings by the author can have the same power of healing as a mandala created for that purpose. Utilizing special geographical information system software to obtain precise geometric accuracy, Wisbey presents line drawings of the crop circles to color. 

As a professional cartographer and geospatial data specialist, he is well qualified to cover this subject so extensively. Beginning with the latest spectacular 2010 series of formations, he traces their development back year by year and then to the earlier crop circles of the 1990s. The author displays a color collage of aerial photographs of the actual crop circle patterns in the grain before he presents his drawings of them. 


The geometry that the circles illustrate is basic to the structure of the universe and conveys archetypal principles in a more direct way than verbal or written language. It is said that crop circles speak directly to the heart. The geometric aspect of the circles can alter ones` perception of reality. The circles make visible the invisible and convey the purpose and meaning behind our existence. They also give comfort by reminding us that we are not alone. 

This Mandala edition contains many maps of the Wiltshire area and its megalithic sites including maps of the powerful ley lines across that land and drawings of Stonehenge and Silbury Hill. Along with these, there are drawings of five white horse earthwork formations to color and a diagram of the astronomical alignments of the standing stones. The adult edition offers 96 crop circle drawings to color and study. 

This instructional coloring book is for adults and youths 10 years and up. There is another issue especially for children called “Magical Circles” for kids 9 years old and under. 

David Wisbey is on the Board of Directors of MUFON and knows his subject well. The designs that he displays convey the harmony of the sacred geometry, binary messages, musical harmonies, and numeric symbolism encoded in the crop circles. He includes the fractal patterns impressed into a field of grain – fractals are at the hub of CGI computer graphic imaging systems. Each of the impressive formations is titled with its descriptive name, location, and date. 

Concentration on the messages contained in the patterns through the act of coloring or meditation can improve ones` attitude concerning our place in the universe and the purpose of life.

For more information or to purchase this book from amazon.com, simply click on the book’s title: Magical Circles: A Children’s Coloring & Activity Book (Volume 1)

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For CIRCLES OF DREAMS (the mandala coloring book designed mainly for adults):  https://www.createspace.com/3503949

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