Color Changing UFO Caused Dog Barking

Jedar the ECETI WonderDog barked responsively during a UFO event captured on video near Mt. Adams, Washington. Photo credit:  James Gilliland/ECETI Ranch

A dog that barks at a color-changing UFO flying over the ECETI Ranch “Field of Dreams” near Mt. Adams, Washington was captured on video posted to YouTube today. Witnessed and recorded at 12:35AM PST on Friday, July 6, 2012 the UFO sighting excited onlookers stationed in the ranch’s “Field of Dreams”, including Jedar the ECETI WonderDog who barked responsively during the event. No conventional objects (including bright satellites travelling WNW to ESE) were anticipated by online tracking tables at the time in which the incident took place.

Click here ( to watch a dog barking at a color-changing UFO that flies over the ECETI Ranch “Field of Dreams” on YouTube.

According to ECETI Founder James Gilliland, there’s nothing unusual about multiple ships “powering-up” while crossing the skies over ECETI Ranch. He related how this happens almost every summer evening.

Seeing the Allsky

“All of us were sitting in the field. I had my own night vision binoculars attached to a Sony camcorder. My camera system didn’t boot up and enter “record” mode in a way that was fast enough to get the capture. However, the Allsky setup using Jon Kelly’s Panasonic 3CCD camera was able record a compelling version of the collective contact event.”

Mr. Gilliland also affirmed his commitment to continuous research and development exploring the best means for recording the ongoing UFO contact at ECETI Ranch. “Our next purchase will be an Orion Allsky camera with an attached recorder to capture the entire sky from horizon to horizon during skywatch events.”

Global Transformation

ECETI Ranch recently hosted the 2012 Global Transformation Conference featuring Neil Kramer, Master TianJia Mu, Inelia Benz, Jason Verbelli, Brooks Agnew, Renato Longato, Spencer Barclay and Jon Kelly. Presentations focussed on UFO Contact, Western Mysticism, New Energy, Energy Medicine, Electric Vehicles, Unconscious Communications, Spirituality and Freedom.

Conference DVDs are expected to be available soon. Visit for more information.

Seven Dynamic Episodes

UFO Mountain is available as a seven-part series exploring UFO Contact at Mt. Adams and the nearby ECETI Ranch that can be viewed from the official website,

The following episode guide offers brief descriptions of each episode, with links to related articles:

Episode One: There’s a Light in the Field explores how witnesses respond in unconscious ways to encounters with luminous entities on the ground in the ECETI Ranch “Field of Dreams.”

Episode Two: Rider of the Cosmos discusses James Gilliland’s seven steps to positive ET contact.

Episode Three: Flight of the Eagle features video analysis showing how an iconic symbol of liberty and freedom is emitted by a UFO that flies over the heads of witnesses.

Story continues in the Vancouver UFO Examiner for (

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