Crop Circle UFO Lights Update


There have been some interesting responses to last week`s article about UFO lights appearing to a crop circle photographer: “I think we have witnessed the same thing… I Was down Alton Barnes onthe 27th and the 28th of July for an all night crop circle vigil.. on the 28th the Sunday night we had been in a group at the top of golden ball hill, then made our way down to a crop circle , at St. Bernard .. it`s the one that has been made I think in several stages.. however when we arrived at the field, there was a bright diamond shaped light, which appeared to have as light tail to it moving slowly away until it had vanished.. there were pictures taken but I didn`t have my camera on me at the time.. THE IMPRESSION it gave me was that it had been waiting for us to arrive there.. contact me if you need any more info.”

And from another observer:

“I have seen these as well . I am in the UK and have been with others that have see them at the same time They particularly like dusk and move fast and know when they are being filmed . I have some on film . They also seem to like it when it is really really cold ? Maybe its a weather thing but your description was a perfect fit . I don’t even know why I call them them ? A glowing orange ball with a small flick tail . They can light up into bright white light. There is no doubt they are intelligently controlled . Just letting you know you are not mad 🙂 we both are ! Interesting times . Kind regards, K.”

I myself have seen a white diamond-shaped light that moved very fast to catch up to my taxi in Tucson, so I know that these types of lights behave intelligently. The original photographer who took the photos used in these two articles is still wondering what he saw on July 26 – they almost looked like artillery…right?


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