Dreams, Deja-vus and Reality Overlays: Can Past Lives Haunt Your Present Reality?

I’ve heard concerns from some hypnosis clients that they are possessed or at least strongly influenced by one or more of their past-life personalities or experiences. Possible indicators that another lifetime is encroaching on your waking reality are recurrent, familiar dreams as well as deja-vus; those ‘familiar’ feelings about certain people and places impacting your life. These kinds of experiences can mean that something from your other reality is trying to be resolved.

“…like all humans, you come into the world with [parallel reality] layers. You can get caught up in your own and other’s layers of karma as well. When you are asleep your dreams are about your karma. Sleeping and dreaming are also times for karmic healing.”-Kuan Yin

The law of attraction states that you only attract those objects and events (from waking or parallel realities) that closely- mirror your present expansive or limiting beliefs. The key words here are “present beliefs”. For, it is from the present moment that all reality flows.

It’s worth repeating (for the sake of clarity) that ‘karma’, according to Kuan Yin, is those objects and events already attracted into a waking or parallel reality overlay (layer). ‘Free will’, on the other hand, represents eternal freedom on the part of the individual to attract what they most want to manifest.

Obviously, there can be a strong relationship between what is believed in waking reality and your trance and dream experiences. This is not necessarily because the trance or dream-mind is only involved in coding or reviewing some recently experienced waking reality. Once an Evolutionary Potential (probable reality) is attracted, it is available for processing in all mind focus frames, opening it to various vibrational distortions.

During these processes, though, a whole new disruptive possibility can arise from the ego’s inclination to protect. It routinely creates various modes to distinguish and therefore separate itself from others. Such an approach can lead to unfortunate beliefs having the potential to hinder one’s life experience.

For example, during an otherwise uneventful sleep, a woman dreamt she was tied up; alone in a basement somewhere. Crying out for help; trying to free herself from this terrible bondage, she was (in the dream) forced to use every ounce of her strength and courage. This great exertion to escape the unfortunate probable reality eventually bled through into physical reality; causing the woman to literally fall from her bed onto the floor. Rudely awakened, she realized that not only had she badly bruised herself, she’d cut her ear on a sharp corner of the nightstand and was bleeding profusely.

There are those who are unwavering in defending their belief in evil; that it is an actual force opposing any ‘good’ in the world. Now, objects and events appearing in a dream are believed, by some, to represent various aspects of the dreamer. In the above dream, then, the dreamer was both victim and victimizer. And as I’ve said elsewhere, the more one justifies and affirms any belief (through words or actions), the more deeply expansive or limiting psychological and eventually molecular, imprinting can occur.

There exists only the sometimes mislabeled and misdirected love and abundance force of the universe. However, belief in evil and the Fear Triad (the ‘better than’, ‘not enough’ and ‘survival of the fittest’ beliefs) may greatly contribute to detour life pathways and planetary guilt. They can also create distractions; outright blockages preventing true sharing and connection between the conscious and unconscious minds and their myriad parallel creations: “Ignorance usually means those individuals who are convinced of something that is not truth. It can also be an investment in a certain, limiting identity.”-Kuan Yin

While the above dream appeared to be a frightening wakeup call concerning this woman’s personal belief system, it nevertheless implied our limitless abilities as dreamers of the universe. For both expansive and limiting objects and events are eternally there to be plucked from the great reserve of All That Is.

Of the supposed opposing forces created from the Fear Triad (and its resulting ‘survival of the fittest’ culture), ‘better than’ will potentially predate on ‘not enough’. Actually, these are two sides of the same limiting ‘survival of the fittest’ belief ‘coin’. Both will have their corresponding mood distortions. These respective submissive and dominant mindsets are actually passive as both believe in separation and are therefore not working/intending at a cooperative and consensual problem-solving level. Within a lifetime or from one existence to the next someone could swing back and forth between these supposed opposing stances. Not addressing them, one may continue to kick the ‘karmic can’ down the road into yet another lifetime.

You have free will to believe in the above polarized beliefs. However, there could be a steep price to pay. Victim and victimizer are one and the same in the Fear Triad reality-spectrum. This can cause distractions; outright blockages preventing true sharing and connection between the conscious and unconscious minds and their myriad parallel creations. Violating this natural integrity will only delay your experiencing the blessed unity that is you.

Reference: “You Are Eternal: Kuan Yin’s Universal Truths”. For more information on these manuscripts please visit Amazon Author Central Page: http://tinyurl.com/23g98ea

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