ET influence on Canada’s future highlighted in leadership debate analysis

By Jon Kelly UFO Examiner

Unconscious references to ET contact were detected in the statements of key political figures during an analysis of last night’s Canadian leadership debate. While responding to a question from Gibsons, BC resident Len Gould regarding crime and safety, Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe involuntarily disclosed information in the form of an encrypted narrative describing his unconscious recollection of a naked encounter with “little brown aliens”. The secret message parallels covert remarks from a former US president commenting on the 2007 presidential debates, indicating how alien abduction colours the personal history of political leaders in both countries. Detection of secret alien abduction histories as revealed in these studies underscores how the application of a robust Disclosure technology for access to unconscious intelligence regarding the nature of UFO encounters is instrumental in charting the future of G20 nations and NATO partners. This story is the subject of a new episode of The Secret Message Report – Podcast Edition, produced by Vancouver UFO Examiner and former CBS Radio feature producer, Jon Kelly.

Gibsons, located on British Columbia’s Sunshine Coast, is a 40 minute ferry ride from Vancouver. The question regarding crime and safety was one of six from a reported 6,000 questions submitted by members of the Canadian public that was used during the first hour of the debate, aired nationally on Tuesday, April 12, 2011 from 7-9pm EST. The Federal Election, to be held in May, follows the defeat of Stephen Harper‘s minority Conservative Party on a motion of non-confidence. In a first for any Commonwealth nation, the Harper government was cited by the Liberal opposition for contempt of Parliament in late March. Earlier this year, Money Magazine named Gibson’s, BC the fourth most liveable Canadian city, noting ironically how the community is subject to “little crime”.

Mirror Messages

The open source analytic methodology used in detecting the secret messages of Canadian political leaders reflected a graph of their digitally sampled speech across the Y axis, enabling audio playback and monitoring in reverse. The messages detected through this procedure are formed by unconscious processes related to sleep talking and Freudian slips. These communications repeatedly provide involuntary disclosures that reveal hidden contents of the speaker’s unconscious mind. has previously reported how such analysis has proven effective in the gathering of intelligence for military, political, forensic, clinical and UFO Disclosure applications. has also reported how Vancouver-based investigative research studying the detection of secret messages encrypted backwards within the human voice fulfills legacy demands from the scientific community for an advanced technique of UFO witness interrogation. Eminent researcher and US government UFO scientist Dr. J. Allen Hynek wrote in his book The UFO Experience – A Scientific Inquiry how “[The 1960’s US Air Force Project] Blue Book was a “cover-up” to the extent that the assigned problem was glossed over for one reason or another. In my many years association with Blue Book, I do not recall ever one serious discussion of methodology, of improving the process of data gathering or of techniques of comprehensive interrogation of witnesses.”

Multidimensional Speech

The method used in the leadership debate study complies with the standards and results of a published study in which human listeners monitored speech sounds that had been subject to various degrees of mirror filtering in order to measure their relative intelligibility under highly filtered conditions. Commenting on the results of this study, Britain’s prestigious Royal Society noted how “It is remarkable that speech remains reasonably intelligible even under conditions of extreme distortion, such as … time reversal of segments of speech (Saberi & Perrott 1999)” – Brian C.J. Moore, “Basic auditory processes involved in the analysis of speech sounds”, (Phil. Trans. R. Soc. B12 March 2008 vol. 363 no. 1493 947-963) The authors of the study told Nature, one of the premier publications in science, how “We have studied the intelligibility of speech, and find it is resistant to time reversal of local segments of a spoken sentence” – Kourosh Saberi and David R. Perrott, “Cognitive restoration of reversed speech”, (Nature 398 (29 April 1999) 760). One of the authors, distinguished University of California, Irvine Professor of Cognitive Sciences Kourosh Saberi even went so far as to state how “Speech is a multidimensional stimulus. There are different ways you can extract a message from it.”

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