ET treaties and hidden agendas explored by Jim Nichols on new TV show

By Jon Kelly UFO Examiner

Artist and researcher Jim Nichols, who suggests that many contemporary UFO sightings result from clandestine US government research programs operating in the guise of alien visitors, will explore ET treaties and hidden agendas affecting the earth on Age of Discovery, a new program produced in Vancouver and distributed via that airs Saturday, March 26, 2011 from 7:00-9:00 pm PST, 10:00 pm-Midnight EST.

Mr. Nichols, who won two EBE awards at the International UFO Conference in Laughlin, Nevada in 2010 for his documentary about Nazi saucers entitled The Aldebaran Mystery, will be questioned by Age of Discovery’s host, Vancouver UFO Examiner Jon Kelly, who has produced his own extensive recordings of UFO’s in flight over British Columbia, Washington and Texas over the past several years.

Age of Discovery panelists Exopolitics founder Alfred Lambremont Webre, time traveler Andrew D. Basiago, and cosmic mythologist Laura Magdalene Eisenhower will also be on hand during the show to weigh in with their unique individual perspectives on the UFO topic as well.

Samples from Mr. Kelly’s video catalogue include a daylight object over Addison, Texas that presented a strobing, muticolored light display and radically transforming architecture defying explanation as conventional aircraft, weather balloons, or known meteorological phenomena. That particular event took place during a window of time when remarkable UFO sightings over New York and El Paso were receiving international coverage from mainstream news media.

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On Saturday, May 7, 2011, Age of Discovery becomes a weekly show with both Saturday and Sunday editions, airing live both nights starting at 7:00-9:00 pm PST, 10:00 pm-Midnight EST.  

More about Jim Nichols 

Since 1980, the noted artist, lecturer and investigator Jim Nichols has produced an extraordinary body of UFO illustrations that has been published internationally in books and magazines and on the Internet. His art has been regularly featured on The History Channel’s UFO Hunters.  In addition, Jim is a prolific writer with 21 blog essays on his website that examine exopolitics — the political and social dimension of human-ET contact. In Case Files Revealed, Jim shares the untold stories behind 40 of his most dramatic UFO illustrations, based on actual accounts, that are available at his website

More about Age of Discovery

A new, innovative interview show on one of the Internet’s leading independent television news networks, Age of Discovery is a cosmic Meet the Press that grapples with today’s emerging issues. 

Every show, the panel questions a leading figure from a contemporary field of human exploration. In three 30-minute segments, the panel asks the guest to describe a new reality in his or her area of expertise, explain its relevance to our times, and evaluate its significance for the 21st century. In the final half-hour, the panel then summarizes what has been revealed during the show.

The topics are taken from 20 fields that appeal to awake and aware viewers, including after-life studies, alternative energy, conspiracy theory, deep politics, energy medicine, ethics, exopolitics, exo-science, futurism, nutrition, metaphysics, the paranormal, psi, social justice, space, spirituality, sustainability, time travel, Ufology, war and peace, and wellness.

The producers of Age of Discovery believe that a global awakening is upon us and that a growing number of individuals are yearning to create a new planetary culture. The 21st century will be a time of unprecedented progress for civilization on Earth — if humanity has the foresight to choose the positive time line from the catastrophic one and create a context in which individuals and groups direct their energies to manifesting our highest human potential.

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