Freedom icon a signature of intelligent ET communications on UFO Mountain

By Jon Kelly UFO Examiner

On this week’s episode of UFO Mountain video analysis shows how an iconic symbol of liberty and freedom is emitted by a UFO that flies over the heads of witnesses at a retreat near Mt. Adams, Washington. The incident offers an ironic spin of cosmic proportions on what Florida Gulf Coast University mathematician Thomas Hair meant when he recently told Discovery News that ET has “passed us by.” The recording provides evidence for the activities of an intelligence registering signals on a video sensor array to provide sophisticated conceptual communications with nearby observers on the ground.

In the third installment of the weekly series, James Gilliland, a renowned UFO videographer and contactee, describes how visionary experiences led him to the remote wilderness retreat in a state with the reported highest per capita incidence of UFO sightings. Widely-known phenomena that “approach the observer” are the basis for multi-decade Close Encounters research involving professional scientists and engineers in neighboring Yakima county.

UFO Mountain is the weekly online UFO documentary series that explores ET contact at the ECETI Ranch and the reported UFO base inside of Mt. Adams. A renowned UFO videographer and contactee, James Gilliland is the founder of Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence(ECETI). Since its opening in 1986, the ECETI Ranch has facilitated contact events for thousands of people from around the world. The online series is written, directed and produced by Jon Kelly, a former CBS Radio feature producer with #1-rated US television experience.

Click here to watch UFO Mountain: Flight of the Eagle on SecretMessageTV, the latest episode in the weekly online UFO documentary series produced in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Theory vs Instrumental Data

“We’re either alone, or they’re out there and leave us alone,” says mathematician Thomas Hair, with Florida Gulf Coast University in Fort Myers. Mr. Hair, who presented his research into the existence of extraterrestrial life at the Mathematical Association of America in Boston last month, based his opinion on “extremely conservative estimates” for how long it would take a society to summon the resources and technological know-how to leave one world and travel to another. UFO Mountain shows evidence that both scholars and laypersons can look for signs of ET much closer to home, demonstrating how there is no restriction on appearances that occur directly overhead.

Visions Fuel Spiritual Journey

In his exclusive on camera segment, James Gilliland explains how it was a spiritual journey that brought to him to Mt. Adams, Washington. “I wasn’t looking for UFO’s, that wasn’t why I came here. I came here because I had visions. I kept seeing the mountain. Then I saw a river and a “little mountain” behind it. And I was told that I was going to be putting together a retreat where people would be living in harmony with the land and each other and create a template on how we could live a very spiritual life.”

As destiny would have it, the northern edge of the ECETI Ranch is marked by Little Mountain Road and the White Salmon River, demonstrating how dream-like visions incorporate plural factual details through representative forms. has previously reported how time and date stamped emails preceding UFO incidents captured on video verify the precognitive dreams of Vancouver experiencers.

Highest per Capita

The ECETI Ranch is located in Trout Lake, Washington in Klickitat County on the edge of the Columbia River Gorge. One source claims that Washington reportedly has the highest per capita incident of UFO sightings reports for any US state. Popular Mechanics has also reported a study showing how nearby Yakima County rated as the fourth highest per capita for less populated counties in the entire nation.

The study, produced by CUFOS, shows Westmoreland County as the number one less populated county for reported UFO sightings. recently presented an exclusive interview featuring Westmoreland County videographer Alison Kruse, whose extensive video catalogue portrays the mystery of that region in brilliant HD broadcast and third-generation night vision UFO videos.

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