George Bush Senior On UFOs:

“Americans Can’t Handle The Truth”

By Bob Flanagan

<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar for UFO Digest>

George Bush Senior admits that UFOs are real, but says
September 30th, 2015 
During a recent Jeb Bush fundraiser in Orlando, FL, his Father George Bush Senior left the large crowd uneasy after responding to a question about UFOs.

An activist/journalist asked when the US government would tell the truth about UFOs, but the answer George Bush Sr. gave back took the crowd and reporters completely by surprise

Before the questioning was briefly halted by the event organizers, Bush  replied:

“Americans can’t handle the truth” reports:

In hope of helping his son’s Jeb Bush struggling presidential campaign, George Bush Sr and former president George W. Bush have been campaigning behind the presidential candidate in hopes of bringing the Bush family’s name once again behind the Oval office, but some experts believe this kind of incident could cost him the race.

During the fundraiser, a man in the crowd raised a strange question which led to an even more surprising response by the former president and CIA director. The man asked George Bush Sr when the US government would tell Americans the truth about UFOs, to which he responded: “Americans can’t handle the truth” before the questioning was briefly halted by organizers of the event.     


The man that asked the question has been identified as Adam Guelch, an active member of the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), which credits itself as being the world’s oldest and largest UFO phenomenon investigative body

Oddly enough, it is not the first time George Bush Sr has had a controversial opinion on the UFO subject as a similar incident occurred on March 7, 1988, during a trip to a George Bush for President Rally in Rogers, Arkansas.

The to-be president was then asked, in the advent that he became president, if he would tell Americans the truth about the existence of UFOs, to which Bush replied: “I am very careful in public life about dealing with classified information” he told the reporter.

James Adder, journalist for the Arkansas Globe at the time, also asked about Bush’s knowledge about the UFO phenomena,to which Bush respondeded (before ending the interview):

” I know some. I know a fair amount” 


A loss of cognitive functions, says a medical expert

One medical expert believes that George Bush Sr., who is in a frail state of health, might be suffering from a neurological disorder such as Alzheimer’s, which could explain his weird comment,.

“At the venerable age of 91, it is quite normal to suffer from a loss of cognitive functions. Clear symptoms are a difficulty to express yourself coherently, loss of memory, dementia. This is possibly the root cause for the awkward comments” explains neurologist John O’Briar.

A Jeb Bush campaign spokesman told reporters George Bush Sr.’s comments “did not reflect in any way the opinions of presidential candidate Jeb Bush” and that Jeb Bush supporters “are entitled to their own views on a variety of subjects.”


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