Most people think of ghosts and spirits as one and the same thing, but to those who study this subject more seriously, there is a difference. However, few people would consider aliens have a possible connection and this is something I would like to explore in this article. 

I have my own theory on ghosts and believe that solid structures (walls, bricks, stones etc.) can record certain events and these are “played back” to people who have the ability to receive (or perhaps trigger) the special frequency required to see the recorded event. 

It is strange that many ghostly sightings reveal an event that is connected to a violent death (murder, car accident and so on) and perhaps it is the violent nature of the death that enables it to be recorded? This would also explain why so many different people witness exactly the same event, just like a movie being replayed over and over again. 

This is just one of the subjects I have covered in my book “The Unexplained Explored” 

Following one of my recent articles, I received an email from a very nice lady in the United States (who wishes to remain anonymous), who agreed to share her experiences with ghosts/spirits. For simplicity, we shall refer to her as Miss E. 

Miss E has experienced strange events since childhood (something she shares with her sister) and although her current house is new, it was built on land that she has lived on for 35 years. Whilst her house is “active”, she admits that her sister’s house is “very” active. 

Miss E said the following about her sister’s house: 

“Almost everyone in the extended family has seen/heard things.  My son refuses to go upstairs in her house.  She’s been living there for 17 years, but her husband has only just recently begun to see things himself, so he finally believes her after all these years!” 

Some years ago Miss E was staying at her sister’s house and wrote the following: 

“I was upstairs in my bedroom reading and sort of half-way watching some television.  I began to hear a very faint crying, like that of a woman in some distress.  It got progressively louder over about a 20 minute period of time.  No one was in the house with me except for the 2 cats, both of which were sleeping in the room with me. One was on the bed and the other was under the bed. The crying sounded like it was coming from my brother-in-law’s in-home office downstairs below my bedroom.  It definitely was not on the tv.  But each time I turned down the volume on the tv to get a better idea of where the crying was coming from, the crying completely stopped.  I went downstairs a few times to see if I could figure out if it was a radio, tv, computer or some kind of toy or game that maybe someone had left on. Nothing.  

For about 2 hours this crying would start and stop until I was driving myself crazy looking for it.  At one point this crying woman sounded so distraught that at least twice I picked up the phone to call the police.  But each time I thought, “what am I going to tell them; that I hear someone crying in the house, like they are being tortured, but I can’t find them.” 

After about 2 hours of this, I was about to leave the house because I was becoming quite un-nerved.  That was when I heard the family returning.  I went downstairs to tell my sister what was going on.  We went to her husband’s office to inspect it once again and while we were talking over the situation, we heard a growling noise come out of the area where I had previously been somewhat able to pinpoint the crying.  My nephew was standing there with us when all 3 of us heard the growl and said, “what was that!?” It sounded like it was coming from a corner of the room at ceiling level. 

My sister even gave her neighbors a call to ask if anybody was watching a movie, playing a video or doing anything that would generate the sounds of a woman crying or an animal growling. Nothing. 

We have never heard the sounds repeated.  Nor have we ever been able to figure out what caused them.”

In her own house Miss E experienced an event that could involve spirits or aliens: 

“I once woke up in the middle of the night and saw 9 very small “entities” surrounding my bed.  They looked like teddy bears wearing monks robes with strange hats on their heads and big ROUND eyes.  Not your typical looking alien. They were about 3-4 feet tall.  I tried to wake my husband (at the time), but no sound would come out of my mouth.  It was like I was in some kind of vacuum.  So, then I tried to pound on him to wake him, but he would not wake up.  I tried to get up out of the bed, but could not seem to do it.  My baby was sleeping in the small room next to us in the nursery.  I was anxious about her.  Then I remember just blanking out and not waking up until the morning.  That was strange in itself because the baby always woke up for a feeding around 3am. But she never woke up either until around 7:30am.”

The previous event certainly sounds more like an alien encounter than one involving spirits, but maybe the two are more closely connected than we think? 


If we are to believe that life exists on other planets (hard not to), it is also fair to assume that many different types of aliens might live out there. As there appears to be no intelligent life on the planets within our solar system, any alien life discovered must originate on a planet far from our own. 

This would involve travelling some distance, which would automatically make them more advanced than humans (to build a craft capable of making such a journey). What if their advanced capabilities enabled them to manipulate our minds and bodies, making us experience things that seem incredible, or almost dream like? 

Miss E’s niece has also seen these entities, which she refers to as “the kids”: 

“Small entities that look like children. They are the same 3 children everytime. How do we know that they aren’t just normal children?  Because the first time she saw them they were floating outside the 2nd floor window of her school classroom.  There is absolutely nothing outside of that window where anyone could stand. No balcony, no ledge, no nothing.  Yet, there they were.  She once saw them on the sidewalk in front of her friend’s house. When she asked her friend if she could see them, her friend had no idea who she was talking about. Her friend could not see them. My niece said they were dressed and looked like normal kids except that they were “short.”” 

Children often experience (or are the target of) paranormal activity and you have to wonder whether those “imaginary” friends they frequently see (and talk to) are really as imaginary as we think. 

Some years ago Miss E was told by a “UFO expert” that she was an “alien-human hybrid”, because of her knowledge about certain areas. She obviously found this hard to believe, but in reality we are all probably related to aliens. 

I actually believe that all humans have an alien connection. I always find it strange that “modern humans” just suddenly appeared a relatively short time ago, and that our appearances are different in many ways (Oriental, Asian, African, European etc.). If we were to believe in “evolution”, it takes millions of years for changes to take place. Humans have developed in around 200,000 years, which is VERY fast. The different features that we have may be as a result of different aliens involved in our development? 

If you have any experiences similar to those mentioned by Miss E and would like to share them, please drop me a line, I am always interested in hearing about events that are difficult to explain.



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