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Their sexuality makes no difference regarding our friendship since they know I’m heterosexual and that’s perfectly fine with them. If you think the men might be less than masculine then think again. I’d use the word ‘ fierce ‘ in describing the men.

Our relationship hasn’t always been smooth sailing. They once threw weapons at me twice on the same day. At that time we were in the getting to know one another stage and I pressed the wrong buttons with a few ill considered jokes aimed at them.

Unless you don’t mind an electrical grid placed in midair, right next to you and burning your arm I’d recommend not pushing the off color joke envelope too far. As a reminder of their disapointment in me they later put a smaller version of the weapon on the passenger seat of my car.

“Thinking of you,” seemed to be that message.

So, that’s how we met and remember I didn’t know they were human at the time but I did know they were on my side.

Regarding extraterrestrials you’re either on one side or the other. One is good and the other is bad. There is no middle ground.

It took years for them to accept me. I distinctly remember one particular telepathic exchange in which I asked twice for clarification concerning a particular subject.

The answer I received was: ” We only say things once. “

And that contact didn’t sound awfully friendly either.

However, I never forgot that incident and realized that he was dead serious.

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They’ll only inform you once and no more.

Although we’ve known of each other for four years my friends waited until this year to tell me that they are, in fact, human. They will not offer any hints or indications of what our future holds. Nor do they provide me with any futuristic expectations. In other words, we’re on our own as far as their concerned.

Extraterrestrial battles are raging all around us. These can be seen in the daily meteor/fireball sightings. Roughly 90% of these things target the United States.

Since meteors from space can’t consciously target a 6% land mass over any planet or produce 90% of all meteorical activity over that 6% area assigning the label meteors to, what could only be, aerial ET battles is fantasy. They aren’t meteors they’re ET craft.

Because we are considered their children my Human ET friends are engaged in aerial battles with Greys. The 2013 Russian meteor explosion near Chelyabinsk was actually a downed black triangle piloted by Greys.

By typing ‘ Russian meteor UFO ‘ in YOUTUBE anyone can see the susposed meteor has no tail, is being repeatedly fired on and its size compares to that of a black triangle.

Over the last year we’ve become much closer. I’ve become telepathic on a full time basis and I assume that’s because we’ve been working together so much. In fact, I’m now considered a companion to them which holds some measure of dignity.

There are many personal, very touching moments we’ve shared but I won’t be sharing those experiences.

Once I was simply fed up with all things extraterrestrial. The Greys, the Humans – all of it. I wanted no contact, no telepathy, no suggestions from anyone. I wanted to be telepathy free like everyone else. They respected my wishes and did not contact me.

That lasted all of two days. Hey, the Greys are beyond lunatics but the Humans I need.



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